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Sweet Valley University: Secret Love Diaries: Elizabeth

According to the official book list, this is number 60 in the SVU series. I found it super confusing though because it mentions stuff that happened in the earlier books but not what happened later, as in Liz and Jess fighting over Sam and then her taking off to England.

So, the book picks up with Liz moping over this guy Ben. He's supposedly a journalism major who was super into her until they actually went out on a date. She keeps waiting by the phone for him to call and feeling super pathetic about herself. That makes it all the worse when the twins' cousin Diane calls to talk to them about her upcoming wedding. Not only are they bridesmaids, but they're all staying at the same hotel together for the weekend. Jessica considers bringing some rando with her for the weekend, which makes Liz feel even worse.

Cut to Liz whining over whether she should invite Ben or wait for him to call her. Guess which one she chooses? When he still doesn't call, she resigns herself to spending the weekend all by her lonesome. Once we finally get to the weekend, Diana introduces her fiance David and the guys they'll walk down the aisle with on the big day. Jessica gets this hot guy Tucker, while Liz gets...Todd.

Yes, Todd as in Todd Wilkins. Alice thinks it's absolutely adorable and instantly pictures them dating again. Even Ned thinks they're super cute together. Liz turns into a mega bitch and talks down to Todd. She mentions him moving off campus with Dana and how he dropped out of college to work in a townie bar. Todd puts her in her place though by saying that it's just a bar and a good one and that he's actually back in school now.

When Todd reveals that Dana cheated on him, they get even closer. This leads to the almighty Liz agreeing to go skinny dipping with the wedding party. When Todd bows out early, she leaves with him, though they change separately. They then talk some more, which leads to them kissing out. Todd asks if she wants to rent a boat the next day and spend more time together. Liz rushes back to her room to gush about Todd and whether it's possible that she might have feelings for him again.

That changes when Todd randomly shows up at her door. She keeps pushing him and acting like she's teasing him when she's really being a bitch. Like, she blames him for them breaking up at the beginning of their freshmen year and gets pissed when he sees things differently. She also pushes him about how she's in college and doing so well while he's stuck in a crappy job. When Todd storms off, she can't figure out why he's so mad.

Unfortunately, they make up again the next day. He leaves a message for her about the boat, which causes her to freak out again. If he really wanted to see her, why wouldn't he come by her room first? Why didn't he walk her down to the freaking boat like she's a fairy tale princess? She does meet him though, which leads to a few romantic moments and them kissing again. Sadly, when they were angry at each other, Todd called and asked someone else to the wedding. He asks Liz what he should do, and she literally tells him to sneak around behind his date's back with her. Grr.

The wedding finally happens, and Liz keeps moping over Todd. There he is dancing with Lisa and posing for pictures with Lisa. It's really annoying. When they dance together, she asks him to just tell Lisa the truth: he reconnected with his ex-girlfriend and now wants to get back together with her. Todd asks if they're going to go through with it this time and asks if she's ready to go the distance. Liz pretends that she's stupid and rushes to Jessica. They then try to figure out if Todd actually means sex sex. No, he wants to go scuba diving.

After whining even more, Liz finally makes her decision: she's ready to go all the way with Todd. She gets him alone, tells him, and asks him to get rid of Lisa. Before anything happens though, she has yet another talk with Jessica. Jessica now thinks that Liz is just lonely and willing to do anything if it means not being alone. Anything, I guess meaning Todd.

Todd shows up at her door with champagne and two glasses. They start kissing, get in bed, clothes start coming off, and then good old Liz comes back full force. She suddenly realizes that she's just not ready for sex yet and that while she loves what they once shared, they're two different people now. No worries though because it turns out Todd feels the same way! He's not sure if he wants to get back together or even sleep with her. With her permission, he takes the champagne to Lisa's room.

Jessica then comes in to mope some too. She'd been macking on Tucker all weekend but found out that he was about to join the Peace Corps. They spent Friday night making out, and she planned on going the distance after the wedding. Instead, Tucker left with his parents to spend time with them before heading overseas. The twins bond, Liz borrows Jessica's six-inch heels, and they go dancing the night away.

*This book comes after the twins meet Sam. He and Liz already kissed, and he's living in the house with them. But, it's before they got together or kind of got together in that really annoying storyline.

*Liz keeps having “visions” of her perfect man who is some random guy with sandy brown hair. When she and Todd are in bed together, she sees him again. After Todd leaves, Liz begs herself not to even look at Sam in that way and wonders if he's her dream guy. Gag me, just gag me.

*Near the beginning of the book, Liz says that it's been four years and makes other comments that makes it seem like this should be a much later book. I actually thought this would kind of set up SVC in that she and Todd would get back together but nope, this is like 17 stories behind her leaving town.

*However, Todd says that he's back in school. I remember him and Dana breaking up, though not her cheating on him. I swore that he didn't return to SVU until one of the last books. I remember him running into Lila and telling her first for some reason.

*According to Jessica, the sorority sisters are all talk. Most of them are even virgins. The only sorority girls I remember are her, Lila, Alex, that chick that got amnesia, and they were all definitely not virgins!

*She also says that some frat had a contest about who could sleep with the most sorority sisters. Her sorority got together with a few others and staged a big protest. They wouldn't even date the guys. While that sound realistic now, it doesn't really fit with the times back then.

*Liz is oh so lonely in the beginning and hasn't really dated anyone since Todd and then Tom. That means this book comes before she hooks up with the doctor! This book is even further behind than I thought!

*Todd makes it out like he and Dana were never really that serious, which is why he got over her so fast. Um, say what? He and Dana were an it couple for awhile! They lived together, and he dropped out of college to support her!

*Jessica apparently noticed Todd looking all hot when they went skinny dipping. Liz tells her that now is her chance to make a move, and Jess gets grossed out at going after her sisters rejects.

*Does anyone else wish Todd was Liz's first? I feel like her running off to England and losing it to some random prince or whatever doesn't make sense. I have not read that serious though, so maybe she doesn't sleep with him?

*I fell really bad for Lisa! Todd asks her to a wedding at the last minute and spends most of the night with her. He then ditches her for his ex to the point where Ned even comments on how much time they're spent together. Todd then goes back to her for awhile, only to tell her he's getting back together with his ex. When that falls through, he shows up at her door with champagne.

*Jessica actually wore six-inch heels down the aisle as a bridesmaid. Liz then borrowed the same shoes for a night of dancing. It makes my feet hurt.

*Diana's family most have a whole lot of money! They're getting married at a huge resort with hundreds of guests. Her parents even rented multiple rooms for their family and friend, and they're totally cool with Todd inviting a guest at the last minute.

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