Monday, March 30, 2009

LJ Smith Goes Hollywood

I stumbled across an online article today with the news that author L.J. Smith is getting the small screen treatment. Her series The Vampire Diaries is being turned into a television series for The CW. Of course the only reason it’s happening is because of the fan base spawned by Twilight. It will be awhile before another movies comes out, so we have to get those fans something else! Quick! Like a bunny!

Honestly it’s kind of irritating to me. The article mentioned how the books were about a girl caught between two brothers who were both vampires, but I remember it being a lot more intense and deeper than that. Smith managed to finish off The Vampire Diaries in three books (though she did write a later fourth book, which is super hard to find apparently). How the heck are they going to stretch that into an entire season worth of television episodes.

Oh yeah and Kevin Williamson was hired as the writer. Great, Mr. Dawson’s Creek himself is going to turn the books into a TV show. I can’t wait to see how that works out, note my sarcasm here. I’m a little disappointed because I loved the L.J. Smith books so much, but maybe they’ll somehow turn out good…


  1. Sadly from what I watched the TV series is totally different to the books.

    1. I actually really enjoyed the series though! I watched the first season when it originally aired and wasn't too fond of it, but I wound up watching the whole series on Netflix. My boyfriend even watched some of it and got teary at the finale :)