Saturday, January 21, 2012

Goosebumps HorrorLand #7: My Friends Call Me Monster

The HorrorLand books have three different sections in each book, which is a little odd. The second section is part of a story that takes place at HorrorLand, but in a sneaky move by R.L. Stine, the story continues from book to book. So if you want the whole story, you have to buy every book. I only have a few, but we’ll see what happens.

The first story in the book has absolutely nothing to do with HorrorLand; it’s just a shorter version of a Goosebumps book. Michael and his friends hate their teacher Mrs. Hardesty because she would rather have them learn about monsters than do any real schoolwork. He takes a dog whistle to school and somehow when he blows it, the shade rolls up. Hardesty gets pissed off and hauls him in after school. When she hears his friends Daisy and DeWayne laughing in the hallway, she drags them in too.

As punishment she makes them do a community service project that Saturday near her house. Their principal Mr. Wong asks her to rethink her decision, but she is done. She makes them dig through a huge trash pile, looking for recyclable materials. Wong shows up with candy bars and paper towels, but still refuses to do anything.

To get back at her, the kids sneak into her house and hide a black cat in her basement, since she is superstitious. She comes home early and since they can’t for some reason get out, they hide in the attic. She comes upstairs and Michael sees her sit on top of a giant egg. The kids freak out and run away. Michael wants to go back and catch her in the act, but his friends refuse to go back.

This time, Michael sees the egg actually hatch and a green scaled monster come out. Hardesty takes the monster into the basement and he sees a whole room full of monsters. She talks to them, revealing a plan to take over the world with the monsters and reveals that she is actually an alien monster working for a commander.

Michael wants to go back again and his friends still refuse. He sneaks up to her window and sees her in her monster form making eggs. After eating the eggs, she turns back into a human. Hardesty hears him outside, drags him in and makes him eat some of the eggs, which turns him into a monster. She sticks him in the basement with all the other monsters.

Luckily, his friends show up. He blows his whistle, Daisy recognizes him and they help him escape. He eats a few bites of eggs, which turns him halfway back into a human. They run to Wong’s house because he lives right down the street, but find him sitting on an even bigger egg. Hardesty runs in and reveals that the principal is her commander.

Michael breaks the egg and Wong falls inside. Hardesty jumps in to save him and they both melt in the egg yolk. The other monsters jump inside and melt too. Michael eats some egg yolk and completely transforms into a human. DeWayne says he took pictures with his cell phone, but he cut off everyone’s head, so they have no proof of what happened.

Michael goes home and has dinner with his parents. His mom brings out a carrot cake and they all dig into it. After a few bites, his mom casually mentions that Mrs. Hardesty brought over the cake the day before, made with her “special” eggs.

And now we get to HorrorLand.

Several kids get invited to a special event at HorrorLand and two disappear right away. One of the “horrors”, the guys dressed in scary costumes, warns the kids that everything is real and they must escape as soon as possible.

Michael from the last story appears in this one, trapped in the Bat Barn with all the other kids. Apparently, him and his parents turned into monsters, but he gave them some of the special egg yolk and they all transformed into humans. A bunch of bats attack, but the kids get away when Michael blows his dog whistle.

They fill him in on how the other kids disappear. He learns that they went through a mirror into another park called Panic Park and how now they cannot find any mirrors in the amusement park. Michael goes off on his own, looking for a mirror. He tries the hotel and the stores, but no one has anything shiny. He sneaks into an employee area and finds a huge underground cavern, but he gets caught by a park police officer who sends him away.

Michael meets up with the other kids and they look for something with a mirrored surface. He also tries getting online, but the park has no internet and cell phones do not work. They sneak into the employee area and he uses a park computer to access the internet. They find a blog about girls that escaped from the park, but get caught again.

The police chase them into an area with cages. Every cage has a weird gorilla creature inside. One of the gorillas grabs a kid, but the police save him. As everyone breaks up and goes different ways, one of the horrors takes Michael aside. He gives him a shiny coin object and tells him he can use it to escape. Michael looks inside and is transported to another park. He looks and around and realizes that he is in Panic Park, but his all of his friends are long gone.

Oh, and we get a two-page map that shows what part of the park looks like.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Baby-Sitters Club #100: Kristy’s Worst Idea

Kristy just got back from a week-long vacation in Hawaii and cannot wait for their first BSC meeting, but no one else feels the same way. In the last book, Abby took over as president and wasted most of the club treasury on a Mexican festival. The girls keep talking about how much fun they had, which makes Kristy feel like they don’t need her.

Jessi gets into a ballet class for top students, but it meets on Friday afternoons. Everyone considers letting her skip those meetings, but Kristy decides it is all or nothing: either she stay in the BSC or quit for ballet. Abby thinks they should move their Friday meetings to Thursday and takes a vote. Everyone agrees except Kristy, so they send out new fliers with the new time listed.

Things start going downhill from there. Mary Anne and Claudia set for the Barrett/DeWitt house and have an argument. Mary Anne wants to play relaxing board games and calms the kids down. Then Claudia gets them all riled up with art projects. They start fighting and eventually cannot even be in the same room together.

Mallory gets into a creative writing class that meets on Wednesday nights. Abby wants to move the meetings to Tuesday and Kristy wants Mallory to quit the club. Everyone gets into a fight over when to host meetings and Kristy decides they should disband the BSC. Claudia feels relieved and everyone else is kind of happy too. They take a vote and only Mal and Jessi want to keep the club going.

Kristy thinks that everyone needs a few days to calm down and that by Monday, they will all beg her to form the club again. No one really does and they all seem happy about it. Claudia and Stacey go shopping all the time, Mary Anne spends all of her free time with Logan, and Abby has time for sports. Kristy already feels like crap because while sitting for Jackie, he fell out of a tree and sprained his ankle. Now she feels completely out of sorts.

Even though Claudia records a message on her machine, parents keep calling her at all hours of the day. It drives her nuts, but she still wants time for herself. She and Stacey run into Mrs. Newton at the mall. Jamie acts pissy towards them and finally admits that he think they don’t like him anymore. None of the kids understand and blame themselves for the club breaking up.

Abby points out that none of the parents call her for sitting jobs because they don’t know her. Kristy suggests reforming the club, but Abby blows her off. Kristy mopes around for awhile, feels crappy, and gets annoyed with her friends for not caring. She has a run-in with Emily over sitting jobs because Emily sat for Jamie. Emily tells her that the BSC had a monopoly on sitting jobs and since they broke up, she could finally get some work. Even Cokie gets a sitting job!

Mallory tries to get the club together, but when they all go out for pizza, Claudia and Mary Anne skip because they don’t want to see each other. Claudia calls in a panic because Jackie hurt himself. The whole club rushes to the hospital to cheer him up and he says that he misses them all. They agree to one more meeting at Claudia’s house.

Kristy suggests starting the club again and only half agree. Stacey is worried that the club will take over their lives and Claudia doesn’t want to deal with all the phone calls. They decide to do a one month trial and if they are happy, they can keep the club going for the rest of the school year.

*As soon as Kristy announces the breakup of the club, Claudia records a new message, telling clients to call the sitters one at a time. That seems kind of fast!

*Kristy says that she never wanted the BSC to have a monopoly, which is complete bull shit. When that other club started, they went out of their way to bring them down. She also acts like it never crossed her mind that other kids might want to sit, but that’s pretty unbelievable.

*Yeah, so this marks the beginning of 8th grade yet again. The book makes it clear that Abby is still new in town, but everyone goes shopping for school supplies and stuff. BTW, this book takes place over several months. Yup, the BSC broke up for months!

*Kristy is constantly bored and never once mentions the Krushers. Couldn’t she schedule some extra practices or something?

*Claudia wears a bracelet made from shoelaces, a ruffled shirt, two different Converse shoes, men’s suit pants, and a bungee cord as a belt. Why doesn’t anyone ever show her a mirror?

*It’s kind of realistic that the club breaks up because everyone has different interests. Yet, Stacey is the only one that ever had problems with the BSC and real life. Suddenly, everyone wants more time to do other stuff.

*I did like that the club members pointed out how the BSC takes over their lives and doesn’t give them time for anything else.

*Kristy wants to do a fall festival, but she really only wants to do it because Abby ran a festival without her. The story goes on for multiple chapters with no one wanting to do it, until she finally gives up.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sweet Valley High #29: Bitter Rivals

*I swear that I read and recapped this one before! I must have done it last year before my computer got infected and I lost my review file. Anyway, I bought this at a book sale last October, so it’s definitely been a long time coming!

Amy Sutton, slut extraordinaire, is moving back to Sweet Valley and for some reason, Liz Wakefield is super excited. Naturally we get a short recap of their friendship and how Amy moved away after sixth grade. Was this covered in any of the books? I know she isn’t in The Unicorn Club, but I wonder if she appeared in any of the other books or had a goodbye book.

Liz and Enid made plans to spend a weekend with Enid’s aunt Nancy at her ski cabin in Tahoe. They put off the trip until Amy gets into town and Enid even suggests she join them. Liz runs around, telling everyone about Amy coming back. She can’t wait to show her the Oracle, take her on a tour of town and introduce her to Enid.

Liz makes plans to meet Enid at the beach, but Amy calls because they got to town early. She runs over to her house and invites her to spend the night, conveniently forgetting about her best friend. Amy and Jessica get along great because Amy loves boys, gossip and makeup. Liz brushes it all off because she remembers their friendship.

Liz takes Amy out to breakfast and invites Enid along. Amy goes overboard with a fancy outfit and tons of makeup. She makes the other girls feel bad for ordering pancakes and sticks to coffee and grapefruit. Enid keeps waiting for Liz to pickup on how superficial the other girl is, but Liz is just proud of her new friend.

Amy makes a big splash at school. Liz invites her to join the newspaper, but she tries out for cheerleading. In case you were wondering, Helen Bradley moved away, so I assume her brother left too. Remember that Tim dated Annie Sutton? I always kind of wondered what happened to those characters! She also makes new friends and ignores Liz. She stands her up for lunch multiple times and flakes on other plans.

Lila decides to throw a huge party for her cousin Christopher because she wants everyone to meet him. Liz and Enid decide to go to Tahoe on the same weekend as the party. Amy agrees, but then changes her mind because she doesn’t want to miss the party. Enid agrees, but isn’t happy about ruining their plans. She makes it clear that this is the last time she will change the arrangements because they are acting shitty towards her aunt.

Amy tells Liz that she and Christopher are in love. Forget the fact that they haven’t met yet, Lila showed her tons of pictures. She assumes that as soon as they meet, he will fall head over heels too. Liz and Enid go shopping for ski equipment and buy matching gloves. When Liz tells her that they need to give Amy a ride to the party, Enid backs out and has her mom drive her.

Amy suggests that she and Liz go to a movie together, but shows up two hours late and full of excuses. When Liz calls her on her bull shit, she bursts into tears and cries over losing their friendship. She also confesses that she doesn’t like Enid and thinks Enid is trying to steal her best friend. Liz feels bad and thinks she neglected her. Isn’t Liz supposed to be the smart one?

Cut to Lila’s costume party. Liz dresses as a skier and sees Enid wearing a matching outfit, while Amy dresses as a ballerina. Lila introduces her cousin Christopher to the party and he makes an instant beeline for Enid. It turns out that he worked as a counselor at some East Coast camp she went to. Since when did her family have money for fancy camps?

Amy sees them and hates it. She makes a play for Chris and he shoots her down. She keeps asking him to dance with her, get her punch, take her on a tour of the grounds, and does whatever it takes to get him away from Enid. Every time, he goes back to Enid and makes it clear that he wants her. Amy goes off on Enid, telling her that she cannot steal anything from her, not Liz and not Chris.

Enid tells Liz that Chris is driving her home. Then Amy pops up and says he is giving her a ride home. Liz asks what happened and Amy says she lied about not having a ride. Just as Liz tries changing her mind, Enid walks up and goes off on her for going along with Amy’s lie. She stomps off and Liz is left alone.

Liz goes to Enid’s house and apologizes. Enid accepts her apology because Chris stopped by her house that morning, apologized and asked her out to dinner. They pick a weekend for the ski trip and Enid decides that it is okay if Amy comes along. Liz talks things through with Alice, who calls Amy “manipulative”. Um, has she met her daughter? She also thinks that Enid probably saw something in Amy that Liz could not see.

Liz talks to Amy the next day at school and she seems really cold. She gives up and tells Liz that it isn’t her fault she picks bad friends like Enid. Liz brings up the ski trip and Amy makes it clear that she wants to go with just Liz and does not like Enid. Amy asks if she is mad at her and Liz says no. She walks away, feeling sad that they aren’t friends anymore, but glad she has other people in her life.

The B-plot is all about Jessica being a manipulative, jealous bitch or in other words, a regular Tuesday. After talking to this guy Jay a few times, she decides that he is her soul mate. He and Denise Hadley started dating months ago and seem happy. Jessica and Cara start an advice column in the newspaper. She writes two fake letters, making it seem like they aren’t happy because Denise is a whopping year older than him.

They start having problems and Jessica makes her move. Jay takes her on a date and takes him up to Miller’s Point. When he confesses that he is still in love with Denise, she tells him that Denise has been cheating on him for a long time and everyone else knew. They kiss and he takes her to Lila’s party, but when he sees Denise with another guy, he storms off.

Denise and Jay both write letters to the paper. Jessica forgets to write the column for that week. Liz finds the letters and prints them in the paper. When they see what the other one said, they get back together and Jess looks like a huge tool.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Babysitters Club Mystery #5: Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic

Stoneybrook is in the midst of Heritage Days, which seems like an excuse to give all the younger kids extra assignments for school. Mary Anne sits for Charlotte, who is doing a report on her family history. She finds bunch of photographs and an old locket belonging to her distant relative. Mary Anne starts thinking about her own life and wondering about her past.

When she gets home, she sneaks upstairs and digs through boxes in the attic. She finds some old photos, showing her sitting on a porch with an older couple. She keeps having dreams about a kitten and an older couple and she realizes that the couple are the ones from her dreams. After sneaking around some more, she finds a stack of letters. The letters detail how her dad sent her to live with her grandparents in Iowa when she was a baby.

Instead of talking to her dad or talking to anyone, Mary Anne mopes around by herself a lot. She convinces herself that her dad sent her away because he didn’t love her. She goes to the cemetery, can’t find her mom’s grave, but sees Mimi’s and cries. She goes back home and goes back through the letters again. This time she learns that when she was 18 months old, her dad asked for her back. Now she worries that her grandparents still have partial custody and will eventually want her back.

It doesn’t help when she overhears her grandmother call her dad. She claims that giving up Mary Anne was a mistake and she wants to see her again. Her grandfather died a few weeks before and his biggest regret is not seeing her again. Mary Anne flips out and finally tells Dawn the whole story. Dawn says that she won’t let anyone take her.

The Heritage Days festival needs volunteers to run booths and help raise money for the historical society. Kristy thinks the BSC should get involved and they decide to make cardboard cutouts of historical figures in Stoneybrook and take pictures of people posing with them. Claudia draws the figures and everyone else paints them.

Logan knocks over paint on his shoes, so he has to take them off. Then he spills paint on his shirt and takes that off. Mallory cranks up the music and accidentally drops eggs on the floor. In the middle of it all, a fancily dressed woman rings the doorbell. Mary Anne makes a bunch of excuses for her friends and Logan walks out half-dressed and with paint in his hair. She bursts into tears, thinking the woman is from social services. She tells Logan the whole story and he tells the other BSC members. They convince her that she has to talk to her dad.

Mary Anne escorts Charlotte to a big picnic for Heritage Days and gets depressed, seeing all the kids with their moms. She has the long talk with her dad, telling him about the letters. He confesses that he couldn’t take of her and that he saw her mom every time he looked at her. Her grandparents made the decision not to see her anymore because it was too hard. Oh and the woman that stopped by the house was a census taker.

The BSC does a great job at Heritage Days and have a lot of fun. The book ends with Mary Anne visiting her grandma and having a great time. She even goes on a bad date with the grandson of one of her friends. Richard tells Verna that she can see Mary Anne anytime she wants and MA asks her to come to Connecticut for a visit.

*If Heritage Days is such a huge thing, then why don’t any of the older kids have assignments? This book makes it out like all the SES students get assignments, but no other schools.

*Jessi shoots down Mallory’s booth idea of recreating historical recipes because it sounds too hard. I think researching and baking sounds a lot better than drawing, cutting and painting cardboard cutouts.

*The BSC does a cutout of Sophie, the girl from Stacey’s house. Yeah she was important to them, but would anyone else really know who she was?

*Dawn tells Mary Anne that their booth made more money than anyone else, which I find hard to believe. Would you really pay just to take a picture with a cardboard figure a 13 year old made?

*Claudia wears a white bodysuit, lace shirt, black miniskirt, red high tops, lace leggings and paper mache jewelry painted black and white. Oh and the skirt had white polka dots, which sounds very 80s.

*The description Mary Anne gives of her visit is a lot different from the one she gives later. I don’t think she would lie in letters to everyone.

*Dawn and Stacey buy matching jumpsuits. Dawn’s is teal and Stacey’s is pink and they wear them to school…on the same day…on purpose.

*I swear that in an earlier book, Mary Anne mentions visiting her mom’s grave, but here she has no clue where it is. Plus she accidentally stumbles on Mimi’s grave. Given how close they were, wouldn’t she have been at the funeral? Or at least visited it before?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Goosebumps #36: The Haunted Mask II

Steve went as a hobo for the last five Halloweens straight and he wants a change. I don’t blame him, but then again, I don’t remember my last five costumes! He remembers that his friend Carly Beth had an awesome costume last year and wants to know where she bought it. He and his friend Chuck used to tease her a lot, but stopped after she scared the crap out of him.

Steve sneaks up on her and grabs her head, but it comes off in his hands. Just as he is about to scream in horror, she pops her head up from her sweater. Carly Beth tells him that her mom loves artistic stuff and started making plaster casts of her face, which she used to scare him. She won’t tell him where she got her old mask, but when he steals the cast, she confesses that it came from the party store.

Since Steve is a moron, he ignores her warnings. He and Chuck sneak over to the party store and when they see that it closed down, they find a way inside. They find a bunch of masks in a cardboard box in the basement, but Chuck hears a noise and runs away. A figure in a dark cape warns Steve and tells him that the masks are special and not for sale. Steve must be a teenager because that just makes him want it more. He manages to escape and runs home with the mask.

He notices that the mask feels warm, which makes him want to try it on. Instead, he hides it in his sock drawer and goes to school. When he comes back, the mask is missing! Of course he realizes that he just left it in a different place. As soon as he puts the mask on, his face feels warm and he just feels uncomfortable. He tries getting the mask off, but he cannot find where the mask ends and his face begins.

Most of us would run screaming to our parents, but Steve just lays down. His mom asks to come in, but he pretends that he is sick and she goes away. He wakes up and the mask is gone, but realizes that he is still asleep. When he finally does wake up, the mask is still firmly in place. Not only that, but now he has an old man voice.

His parents see him and think he picked a really cool costume. The mask makes him look like an old man with liver spots, spiders coming out of his hair, and one tooth. He heads off, hoping to track down Carly Beth. He stops by to pick on a group of first graders on his way. He and Chuck got in trouble for letting a squirrel loose in the school and his punishment was acting as a coach for the first grade soccer team.

These kids are horrible! They bring a concrete ball to the field and paint it like a soccer ball, then convince Steve to kick it. Somehow, he manages to not break his leg in the process. Steve sneaks up on the kids, but they think his is just an old guy that needs help. Instead of running away in fear, they offer to walk him home LOL.

Steve finally tracks down Carly Beth. She tells him that his mask is not a mask, but an actually face. The owner of the shop was a mad scientist that created masks from real humans. He made a few mistakes and created ugly faces that no one wanted. She explains that the plaster mask “cured” her because it was a symbol of love. Steve needs his own symbol of love to cure himself.

Carly Beth takes him home and he looks for a package of cookies. His mom went out of the way to get the cookies for him and he thinks it is his symbol, but the dog ate the cookies. Since the dog keeps jumping all over him, Carly thinks that might be a symbol. When that fails, they sneak back into the shop.

They don’t find anything except a box of masks. Carly finds a box of clothing and notices that an old suit looks like his mask. When she shows him, his mask lifts off and floats toward the suit. As soon as the mask sits on the top, the clothing takes human form and runs away. They realize that the suit represented the body of the mask. Laughing, they head home when a monster jumps out of the bushes. Suddenly, Chuck’s voice comes out. He explains that he grabbed a mask before running away from the store. He announces that he needs help getting the mask off and they both exchange a look.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweet Valley High #96: The Arrest

Part of why I didn’t like the “miniseries” books and part of why I stopped reading the books was because not much happens. There are 700 storylines going on in this book, but nothing really happens.

#1: Nicholas Morrow is suddenly best friends with Olivia. When he has bad luck on the dating scene, she submits his name for the TV show Hunks. They immediately hire him and send him a time to show up, despite never talking to him or getting his permission. He has three dates. The first date takes him to a biker bar, has a butterfly tattoo on her face and wears all black. The other date turns out to have a boyfriend.

The last date, Ann is perfect for him. When he shows up in shabby clothes, she changes to match him. When he forgets his wallet, she pays for the date. Then, when the other girls bad mouth him during the filming of the show, she steps up and defends him. They kiss and live happily ever after, or whatever.

#2: Bruce is mooning over Pamela after finding out she’s a huge slut and Pamela is moping over him. It turns out that she dated a guy for awhile and he pressured her to “go all the way.” When she refused, he dumped her and told everyone she was a slut. She kept going out with other guys and they kept spreading lies. It kind of reminds me of Annie! Pamela and Bruce get together so she can explain. The other guy shows up, calls her a whore and Bruce threatens to punch him, before storming out the door.

#3: Lila finally gets the chance to meet her long lost mother Grace. She spends half the book worrying about what happens. Amy worries too because she thinks Lila is pinning all her future hopes on her mom. Grace finally shows up and they go out to dinner, but her boyfriend Pierre ruins it by talking about himself. They try having breakfast, but Pierre shows up again.

#4: Steven needs to find a roommate asap because for some stupid reason, he got a two-bedroom apartment and couldn’t afford it. He keeps getting distracted and forgetting to look for a roommate. He finally checks the SVU newspaper and sees an ad by this guy named Billie. He calls and leaves a message, just telling the guy that he can move in, if he wants. Billie shows up and she’s actually a good looking woman.

#5: Liz can’t remember what happened the night of the accident. Her attorney doesn’t believe her and Ned ends up firing him, to take the job himself. She remembers seeing lights coming towards her that night. She also mopes over Todd, but won’t pick up the phone and call him because she thinks he should call her.

#6: Margo kills her charge Georgie and steals a bunch of jewelry from his mom. She takes off across the country, heading for California. She starts dreaming about a perfect split-level house and her “real” family. She sees a newspaper article about Liz and realizes that Liz is her identical twin. She decides that she should go to Sweet Valley.

#7 (and last): Jessica finally proves that she has a real mental disorder. She thinks about Sam constantly and how she spiked their drinks, but takes no responsibility for what happened. She keeps blaming Liz and thinking that she needs to pay her back. She starts spending a lot of time with Todd and when he starts to pull away, she throws herself at him even harder. Jessica figures that Liz “stole” her man, so payback is completely fair.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bury Me Deep (Christopher Pike)

Jean hops on a plane to Hawaii, planning to meet her friends Michelle and Mandy. Originally, she planned on leaving when they did, but had to stay an extra day to makeup a test she missed. She meets Mike, a good-looking guy from a small town that won a free trip to Hawaii. They talk for awhile and he talks about a mysterious place in Hawaii. She thinks it’s odd that he knows the place, given that he has never been there before.

She doesn’t have a chance to talk to him about it though because he goes into convulsions. The flight attendants work on him, but he dies. Jean cries in her seat and eventually falls asleep. She talks to one flight attendant before climbing off the plane and they both mention how nice Mike was.

Mandy picks her up from the airport and tells her all about the things they already did. Jean is pissed because she cannot afford to do everything and has to use coupons. They do whatever they want, including renting a more expensive car and doing a bunch of stuff without her. They also met scuba instructors Johnny and Dave. Michelle hooked up with Dave and Mandy claims Johnny for herself.

Mandy asks her not to flirt with him when they get introduced. Jean asks him a few random questions and Mandy accuses her of going after her man. She also meets Dave, who seems more concerned with hooking up than anything else. Both men act weird when she points out that she might not want to go scuba diving.

The girls take a scuba lesson and both Jean and Michelle are naturals. Mandy keeps messing up, including shooting to the top of the water in a panic, which would kill her in the real ocean. Dave demands that Mandy stay after for another lesson. Michelle tells Jean that the week should be interesting because Johnny has eyes for Jean, but Mandy is still throwing herself at him. The boys teach them about air embolisms and when she asks if they ever saw someone die from one, Johnny hesitates and Dave jumps in with a firm, “no.”

The boys take the girls on a private dive and once again, Mandy keeps screwing up. Jean asks a lot of questions and learns that they had another partner. They all go out for dinner and Johnny lets it slip that their partner died. Michelle asks about treasure hunting and Dave tells them the story of the Moonflower, a ship that crashed the year before. Their partner tried looking for the treasure, but never found it.

Mandy goes home, leaving Jean with Johnny. They take a walk on the beach and he tells her that Michelle took scuba lessons when she came the year before, even though she told Jean she never took a lesson. He gets a call that his mom hurt herself and he tells Jean that she is an alcoholic. Jean meets her and notices that she looks perfectly fine, no scratches. Johnny downplays the event and suggests she come out on the boat with them the next day. She turns him down because Mandy can’t go.

Jean also has two dreams about Mike. In one, she sees him in the bathtub bleeding. When she wakes up, she finds the bathtub full of red liquid, but realizes that it is Michelle’s ketchup bottle from lunch. She has another dream where she sees Mike blowing up a balloon until it explodes. She wakes up as Dave grabs her and pulls her back. She started sleepwalking and almost walked off the balcony of their hotel room.

Dave lets all three girls go out on the boat, but complains about them taking up space. Jean convinces Johnny to take the waverunners and go to a remote spot because it reminds her of her dreams. Mandy tags along, has a problem and Johnny calms her. Jean ventures into an underwater cave and sees a skull, but Johnny drags her out.

Both guys tell her that she was seeing things due to oxygen deprivation. Dave dives into the cave and comes back, saying he didn’t find anything. She gets Johnny alone and tells him her suspicions. She tells him about her dreams and how she felt compelled to dive in that exact spot. Jean calls Patricia, the flight attendant and talks to her about Mike. Patricia tells her that Mike died a month before on a dive and that she slept through most of the flight.

Jean drags Johnny to the newspaper office and finds the article about Mike’s death. The police found him off a small island and ruled his death an accident caused by his lungs exploding. They thought he came up too fast, but it was odd because no boat was nearby and they had no idea how he got there. Jean rushes to the cemetery because apparently he was apparently never shipped home. She finds his grave and asks him for help, right before a tree crashes down and knocks her out.

She dreams of standing with Mike and he shows her what happened. He dived with someone else, found a skeleton and the other diver killed him by unplugging his air. When she wakes up, she rushes back to the hotel and sees the police standing around. Someone fell from a high balcony. Jean talks to one of the cops and tells him that she thinks it was one of her friends.

He will not let her see the body, but eventually does and she sees Mandy. He listens to her, but when she starts talking about bad dreams and he sees her head wound, he doubts her story. She rushes off and asks Johnny to meet her back near the underwater cave.

Jean steals a jet ski, goes down and finds the skull. She comes up, swims to shore and finds Johnny. She warns him about Dave and rushes off. She comes across both Dave and Michelle knocked out and with nasty head wounds. Johnny takes her to safety, but she notices his red wetsuit and remembers that the man who killed Mike wore a red suit. Johnny realizes that she knows the truth and holds her captive on the boat.

Johnny tells her that his old partner Ringo found the big safe from the shipwreck. They went down to get it and he knew Ringo was going to steal it, so he killed him and left him in the cave. The safe sank, so he convinced Mike to go out with him for a moonlit dive. When Mike found Ringo, Johnny killed him. They fight and Jean manages to jump overboard. He tries to kill her, but she gets to his air tank first and he dies.

Jean swims back to shore and finds Dave. She tells him what happened and they help Michelle. She has a dream about Mike thanking her for solving his death. When she wakes up, she is sitting beside his grave. A voice calls to her and she sees Michelle and Dave coming towards her. Jean stops, sees necklace she gave to Mandy on Mike’s tombstone and silently thanks him before walking towards her friends.