Saturday, February 21, 2015

Spooksville #5: The Cold People (Christopher Pike)

Sally, Adam, Watch, and Cindy are wandering around town when they come across some weird blocks of ice. Watch thinks there's something strange about the blocks. The surface temperature of each one is way below what it should be and there looks like there might be something trapped inside. After dragging one of the blocks into the woods, they start a fire.

The fire melts some of the ice and reveals a man inside. His arm comes loose, Watch touches it, and the hand grabs him. The man eventually escapes, grabs Watch, and runs off into the woods with him. The others go to see Bum, the former mayor of town who is now viewed as a crazy guy. Bum tells them that it sounds like the guy was one of the Cold People.

Years ago, there were two different continents: Atlantis and Mu. Star People came down in spaceships and asked to help the world. Both went to each continent and said that the other would kill them. There was also something about making the people live forever. Atlantis residents eventually realized that the Star People were evil. When they came down again, they launched all their weapons at Mu, and Mu launched theirs at Atlantis. It caused both to sink into the ocean.

Bum tells them that their only hope is Mr. Patton, the crazy guy who runs the local army surplus store. He agrees to help Sally convince him to give them weapons, while Cindy and Adam go to the police station. Getting no help, they run back to the station. Mr. Patton gives them all weapons and heads outside. The Cold People attack, bullets do nothing, and they find themselves trapped inside the store.

Luckily, Mr. Patton has a stock of hot air balloons for some crazy reason. While they put the balloons together, Adam and Cindy take flamethrowers downstairs to keep an eye on the building. The Cold People attack, and they fight them off. One of them grabs Adam's ankle, and while he escapes, he notices that his ankle seems numb.

When they take off on the balloons, it only gets worse as the numbness travels up his leg. They find Watch wandering around in the woods and see that the crazy witch in town is trying to keep the Cold People away. Watch is infected to the point where he tries to attack them when they land. Adam gets him pinned against a wall, and Watch kind of recognizes him but still seems crazy. They subdue him and throw him on one of the balloons before Sally has to use one of the flamethrowers on a Cold Person, who melts into a puddle of blue liquid.

After flying around town for a few hours and watching the Cold People attack everyone, they split up. Sally steals a car with Adam, but then Watch attacks them. They get to the reservoir, and Adam uses some dynamite he "borrowed" from the store to set off a massive fire that basically sweeps across town and melts everything and all the Cold People. He and Watch both recover, and Watch makes a joke about getting ice cream.

*The only cop in town says that there was once a whole force but that he hasn't seen another cop in months. After some thought, he realizes it's been years.

*He also tells them that he can't go after Watch because his parents might have a life insurance policy on him, which would be like taking money out of their pockets.

*Sally keeps a journal and gets all embarrassed when someone suggests it's all about Adam. Me thinks this will come back again later.

*There's a whole plot about how the Cold People are vampires and have something in their blood that infects others, which is what happened to Watch and Adam. It was a little lame.

*Sally not only knows how to drive, but she also knows how to hot wire a car.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Spooksville #2: The Howling Ghost (Christopher Pike)

Cindy, her little brother Neil, and her mom must moved to Spooksville to live in her father's old family home after he died. When she and her brother take a walk, Neil ends up running towards the creepy lighthouse on the outskirts of town. There are a bunch of local legends that say it's haunted, but she hasn't lived there long enough to believe in them.

Neil takes off for the lighthouse, and she hears a strange noise. A sudden wind whips up right beside the building on the water. Cindy swears that she sees the ghost of an older woman grab her brother and drag him out over the water. Just as quickly as she sees it, her brother disappears.

Adam, Sally, and Watch meet for breakfast at the doughnut shop, and Sally brings up the case. The cops think that her brother fell in the water and accidentally drowned. Watch thinks it may have really been a ghost. When he says that Cindy is cute, Adam agrees to go over to her house and talk to her about what she saw. Cindy sticks to the same story, which leaves the group to check out the lighthouse for themselves.

They somehow gain access to the building, get lost inside, and scare the crap out of themselves before escaping. Watch notices that the light on top suddenly starts working again, which is odd because (a) the building has no power and (b) the electrical lines are shot. They then head to the library and find that a shipwreck happened right off the coast after a power failure and that the son of the lighthouse keeper died the next day when a wave swept him away.

This leaves them to believe that the captain of the ship now abducts kids, despite Cindy seeing an older woman. They go back with a bunch of scuba diving equipment, and both Watch and Adam, who has absolutely no experience, go diving. Watch vanishes, and Adam decides to explore the shipwreck. He runs out of oxygen, finds a room filled with air, and a skeleton comes after him.

Watch goes back up and without any tact, tells the girls that Adam is clearly dead because he didn't have any air left. They agree to go get a new tank and go after him. The skeleton was actually just falling over and not attacking Adam, and Watch finds him without any problems. He even brought him a new air tank so they could escape.

They decide to go back to the lighthouse and look for Neil in a hidden room they noticed at the last moment. Instead of finding Neil, they find the skeleton of an older woman who was the last lighthouse keeper and the mother of the little boy who died. Her skeleton comes to life and attacks them.

Sally and Watch run away to check for some...I honestly don't know. All that matters is that the light from the lighthouse keep shining in their eyes and when they try to break it, it breaks the chair they throw at it instead. They all wind up back in the same room with the skeleton that it attacking Cindy, and they can hear Neil above them.

Let's make this quick. They all realize that the lighthouse keeper has the same last name as Cindy. Her dad was the little boy who "died." He got swept out to sea, somehow survived days in the ocean, was found and eventually adopted by another family. He came back to town to get his mother's former home, which is where Cindy and her family now live.

Adam tells the skeleton what happened. She and Cindy have a weird bonding moment where they hug, and she tells her grandmother about how much she misses her dad too. They get back Neil and find out that the lighthouse is on fire. Watch decided that blowing up the generator was the only way to turn off the light, and the fire from that explosion sweeps through the building. They jump from the top into the water, and I guess everything is okay until the next book.

*While all the other kids drink milk with their doughnuts, Sally drinks coffee with sugar because she says that she needs the caffeine.

*She also makes Adam feel bad that he doesn't have a girlfriend at twelve and tells him that if he waits any longer, he may as well let his life pass him by. If he still doesn't have one at fifteen, he'll never have one. Eek.

*She's also extremely picky. They go to see Cindy, who is still upset over her brother being missing, and Sally demands a can of ginger ale in a green can, chilled but not too cold. Here's an idea brat, go get it yourself!

*The local librarian is more than a little weird. He wears old-fashioned three piece suits, makes the kids drink milk, takes x-rays of their bones, and sometimes locks kids in various rooms. I think he may be a vampire.

*The only reason they didn't make a connection between the two names is that there was one letter different.

*I don't even know what to say about this one! How is her father's name the same if another family adopted him? Why didn't he ever go back to town and tell people he wasn't dead? Did he fake having amnesia or just kept his real identity a secret until his mom died? Why didn't he tell his family about his past? So many unanswered questions!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Point Thriller: The Bride (D.E. Athkins)

A bride grabs an antique letter opener, holds it up to the light, and then plunges it directly into her bridesmaid's hand. Hah-ha, not really. The bridesmaid, actually Allison, doesn't laugh it off because it goes between her fingers and nicks one. The photographer and his assistant just keep snapping pictures and oohing and ahhing. We learn that the bride is Blaine Harrod, and that she's kind of a bitch. She gets her assistant to send Allison a dozen roses and claims, unconvincingly, that it was an accident.

Cut to little Jamie begging her parents to let her go to her cousin Blaine's wedding. Blaine, once called Charlotte Blaine Harrodson, changed her name to something more "exotic" and left town. After struggling for a few years, she reinvented herself as Blaine Harrod. Um, does she know how this works? Anyway, she's now some huge supermodel and she invited her younger cousin to come to her wedding early, go to some huge party with her fancy friends, and be in her wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Jamie aren't too happy with the idea. They plan on going to the wedding themselves, but they don't like the idea of her being there alone. Turns out that Blaine sends her expensive gifts all the time, like an itty bitty leather miniskirt that she has to sneak out of the house to wear. When Jamie points out that her Aunt Charlotte, Blaine's mother, can keep an eye on her, they finally relent.

Jamie and her mom then arrive at Sandhill, some fabulous historic site where the wedding will take place. Blaine introduces her to her assistant Clara, who seems a little quiet and mousy but has an edge, and she promises her Aunt Susan, Jamie's mom, that she'll take care of her. Jamie then gets to meet a bunch of new people. There's the beautiful Kel, a bridesmaid, and her equally handsome brother Drew.

Drew tells her that Sandill is so over the top that even the locals don't go there. They think it's tacky and probably think that Blaine is tacky for choosing it for her wedding. He also tells her that the rumor around town is that the estate is haunted. Jamie thinks that it's appropriate that Blaine would pick a haunted house for her weeding. She then gets to meet Preston, also known as Pres, the poor bastard marrying her cousin. Photographers pop up to take their pictures, and she briefly feels sorry for Blaine stuck in the public eye. That changes when she looks up and sees her cousin staring at her with intense hatred in her eyes.

Instead of freaking out, everyone just kind of goes their own way. Jamie falls asleep in her room and wakes to the smell of roses in the air and the sound of someone sobbing in pain. When she looks in the mirror, she sees a woman in a long white wedding dress holding roses and crying. This causes her to run into the hallway and rush around looking for Kel's room.

Not only does she find Kel, but she finds Allison as well. Allison claims that she probably just had a bad dream and made the whole thing up. She also tosses in some shots about Blaine, including that Pres probably made her cry and that she's a huge bitch. Kel really does believe that she saw a ghost and tells her the story about the Sandhill.

Years ago, the daughter of the man who owned the estate fell in love with the gardener. He brought he roses every day and made plans to run away with her. Her mother, who arranged a marriage for her with some rich guy, secretly paid off the gardener and made him leave town. True love, right? The girl was so upset that she spent the rest of her life in her bedroom crying over her lost love.

Allison thinks the whole thing is ridiculous and even goes so far as to claim that Blaine made up the story to bring more attention to her wedding. She then abruptly changes the subject to what Jamie will wear to the rehearsal dinner. This lets her get in another dig at Blaine for not better preparing her cousin for the dinner. They go through all their clothes and make her wear velvet pants and with a cropped cashmere sweater with glittery threads in it. It was probably pretty hot back in the day.

They head off for the rehearsal dinner, and Jamie meets both Patricia and Stephanie. Stephanie is Preston's little sister, and Patricia is his ex-girlfriend. Apparently, Patricia was also mummy's favorite. They dated years ago, broke up, and his mother always thought they would still end up together, but then he met Blaine and the rest is history. Clara shows up and prepares them to do the fake walk down the aisle. In a twist I never heard of before, it's bad luck for the bride to take part in the rehearsal. Blaine cares not for superstitions and shows up anyway.

While walking down the aisle, Jamie can't help but note the way that Pres follows Kel and the way she smiles and flirts back with him. He then turns his attention to Blaine, which makes her think that she imagined it. Things go smoothly until someone decides to release the doves from their cage. A shower of dead and bloody doves rains down on Blaine. Patricia giggles about what happened and then disappears.

Blaine decides to forget about it and go right to the dinner. As they whisper about what happened and Jamie questions if it was Patricia, the other woman shows up in a new outfit. Drew suggests that they take a break from the action and shows her this alcove hidden behind a heavy curtain. They start making out but stop when the lights go out. She wants to leave, but he wants her to make out some more. That's when they hear someone shout something about a fire.

She and Drew worry about what to do and finally peek out from behind the curtains. To the shock and amazement of everyone there, the figure of a woman in a wedding dress suddenly appears floating above the crowd. She's only there for a few seconds before disappearing as the lights come back on. The fire department and police arrive and rule that it was a prank.

Thinking that it was clearly a ghost, Jamie sneaks back into the ballroom later. She hears a noise, freaks out, and then realizes that it was Drew. They look around for awhile before giving up, and since it's still so early, they head to breakfast. Blaine shows up, eats some pancakes with them, and actually seems like a normal person. She even wears sweatpants!

And then Patricia rears her head. She's wearing some horrid combination of a silver unitard with black and silver skintight shorts and a matching jacket. She shows them the newspaper, which has a big story about what happened at the dinner the night before and insinuates that Preston won't like the publicity before making a rude comment about Blaine eating fattening foods. Blaine makes it clear that she's the one who knows what Pres like best before leaving and ordering a huge breakfast for Patricia.

Jamie really just wants to relax, so she goes to the gym. After a few minutes in the hot tub, Pres shows up and gets in with her. He makes some perverted comments and keeps checking her out, which leads her to get out and go to the sauna. It doesn't take long before Creepy McCreeperson comes to join her there too and continue with his comments. Hoping to get away from him, she tries to leave and finds the door locked.

Just as they think they might die, Blaine opens the door. Hotel workers rush in and give them water, and Jamie passes out. She wakes up with Blaine hovering over her and asking what happened because the door opened fine when she got there. Clara shows up, Blaine suggests they go out later and skip some random party in her honor, and Clara demands that she go to her party instead.

While at the party and canoodling with Drew, a waiter comes over and tells her that she has a call. It's Blaine, telling her to meet her outside in five minutes. When she gets there, some maniac in a Porsche nearly runs her down. The maniac is Blaine herself. They drive through town, see her old home, and wind up on the old pier just outside of town.

Blaine admits that while she doesn't miss her hometown, she doesn't think she'll ever forget it. They have the chance to bond for a few minutes before a Mercedes pulls up with Patricia in it. After making a few rude comments, Allison pops up in the backseat and Pres climbs out of the driver's seat. He says he was worried about her, but he says it in a way that means nothing of the sort.

Pres and Blaine wind up having some huge argument. It ends when she threatens to not show up at the alter the next day. Pres says something to her that for some reason makes her completely change her attitude. She climbs in his car to go back to the hotel. Allison agrees to drive her car but only if Jamie gets out so she can go as fast as she wants. She takes off like a bat out of hell, and they notice her driving pretty erratically. The Porsche goes around a corner, loses control, and flips off the road. Before they can get there, the car explodes.

They go back to the hotel the next morning, and we learn that the police found no signs that Allison tried to stop. Patricia claims that Allison once loved Pres and that killing herself in front of him was the perfect wedding gift and that she wishes she thought of it first.

We then get updates on some of the participants. Stephanie is sound asleep, which may mean she's completely innocent or completely guilty. Kel is so traumatized that she doesn't take the sleeping pill someone gives her and decides that she wants to be awake for what happens next. Patricia thinks of how Blaine is oh-so-tacky and how whatever happens next might be the end of their wedding. Blaine overhears Pres and some others talking about her right before she smells smoke and sees the bride coming for her.

Suddenly it's the next morning. Kel and Jamie go to help Blaine get ready, and she gets a delivery. Pres sends her roses and a crystal vase, but there's another wrapped gift too. As soon as she opens it, she flips out and starts throwing things and ripping stuff off the walls. Pres rushes in and tries to calm her down, but she accuses him of sending her the second gift. It was a frame picture of her and Allison with a message on the bottom that it should have been her. When she finally calms down, she suggests they run away and elope and he shoots her down instantly.

Everyone else then goes to get ready. Kel goes to Jamie's room because she can't stand being in her own around Allison's things. Jamie wonders if the wedding will actually go smoothly, and Patricia acts creepy again. She accidentally slashes her lipstick across her face, which makes her think that it's a sign the wedding won't go on. Blaine imagines Allison standing in her wedding party, but then she sees Patricia. It turns out that she never wanted her there and that Pres demanded she attend, which makes her wonder what kind of hold the other woman has on him. Nice thing to think about right before walking down the aisle.

Blaine does her vows, but Pres has some problems with his. He keeps looking around like a crazy man as he says them. When asked if there are any objections, the door to the room opens and in walks the ghost bride. She claims that Pres can't marry someone else because he was married to her first and that he let her die. He stammers a bunch, and when she pulls back her veil, her dresses catches on fire. Pres passes out, and Clara hands the bride, who is not no longer on fire but laying on the ground, a towel. She wipes off some makeup and pulls back her mask to reveal that she's actually Allison. Well, I did not see that coming.

I bet you're wondering what happened, right? The girls all meet up in Blaine's room to tell Kel and Jamie what happened. Alison and Blaine had a third roommate named Dover. She was Clara's little sister. Dover met and dated Preston, they fell in love, and decided to get married. They sneaked away to a remote island for the ceremony. Later, he lost control of the car and it went off a cliff. Instead of trying to save his wife, he left her body there, went back to the hotel, checked out, and went on with his life. That was when he started dating Blaine.

Dover's body went unidentified for quite awhile until Clara went to look for her. The hotel still had a box of her stuff, and she found her sister's journal, which detailed the relationship and eventual marriage. When she told Dover's friends, they came up with the whole thing as a way to get back at Pres and make him confess.

They planted the fake story of a ghostly bride with Kel because they knew she would spread it around. They worked with Hollywood special effects artists to create the bride in the mirror, and used stuffed doves for the other trick. Stephanie then rushes in and apologizes because she was an inside source blagging about all the wedding problems. She also promises that she'll never date or marry someone like her brother before revealing that the police charged him with several crimes and that Patricia is still standing by his side. Dude, there are other fish in the sea.

Drew arrives just in time to hear the whole story. After Stephanie leaves and everyone relaxes, he suggests that he and Jamie take off on their own. As he says, the wedding is over but the party just started.

Loved it! Crazy twist ending? Romantic subplot that isn't too annoying? I wish more of these books ended like this!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Goosebumps HorrorLand #10: Help! We Have Strange Powers!

Jillian and Jackson are twin sister and brother. Their neighbors, Artie and Nina, are also twins and new to town, but they really don't like them. All four end up in the same movie theater. Artie spills buttery popcorn all over Jackson's new sweater, and Nina just acts really annoying. The manager comes over and tosses them all out, and Nina and Artie's parents accidentally spray the other twins with water while driving through a puddle.

They find a fortune telling machine on the street and try their luck. All they get is a card that says Welcome to HorrorLand on the front.

When they get up the next day, Jillian realizes that something changed. She can read the thoughts of everyone around her, and Jackson can move things with his mind. Things get even more intense at school. Jackson freezes the clock in class to make the teacher think she has more time and run out before giving them a quiz. Jillian can read the thoughts of others, and after reading Nina's mind a few times, the other girl freaks out.

They sneak out of the house and into the nearby park to try out their powers. They don't have super strength and they can't fly, but they do see a weird person watching them. He has the face of an extremely old man and the body of a kid. He introduces himself as Finney and tells them that their powers alerted The Brain Institute about them. Though they aren't in the mood to take off with some weird guy, he transports them to The Institute.

There, they meet Inspector Cranium. He tells them that he works for the Thought Police and tracks brain waves to find those with super powers. The kids hide their powers from him by thinking about the other twins. Though he says that he never makes a mistake, he agrees to let them go home and gives them his card. The card lets them know that they didn't fool him and that he'll continue watching them.

When they try to tell their parents what happened and what's going on, they lose their memories temporarily. It turns out that The Institute is a little more powerful than they thought. They also go over to the other twins' house. Jillian keeps reading Nina's mind again, and Jackson plays a Wii game with Artie. Ugh, I hate seeing modern references! They fight, and Jackson ends up freezing both twins with his mind. It isn't until their parents come home that they get free.

It's now time for the twins' birthday. After a lame party where Nina ruins Jillian's shirt and Artie whines a lot, Inspector Cranium shows up. He freaks out about how they can't escape him, but it turns out that he's really talking about Nina and Artie. They do a bunch of crap that ends with him floating around on the ceiling. Nina reveals that they were born with super powers and spent their whole lives on the run. Artie then tells them that he has power over time. He uses his powers to turn the inspector into a baby and makes him disappear down the street.

Jillian and Jackson go back to their house the next day to talk with them more about the whole Institute and Thought Police thing. They find the house dark and empty with no sign that anyone ever lived there. While wandering around town and trying to decide what to do next, they find the fortune telling machine. After putting in some money, they get another card that welcomes them to HorrorLand.

HorrorLand Story Time!

Jackson and Jillian arrive in HorrorLand as Very Special Guests, but on the way to the Doom Slide, they come across the inspector. He chases them to the ride, and they choose a slide at random. The inspector yells out that Maniac will get him for letting them go.

They get away, only to have two detectives/guards stop them. The guards make them go to a magic show, where the magician only seems interested in doing them as much harm and pain as possible. Jillian reads one boy, Robby's, mind and learns that he created the magician. He pretends to die, she sides with him, the magician goes crazy and runs away screaming about Maniac.

Matt and some of the kids from the other boys bring them up to date on everything that happened so far. He still wants to find the cafe where the original two girls escaped. Matt takes them to the wall that blocks the cafe, pulls out his key card, and tries to open the wall again. Jackson then uses his super powers to actually rip apart the wall.

The whole group runs inside and finds the mirrors in the cafe, which will let them escape. Some of the kids get through, but the rest get stopped by some Horrors. By the time they get back to the mirrors, they're solid again and they can't get through. They run to a lake, hop on some canoes, and take off, but it turns out that the canoes have no bottoms. After nearly drowning, they all swim back to shore.

Two kids, Lizzy and Luke Morris, show up. Jillian realizes that she saw them earlier watching them from behind a building. They claim that they want to help and that the kids need to stay in HorrorLand. One of the others asks Jillian to read their minds and see what's going on. Jillian quickly discovers that they're lying to them...

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Goosebumps #45: Ghost Camp (R.L. Stine)

Harry and Alex are brothers stuck spending a few weeks at Camp Spirit Moon. Though they wanted to go somewhere else, their parents waited too long and it was the only place left. After arriving, they find the camp empty and deserted. One counselor shows up and tells them that everyone left them there alone. Just as he starts freaking out, he bursts out laughing and tells them it was just a joke they play on all new campers.

Uncle Marv, the man who owns the camp, comes in and tells them that they can meet the other campers at the campfire that night. He makes some cryptic comments, and his eyes seem to glow when Alex asks if he can sing. Apparently Alex is some extremely talented singer. They go to their cabin, but it's all pretty boring. Worth noting is that Harry steps in a blue puddle that causes his feet to stick to the floor.

At the campfire, Alex meets a kid named Elvis and Harry meets a girl named Lucy. When Harry accidentally drops his hot dog in the fire, she reaches in and pulls it out. Even though he saw flames all over her and spreading up her arm, she's totally fine.

Then it comes time to sing the camp song. Alex goes overboard, and Elvis tries to keep up with him but he has a terrible voice. We have the spirit – and the spirit has us is some random line that keeps repeating in the song. Harry gets a little creeped out by the song and slips away from the group, only to hear Lucy calling his name and begging for his help.

Before she can tell him what she needs, Uncle Marv interrupts them and teases them about sneaking away in front of the whole group. He then sits them down and tells them some lame ass story. A bunch of kids and their counselor went into the woods, they went too far, and heard some odd noises. A big monster jumped out and ate them all. Elvis swears the story is completely true.

The second story involves a dense and heavy fog sweeping over a camp as a bunch of campers and counselors were sitting around a campfire. The fog was so heavy that they couldn't see anything. When the fog rolled away, everyone was dead. They just went back to their cabins and continued being undead.

Just then, a heavy fog really does come in and roll across them. Uncle Marv suggests that they sing the camp song again. Harry notices that the voices keep disappearing until only Alex's voice is left. When the fog leaves, they're all alone. Harry realizes that it's just another prank and that they probably used a fog machine. When they get back to the cabins, everyone makes fun of them and teases them. Though he laughs it off, Harry does notice that those weird blue puddles are back again.

Harry also notices that two of his cabin mates seem to have eyes that glow in the dark and wakes to find one of them floating in the air. Though he convinces himself that it was just a dream, weird things keep happening. One kid gets a sharp tent stake right through his foot and is fine, another is fine after someone stabs him in the neck with a fork. Alex saves a little girl he finds sitting on the bottom of the lake for 10+ minutes and she just laughs at him. Plus, they both see a girl's head fall off during a soccer game.

Lucky keeps following Harry around and finally tells him the truth. The stories actually happened and everyone there is a ghost. Instead of calling the loonie bin, Harry believes her. Lucy then tells him that he can save them if he lets her possess his body for awhile. When she tries, he runs for the hills.

Okay, so he really just runs back to the cabin, grabs Alex, and drags him into the woods. Alex reveals that Elvis tried to do the exact same thing to him, so he knows that they really are ghosts. They make plans to find the highway and run away, but then they hear a noise coming from the woods and the monster from the one story attacks. No worries though, Alex has a plan.

They basically close their eyes and say that they don't believe that the monster exists, which causes it to disappear. Uncle Marv and the other campers then show up. It turns out that they need a living body to escape the camp. Lucy attacks Harry, while Elvis grabs Alex. They all start fighting, and somehow during the fight, they all disappear.

Harry and Alex run off to find the highway and get in touch with their parents. When Alex starts humming off-tune, Harry realizes that he's actually Elvis. In the end, Elvis promises that he'll never sing again if Harry doesn't tell on him. Sure kid, I'll let you possess my brother.