Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sweet Valley High Super Thriller: Murder in Paradise

This is easily one of the best/worst Sweet Valley High books in the entire series. Alice won an all expense paid trip to some fancy day spa and decided to make a mother-daughter weekend of it. Enid’s mom decided not to go at the last minute, leaving her alone with Alice, the twins, Lila and her mom Grace.

This doesn’t sit well with Enid because she’s already feeling crappy. Hugh recently dumped her and…oh my god, how many times did he dump her? One of the other books I recapped like two months ago was way before this one, and she was pissed off in that one because he dumped her. Anyway, Liz tries to make her feel better. Then Enid makes a comment about how if she was prettier, he’d stick around and Liz doesn’t answer because she’s right. I fucking hate you Liz.

Of course because it’s a Sweet Valley book, Jessica immediately starts thinking about guys that aren’t Ken. She’s drawn to Chris, the guy who picks them up from the train station. He teaches golf and Jess signs up for a lesson. Liz gets all flustered around him and thinks he’s host, but she would never, ever cheat on Todd.

Liz is also stunned because everyone at the spa looks like a supermodel. That is until they meet Tatiana Mueller, who owns the spa. Tatiana has a huge, ugly scar running down one side of her face. She immediately starts doting on the group and Alice in particular. Alice thinks it’s funny because she seems to remember her, but isn’t sure how or why. Tatiana assures her that they haven’t met before and then rambles about all the years she spent traveling with her beautiful mother to spas across Europe.

The group finds their great room, which is actually a cottage with multiple bedrooms. Jess freaks out because there aren’t any mirrors. She has to try and see her reflection in a hand mirror. She knows that she looks good, but is lost without the validation. I think she’s lost if she doesn’t get validation in some form. Liz uses her laptop to log on and send an email to Todd and I bet it’s one of those 20 pound computers.

Jess can’t decide what to wear, so Lila helps her pick out a slutty outfit to catch Chris. Like Jess needs any help picking out a slutty outfit. Lila immediately sets her sights on a hot guy across the room and chases after him because she’s sure he’s “a somebody”, but she can’t catch him. Enid is just depressed because everyone looks better than her.

Tatiana comes over the next day and pays special attention to Enid. She sets her up with special face and hair treatments. Then she ruins it by going on and on about the mother daughter bond. She also flips out when Jess asks about the mirrors because beauty should come from within. Nice way to look at things…when you run a beauty salon.

Jessica finally has her fake date with Chris, which is actually a golfing lesson. He starts asking about Liz because apparently he fell in love with her after exchanging five words. Jessica plays up all her lame traits, talking about how she just likes books and writing, but it turns out Chris likes the same things.

Liz must find someone who desperately needs her help because this is a Sweet Valley High book. She finds it in Katya, a waitress that seems sad and lonely. Since Katya won’t talk to her, she turns to Chris. When he asks her out, she asks him to make it a double date and bring someone for Enid. That sets Enid off because she feels like a loser and a third wheel.

It turns out that Enid’s date is his friend Alex. He’s naturally handsome and gorgeous and at first, he’s really into Enid. Then Jessica and Lila interrupt their tennis date and Jess decides that he’s too good looking for Enid and goes after him. He naturally goes after her and ignores Enid. The whole group ends up making ice cream shakes together and Lila looks down on him, telling Enid that she’d never go after a common working man. Liz and Chris bond too, making her completely forget about Todd…again.

Katya starts bonding with Alice and Liz picks up on it. She asks Alice to talk to her and try to get some answers. She keeps asking her a bunch of questions, to the point where poor Katya runs off in tears. Liz becomes convinced that she’s a runaway. Liz tries to talk to Chris about it, but he has no idea what she’s talking about.

Everyone is ignoring Enid, so she turns to Tatiana. Tatiana hypnotizes her during a session, filling her mind with awful stories about her mind. Enid doesn’t believe them at first, but then decides that her mom must treat her like shit because these are her memories.

Everyone except Enid heads off for the day. They play Frisbee golf and Katya seems better, but she still won’t talk about anything. They run across this little white building and the spa workers all freak out. They won’t talk about the building and push everyone away. Later Liz sees Tatiana yelling at Katya for letting them get so close to the building.

Enid slowly starts changing and no one picks up on it. She’s suddenly all gung ho about the spa and the people who work there. She starts blowing off all their planned activities and working out all the time, plus eating less and less. She also makes friends with this new guy who shows up at the spa, after Jess and Lila ignore him for looking too plain.

Jess wanders into the steam room one night and finds Katya dead there. Tatiana says that she had a heart condition and never should have been there in the first place. Liz sneaks into her room and finds a note she planned on sending Alice, asking her to meet up. She also finds an add in a random magazine, hiring workers for the spa. Liz discovers that the magazine is one passed out at runaway shelters.

Liz decides that Tatiana must be bringing in runaways and using them for some reason and then killing them. Everyone kind of laughs it off, but then Alice disappears. Liz tries to get help and has to hack into the phone line, when the phones all go out. Jess sneaks into the office and finds that all of the staff are runaways and all had radical plastic surgery. She also discovers that Enid is next on the surgery list.

Jessica shows the file to Enid, but she already knows about it because she agreed to the surfery. She runs to the room and they tell her that Liz went to look for clues. She hears Liz’s email beep and it’s a message from Ned. He remembered that Tatiana was a girl at their college, who everyone made fun of, but later became a doctor. Nice.

So Liz is near where Alice went missing, when someone grabs her. It’s Chris and he drags her through a tunnel. At the end she finds Alice passed out and tied on a table. Tatiana reveals that she knew Alice in college and while everyone else made fun of her for being plain, she was always nice. Tatiana got her huge ass scar when she had bad plastic surgery, so now she’s going to take Alice’s face and take over her life. That totally makes sense…if this were a Syfy Channel movie.

The girls head out to find Liz and gets lost in the woods. They finally find the building, but Tatiana demands Chris and Alex call the security guards. Liz tries to reason with them and Christ struggles over who to follow. The cops show up in the nick of time and stop her. They arrest Tatiana, but everyone else gets off scott free. Of course no one will ever mention this again.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Baby-Sitter’s Club #127: Abby’s Un-Valentine

I never read any of the Abby books because she joined the club after I stopped reading the series. I’ve read a few lately where she popped up, but it wasn’t a major story. I’m still not sure how I feel about the character, but I do look forward to seeing an updated version where she and Kristy embark on a love affair.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day in Stoneybrook and Abby is hating it. She does point out that she likes Logan and Mary Anne’s relationship because the two are actually friends, but she doesn’t really care about anyone else. She’s also sick of seeing red and pink everywhere. Even her English teacher is going over love poems in class.

There’s also a huge dance coming up and it’s all anyone wants to talk about. Claudia and Mary Anne have dates, Stacey’s new boyfriend Ethan is coming down from NYC and even Jessi is planning on going with a group of friends. Wait, she has friends away from the BSC?

At the same time, this guy Ross wants to date Abby and he keeps coming around. She thinks he just wants to be her friend, but he makes it pretty clear that he wants more from her. He brings her flowers, sticks up for her in class and is just generally around all the time. He even buys her a book of cartoons from The New Yorker, which she learns Stacey helped him pick out.

The annoying thing with this book is that everyone acts like they’re right. Abby is certain that she doesn’t want a boyfriend and everyone else think she does. Stacey and Claudia just think she’s scared of having a boyfriend and Abby points out that she’s dated before, just not in this town.

Her twin sister Anna wants to go to the dance and date, but no one is interested in her. Abby suggests she go to the dance with a group of friends and she gets all shy and embarrassed. Abby think it’s weird how she has this super great group of friends and yet her poor sister has no one.

Abby comes up with an idea, which she compares to one of Kristy’s great ideas. Since Anna likes Ross and Ross likes her, she’ll just fix him up with her twin. She invites him over and when Anna can’t decide what to wear, they switch shirts. Ross thinks Anna’s Abby and she doesn’t know how to tell him that he made a mistake. They’re getting along great, until he realizes that he’s with Anna. He thinks they switched on purpose, gets pissed, storms out and won’t talk to them.

The only way she can think to make things better is if they both surprise him and apologize. Ross realizes that he has more in common with Anna and asks her to a classical music concert. The two end up going to the dance together and Abby celebrates by going to a horror movie with Kristy. She wins a huge box of chocolates and rolls her eyes, but then decides to take it to their next club meeting and share.

*The movie they see is The Pizza Man about a killer delivery guy. I love horror movies and even have a horror movie blog, but that sounds terrible to me.

*Claudia wears hiking boots with silver laces and pictures of mountains that she painted on the sides herself, with a long sweater in white and blue.

*Stacey wears a cool outfit with over the knee boots, a brown leather skirt and a pale sweater. I love this, but it sounds way out of place for a 13 year old girl. It actually sounds like something Jessica Wakefield would wear.

*Kristy and her family are raising a guide dog named Scout, but it’s almost time to send the dog to guide dog school. Andrews pitches a fit because he thinks she’s his dog. In the end, David Michael agrees to share Shannon with him and everyone says good-bye to Scout. It made me a little sad though.

*Abby hates it when the girls in her class talk about true love. I think it’s a little ridiculous too that a teacher would let junior high girls compare their current relationship to the way a poet describes true love.

*Stacey gets pissed off when Abby makes a comment about people dating just to be dating, whether they like the person or not. And yet how many boyfriends has Stacey had in this series?

*It’s kind of weird to read Abby’s descriptions of Dawn and Mallory and even weirder to realize that they’re no longer in the books.

*I’m kind of digging Abby’s outfit on the cover. I showed it to the boyfriend and he rolled his eyes, but agreed that “it’s not too bad” after I showed him some of the older covers.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fear Street Cheerleaders: The First Evil

Bobbi and Corky Cochran have just moved to Shadyside and both want to be cheerleaders. Their old squad won a bunch of competitions, but the squad was already picked and they aren’t sure they can get on it. The girls leave a fake rat in front of their little brother Sean’s room and giggle when it freaks him out. Bobbi then lays down on the railing and makes Corky think she died. Hilarious.

They meet the other cheerleaders, including the captain Jen and the assistant captain Kimmy, who hates them on sight. They do a routine, which is apparently awesome. They also do some double cartwheel thing, which I don’t understand. Apparently they hold each other’s ankles and then roll. Is that even possible?

Of course everyone loves then and Miss Green, the advisor, decides to put them on the squad. The only problem is that they really only have room for one new girl, so one old girl has to go. She picks Ronnie because she’s a freshman and has time to cheer later. Ronnie pitches a fit and runs off in tears, while the other girls just pout in general.

A few weeks later the squad is off to cheer at its first big game and Corky realizes that she left the fire batons at home. Apparently the girls took them home to practice. It’s rainy out and the driver isn’t paying enough attention, so he takes the curve too fast and the bus crashes. The girls all survive, but Jen’s body is thrown from the bus.

Bobbi finds her laying in the Fear Street Cemetery, her arms thrown over Sarah Fear’s grave. At first she thinks that she’s dead, but the paramedics find that she’s breathing and rushes her to the hospital. Kimmy blames Bobbi for what happened, especially after they discover that Jen is paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. But hey, at least Ronnie is back on the squad.

Kimmy gets over it pretty fast though because she’s certain that she’ll be the next captain of the squad. At the next game, Miss Green makes a big announcement and gives the job to Bobbi. I guess it makes sense because she’s the best, but Kimmy thinks she deserves the job because she put in the time. She throws a hissy and storms out of the gym, but no one even notices.

Bobbi is so excited about getting the job and even more excited when she runs into Chip, the quarterback. Chip asks her out on a date and she runs to tell Jen about it. Jen is all about Chip being so cute, but flips when she realizes he asked her out. She tells her that Chip was Kimmy’s boyfriend until a few weeks ago. Bobbi realizes that Kimmy will think he broke up with her to ask Bobbi out. Even though they’re having problems, she decides to blow it off because Kimmy will get over it. Yup, teen girls are known for getting over things like that fast.

The next day Bobbi is stuck at school late and sees all the locker doors start flying open and closing. She tells Corky about it, who just kind of rolls her eyes and thinks that she’s stressed out. Cut to the game and Chip freezing on the field. He gets sacked pretty hard, but instead of worrying about him, Bobbi is just worried that he’ll cancel their date. She waits for him after the game and he does cancel, but tells her that he felt like he couldn’t move. He wanted to, but his body wouldn’t move. And then they make out. Of course.

Kimmy finds out what happened and confronts Bobbi, who points out that Chip asked her out. They fight and Miss Green has to break it up. They then do an exercise where Kimmy stands on Corky’s shoulders and jumps off, with Bobbi catching her. It goes badly because Bobbi freezes, just like Chip! Kimmy hits the ground and breaks her arm. She tells Chip what happened and he suggests she go to the doctor because his doctor thinks it’s something neurological.

Bobbi stops by Jen’s house, who tells her that Kimmy will be fine, but probably will never forgive her for this. They talk and when Bobbi leaves, she sees Jen walking around the house. What?! She runs back and of course Jen is now sitting in her wheelchair, not walking and trying to figure out what the fuck is up with her friend.

At their next practice, Bobbi keeps trying to get the girls going, but no one wants to listen to her anymore. Miss Green walks her into the office and drops her from the squad. All the girls think she didn’t catch Kimmy on purpose and they don’t trust her anymore, so she can’t lead the squad.

Bobbi runs to the showers and cries for a few minutes. Then she realizes that the water is way too hot and filling up the shower. She tries to open the door, but it’s sealed shut. She passes out and Corky is the one to find her dead body, practically floating in the showers. Gross. She also finds a silver megaphone charm, which she knows belongs to Kimmy, but puts it in her pocket and forgets about it.

Weeks later (I think this book takes place over an entire freaking year), Corky goes to the cemetery, to see her sister’s grave. She sticks her hands in her pockets and finds the charm. Realizing that it means Kimmy was involved, she runs to her house and finds her there with a bunch of the cheerleaders. She confronts them, but they tell her that Kimmy gave her charm to Jen, way before the “accident”.

Corky runs to Jen’s house and sees her driving away. She follows her to the cemetery and sees Jen walking to Sarah Fear’s grave and dancing. Jen announces that she’s actually Sarah Fear’s spirit and Jen died the night of the accident. She causes all the dirt to rise from the grave and pushes her in, but Corky uses her cheerleading training. She hits the inside, bounces back up and catches the side and pulls herself out.

Jen starts pouring this nasty crap out of her mouth that takes over Corky. The other cheerleaders show up, just in time to see all this going down. Corky realizes that it’s all the evil coming out of Jen, probably because it couldn’t take over her body. When it’s done, Jen collapses on the ground.

The cops show up and they tell them what happened. The cops don’t believe them though because Jen’s body is now dead and decomposing, exactly like it should have weeks/months before. Corky finally gets to go home, only to find Jen’s cheerleading pennant waiting for her in bed….

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Baby-Sitter’s Club #70: Stacey and the Cheerleaders

I’m a little confused by this book because I know that I read the series after Stacey met/started dating Robert, but I don’t remember this one. I also scrolled through some of the book titles that came later and none of them sound familiar. Plus I don’t remember Shannon being such a big member of the books, so maybe I stopped reading them earlier than I thought.

Anyway, in this book Mallory is out of the club because she has mono and Dawn has moved back to California, so Shannon is an alternate member. Stacey and Claudia are walking to school, when someone hits her with a snowball and she falls in the snow. Apparently she was wearing plum colored corduroy pants too, which sounds gross.

When she stands up, she sees the hottie RJ running after her. He apologizes and says that he was aiming for someone else and then walks her to her locker. RJ is on the basketball team and is a big deal at school because the team is undefeated. He asks her out in a really lame way and she agrees. Seriously, he says that Mall Chasers II is playing Friday night and he’ll pick her up. Nice.

Once people find out that she’s going out with RJ, everyone in school wants a piece of Stacey because she’s cool now too. Shelia, one of the cheerleaders, tells her that he liked her and hit her on purpose, even though he didn’t even know her name. The cheerleaders all think she’s the bomb now, while the BSC is kind of in shock.

So they finally go on their big date and of course it’s a disappointment. RJ just wants to talk about basketball and the movie is a huge bust. He makes fun of her for being on a diet and she doesn’t feel comfortable enough around him to actually tell him about her diabetes. But then they go to Pizza Express and sit with the popular kids and she starts having fun. She notices this guy Robert who’s on a date with another cheerleader and gets all flustered.

A few days later, she finds out that Robert actually thinks she’s cute and he’s not dating the cheerleader. He asks her out and then the cheerleaders suggest she try out for an opening on the squad. She asks Jessi for help and Jessi coordinates a dance routine and actually makes her practice.

The whole book though is really about Stacey getting trapped between the two groups. When she’s with the BSC, she keeps thinking about the popular girls and when she’s with the cheerleaders, she misses the club. The pops all think it’s crazy that she hangs out with the immature girls, like one girl can’t believe that they’re actually into boys or that any of them have been kissed. Um, doesn’t anyone realize that Logan and May Anne have been a couple for (what seems like) years? I find it hard to believe that the school is really that big!

The BSC can’t really believe that she wants to be a cheerleader, but at least they’re kind of supportive. I would totally smack Kristy though. They’re at a game and Stacey runs to congratulate Robert. Kristy can’t find her, so she stands on the bleachers, whistles super loud and then makes a big announcement about their slumber party in front of everyone.

Stacey and Robert start dating and even go on a double date with Mary Anne and Logan. When she tries out for the squad, she’s really good and everyone kind of applauds. Shelia even winks and gives her the thumbs up.

A few days later, she overhears the girls in the bathroom talking about her. The squad says they like her, but they don’t really like her little group and how she seems really nice. They finally announce that they gave the spot to someone else. One of the girls takes her aside and says they picked Kathleen because Stacey was too good and they didn’t want her showing them up. Of course she is.

Stacey runs to Robert and he kind of snaps. It turns out that the school is showing a lot of favoritism to basketball players and cheerleaders. Like Robert got a C on a paper he didn’t do, while someone in class put a lot of work into the paper and only got a C- grade. Plus they can leave class whenever they want to and do what they want. Robert goes to the coach and quit’s the team because of it all.

Later, someone writes an editorial in the paper, complaining about Robert. They say he only quit because he didn’t get to play as much as he wanted. The school launches an investigation and changes the way players are treated. The girls ask Stacey to join the squad and she turns them down. Then she and Robert write an editorial, expressing their joy in the changes at their school.

*Was your junior high like this? I don’t remember ever going to a junior high basketball game in school and the newspaper sure didn’t cover the games. I don’t think people really started caring about this crap until high school.

*Logan takes a baby-sitting job, after the club gets booked up. Kristy gives him her job, so she can sit at Shannon’s house.

*Shannon’s little sisters are fighting because Maria is now a star swimmer and Tiffany does nothing. Mary Anne helps her make a list of hobbies and she tries to do them all. Claudia then sits and tries to get her involved in art, but then realizes that she really loves flowers and gardening.

*Stacey wears new jeans and a flowered/scalloped edged/lace trimmed cardigan for her first date with Robert, plus flat suede ankle boots. Sounds like a lot going on.

*For her date with RJ, Stacey wears a black and white checked unitard, with a big black sweatshirt over it. Does that sound gross to anyone else?

*Stacey comments that Claudia looks formal in black pants with a leather belt, black flats and a white tuxedo shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Sounds like the most normal thing she ever wore to me!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sweet Valley High Magna Edition: Return of the Evil Twin

Oh my god! I was so excited when I saw this in a thrift store that I ripped it off the shelf and almost hit my boyfriend in the head. Thrift stores around here never have Sweet Valley High books. I occasionally see copies of the first five books, but seldom any of the others. I found this one and one I was missing, along with all the BSC books and Fear Street ones. Plus I never read this one before. Plus (confession time) I never knew this book existed until I started reading the recap blogs LOL.

So we’re back to that fateful New Year’s Eve night, number 17 I believe, when Liz almost died. The ambulance carrying Margo whisks off into the night, only to swerve off the road, stops and then starts up again. Oh-uh. But of course no one notices it happening. Isn’t that what happened in the Halloween movies?

Now it’s a brand new year and a few weeks away from New Year’s Eve, but the twins are still juniors in high school and the last year still happened. Jess is all annoyed because no one is planning a party, not even Lila. Liz is just happy to be alive and planning a relaxing night at home with Todd, a TV and popcorn. The twins are also working on a fundraising event for the hospital, but have no clue what to do. Ned tells them about a traveling circus that’s in town and Jess decides to hold a NYE party there to raise the money.

The book then jumps to Savannah, Georgia where Nora Chapelle is attending her dad’s funeral. She kind of seems like your typical southern belle, but others are gossiping about how she’s so cold and hasn’t cried. It turns out that her mom died when she was a baby and her dad married this woman Blanche who’s a real bitch.

Blanche gives Nora a check for $50,000, but only if she leaves town and never comes back. I love that she just sends a teenage girl off on her own. She also reveals that Nora’s mom was crazy and so too was her sister. What? Oh yeah, Nora has a twin Margo (duh-duh-duh) and Blanche convinced their dad to put her up for adoption. Apparently Margo was all crazy, biting and hitting other kids, though she never touched her sister. Blanche told him she was going to an upstanding family up north, but used her family connections to have her made a ward of the state in New York. What the hell, is it 1897?

Back in Sweet Valley, the teens are all meeting for a caroling party. Todd’s driving his dad’s old car, has an accident and almost goes off a cliff. Jessica takes too long getting ready and stumbles across the accident. She starts thinking about Sam and the accident last year and freaks out, but still manages to save Todd. Jess actually drags him through the car window.

Liz keeps having these weird feelings and sees the fireball, which is Todd’s car going over the cliff and exploding. She races off in Lila’s car and gets there in time to see the ambulance driving off. She goes to the hospital and sees Todd and Jess getting way too close. Everyone keeps thinking Jess and Todd are a couple, including the newspaper reporter who shows up, and they never correct anyone.

This is actually pretty lame because all of the sudden, Liz is convinced that Jessica wants Todd and he wants her. Every time they’re in the same room together, she thinks they have feelings for her. Jess accurately sums it up by saying, “what did she want me to do, leave him there?” And yeah, I think she would have been happier had you done that.

So Nora finds out all she can about Margo. She gets this whole big file of newspaper clippings, which is funny because there are a bunch of articles about Jessica and Liz. How would the guy who made the file, know to include that stuff? Plus apparently they discovered that she killed the kid in Cleveland and did all the other crap too.

At first she thinks Margo changed her looks and became Liz, then decides that she was probably Jessica. When she reads the rest of the clippings, she realizes that Margo is still alive and decides to head out to Sweet Valley. Oh and we discover that she has a Gemini symbol tattoo on her elbow.

Liz keeps getting pissed about Todd/Jessica. Their parents are so proud of her and Liz gets pissed because it was her boyfriend who almost died and no one is paying attention to her. You just know that if things were reversed, she’d be lapping up the attention. Plus the article hit’s the front page and says Girl saves boyfriend’s life or something like that, so everyone thinks it was Liz at first.

This is one of those books where Ken and Jess are still dating. Liz and Todd are going to the movies, but stop by the Dairi Burger and end up sitting with the whole gang. Jess and Todd keep telling the story over and over again and when he starts ignoring her, Liz asks Ken to go to the movies with her. Later Jess gets super upset because of their history and accuses Liz of stealing her date, so they stop talking yet again.

Ned and Alice apparently don’t pick up on this fact because they invite Ken and Todd over for Christmas Eve dinner. Todd gets all emotional, but keeps looking at Jessica and thinking about how beautiful she is and wondering why he never saw it before. He makes a big toast about her, Liz runs off and he can’t figure out what happened. Oh Todd.

Jess and Liz both start having dreams about Margo, which helps them make up and become friends again. Liz goes to the carnival and sees the fortune teller, who makes a comment about they’re being more than one of her. She points out her twin and the woman gets all mysterious about that not being what she meant. Oh-uh.

Meanwhile Nora is stalking the twins and follows them to the carnival. She then goes to the cemetery, where she’s attacked by someone. Turns out that it’s the very much alive Margo. Nora tells her about their past and invites her back to her hotel. Nora is obsessed with germs and keeping things clean and she doesn’t really seem to like Margo, but goes along with her. Turns out that Margo played dead and that the paramedics knew she was alive, so she killed them. Then she ran the ambulance off the road and escaped.

The new twins set about playing as the Wakefield twins, even sneaking into the house and talking to Ned and Alice. They decide that they must break up the twins if they hope to steal their lives. So Nora pretends to be Todd and goes to the movies with him. Liz sees them and thinks that she’s Jessica. Enid is with her and believes the same thing. Liz flips out on Jess, who was actually out with Ken, and they stop talking. She then goes to Todd’s, freaks out on him and runs off again.

Of course then the evil twins fight because both want to be Jessica. Margo thinks that she’s too wild and that’s why no one believed she was Liz. Nora really wants to be Jess and even says that it would be easier to convince people that Jess had a tattoo like hers, rather than Liz. Eventually she decides to just go along with it.

On New Year’s Eve, Jess makes one last ditch effort to make up with Liz, but it doesn’t work. Todd tries to talk to Enid, but she won’t even look at him because she thinks they saw him making out with Jessica. Jess and Ken hang out, but he won’t go in the hall of mirrors with her. She gets disoriented and later turns up, without the earrings she wore earlier…

Nora gets pissed off because she and Margo had plans to take over the twins that night and finally decides to do it herself. Since Margo isn’t involved, she’ll take over Jessica’s life anyway. She goes to the house and kills Jessica by slashing her with a huge knife. Liz has a nightmare that Jess needs her help and runs in, which causes Nora to run away.

Wait a second! Jessica is dead? Is this like when she died in that other dream? Liz tells everyone that she saw Margo there, but no one believes her because Margo is dead. Everyone is super sad over Jessica and keeps crying all the time. I actually got a little misty eyed when Lila was crying, plus Ken can’t even be around the gang. They decide to hold her service at the school because she was so into school pride. You know, except for that one time when she was going to transfer to the other school…and that time she blew off the school for a guy…and that time she was going to stay at college.

Anyway, Liz realizes that it was Margo she saw with Todd and kind of makes up with him. Then she reads a poem she wrote at the memorial service, but breaks down. She swears that Jess is still alive because she has a feeling, but no one believes her. Nora is getting all freaked out too because she knows that there’s only one twin now and she’s convinced Margo wants to kill her and become Liz.

Somehow Liz realizes that Jess is at the school. Some cops show up at their house, she steals a gun and runs back to the school. Nora is there and about to kill Jess when Liz shows up. Apparently Margo kidnapped Jess and held her hostage in the basement of the school…instead of just killing her. She figures out who Nora is and holds the gun on her until the cops get there. Jess is all shocked that Liz when which one was her, but it really isn’t that hard. Um, isn’t she the one covered in dirt/crap and wearing the clothes from the carnival?

Nora breaks down because she realizes that it was Margo she stabbed in the bed that night. She killed her twin. The cops show up, apologize for not believing her and arrest Nora. The book ends with Lila throwing a party for Jessica. Jessica gets to act all smug when she sees Todd and Liz together because she realizes that they’re just friends and there was never anything else between them. Except when she tried to steal him…and they dated after Sam died…and earlier in this book.