Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fear Street Super Chiller: The New Year’s Party (R.L. Stine)

So the book opens up with a party back in 1965. Beth is all excited because she just got a new pair of white boots, even though they pinch her toes. She starts flirting with this guy Todd who totally wants to make out, but she won’t because there’s people watching. She then gets pissed because some guys are picking on her brother Jeremy and Todd doesn’t really give a shit.

Two guys in masks rush in and demand everyone’s wallets and jewelry. When no one moves, one of them grabs Jeremy and holds gun to his head. He pulls the trigger, but it’s actually some fucked up joke played by her best friend Karen, who’s throwing the party. Beth demands to know why she did that to her brother, especially since everyone picks on him anyway.

Beth chases Jeremy outside, but he won’t listen because he’s tired of all this crap. Kind of agree with him on that one. He runs off in his car, so she jumps in with him. Jeremy drives like a maniac through the snow and ice and accidentally hits someone. Beth first tries to convince him it was an animal, then threatens him by saying the cops will lock him up. Just then, they crash into a snow bank!

The book then jumps to the present day. Reenie, our heroine, is hanging with some of her friends. They’re working on some trig projects and she’s bitching because her boyfriend hasn’t shown up. Her best friend Greta gets into a mild fight with her boyfriend Artie, just so Reenie can tell us that Artie is a slacker and Greta is a prep. There’s also Ty, some hot new guy at school.

Reenie goes to her closet and Sean (boyfriend) falls out dead. Turns out that it’s a big joke and they’re always doing this crap to each other. What happened to the days of making out? Then it jumps to Reenie listening to Greta bitch about Artie. Apparently he doesn’t want to college, just wants to get a job and hang out with a bunch of “losers”.

Reenie then sees someone breaking into her locker and freaks out. The girl (Liz) is a new student who read her locker number wrong. She has everyone meet her brother PJ and then Reenie finds Ty hiding in her locker. He goes gaga for Liz and walks her to class.

Everyone goes to the Burger Basket where Ty and Sean work. Artie shows up with his loser friend Marc and makes everyone go for a ride. Marc takes them to the middle of nowhere and then falls off a cliff. Reenie looks over, falls down and slides out onto the ice. Sean manages to rescue her, even though she falls in the water. Turns out that Marc was playing a big prank on them. Nice.

A few days later, Reenie talks to Liz about PJ. Apparently he’s pretty sick and has a bunch of health problems, so people think he’s a wuss. Gee, this sounds like someone I know…Artie then drives Reenie off in Marc’s car, but gets into an accident. I so wouldn’t hang out with this guy anymore. PJ was driving the other car and this is the perfect chance for Artie to go off on him, especially since Greta seems to have a crush on him.

We then get a whole scene of Greta whining about how bad Artie sucks. Uh, just break up with him already. You’re in high school, not married. Then we get another Artie/PJ scene. Apparently Artie wanted to make PJ look bad so he asked him to spot him. He took too much weight and PJ couldn’t help, so he dropped them on his chest. You totally deserved that!

Reenie decides to throw a party since her parents are going out of town. Artie then announces that he and Marc have a plan for PJ. Marc asked this hot girl Sandi to ask PJ to be her date at the party. She’ll kiss him, pretend to die and they’ll all have a laugh. Reenie feels guilty for about 3.2 seconds and then gets over it. Sandi does her little bit at the party, but *gasp*, PJ actually has a heart attack and dies.

Then we go back to the past. Jeremy and Beth can’t find any trace of the guy they hit, so they run to get help. No one notices them or stops when they wave for help. Then they go to a house, but no one answers the door. Beth sees the curtain move, but no one comes out. They go back to the car, see two bodies inside and realize that they’re dead. That doesn’t stop Jeremy from being a dumbass and trying to climb back inside himself.

Back to the present day, with Reenie trying to do CPR. They hear a car coming, so they hide PJ’s body in the basement. Someone calls 911 and they troop down to the basement, but he’s gone. The cops show up and they tell him that it was all a prank. They think PJ faked being dead (wasn’t his body cold?). Liz calls later and tells Reenie that PJ never came home…

Liz starts acting weird, crying all the time but they still think it was a joke. They do find out that the cops know he didn’t come home and found his coat in the Fear Street woods, but they still swear it was a hoke. Reenie and Greta go see Artie at Marc’s house. They go outside and find Marc dead, his head turned all the way around.

A few days later, Reenie goes to the Burger Basket and runs into Sandi, stopping by to see Ty. Sorry bitch, he has a gal. Sandi wanders off alone and they find her shoved in a trash can, her head twisted around just like Marc. Everyone talks about the murders and think Liz knows something, so they elect Reenie to go talk to her. Liz acts like a bitch, but then turns around and invites her to a new year’s eve party.

They go to her house for the party, planning to escape early and go to a better party. They find the room decorated in black and Liz freaks out when Greta touches a yearbook from 1965. Liz cries, but then says she plans on killing them all, instead of taking her time like she did before. Liz says she killed the other two because they helped kill PJ. Sean and Liz get into a fight, but then PJ shows up and says he wants to watch them die.

Liz is stabbed and everyone is shocked because she doesn’t bleed. Surprise, surprise, it’s the same two from the 1960s. Liz tells them that they died because some mean kids played a prank on Jeremy and now they’ve done the same thing. Um no, you died because your brother drives like a spaz. Liz goes all psycho, but then Ty pops up and admits that he’s the boy Jeremy hit with his car. Yeah, he totally deserves to be more pissed then them. He grabs them at midnight, smoke spings around and they disappear. Then because he’s a moron, Sean tells everyone Happy New Year. You suck man.