Friday, November 4, 2011

Sweet Valley High Super Thriller: On the Run

The big story across the country involves a drug kingpin. One man agreed to testify against him, but he ended up dead. Then his doctor (Dr. Ryan) stepped forward, with a letter the man sent him, explaining how the drug operation worked and what the drug lord did. Apparently in the 1980s, this was enough evidence to put someone away for good.

The newspaper gets a new intern (in the middle of summer?), named Darcy. She’s exactly like Jess and pretty much hates Liz from the moment she meets her. Darcy and Liz both meet Eric, a new guy working in the coffee shop downstairs. Eric is serious, quiet and loves writing. For some reason he’s the perfect guy for Darcy, who is spoiled, snotty and only thinks about clothes.

Liz spends some time with Eric and really likes him, though of course she doesn’t mention that she has an out of town boyfriend. They go out a few times, share poems and stuff they write and generally like each other. Liz doesn’t tell anyone and Darcy gets pissed off because he isn’t falling at her feet. Then Darcy calls back home to Ohio where she lived before and learns that a guy killed a teen girl.

For some reason she and Jess think it might be Eric. Darcy gets a description of the suspected killer, which sounds like 500 other teen guys: tall, dark hair and dark eyes. Jess pretends to be Liz to ask Eric for his notebook, hoping there’s evidence inside. She gets creeped out when he reveals how close he actually is to Liz. Then she gets held up on the way home and the shadowy guy just takes the notebook.

Liz kind of pulls away from Eric because she thinks he has a thing for Darcy. All because Darcy stole a poem from him and made him say he wrote it for her. They clear things up and kiss. Ned invites him and his dad over for dinner and she spends 700 hours getting ready. Her dad’s friend keeps thinking his dad looks familiar and won’t let it drop.

Darcy and Jess meet some peeps at the Dairi Burger and Eric shows up. He learns about Jeffery and runs off in a fit. Jess runs home to warn Liz, but she’s gone to spend the weekend with Enid. She leaves her a note, warning her about Eric. Apparently Enid and her mom have a never mentioned before or again cat named Muffy, which eats the note. Eric stands Liz up and she freaks out, worrying about him.

She plans on talking to him on Monday, but has to do some work. A little girl gets food stuck in her throat and Jess runs to get help. Eric’s dad pops up and runs into the cafĂ©. He gives the girl an emergency tracheotomy. Liz arrives, just in time to learn that he’s actually Dr. Ryan. He apologizes to the girls, but tells them that they have to leave right away.

Liz stops by their house to say goodbye and is trapped there when the “bad guys” show up. They lock them in a room upstairs, until they have a chance to kill them. Liz realizes they have a Good Neighbor alarm system and pushes the button. She explains that the alarm goes to six houses and the police station. The neighbor calls and if they don’t get the password, the cops come. Dr. Ryan doesn’t believe people are actually that nice.

The neighbor calls and when he doesn’t get the password, a whole group of neighbors show up. They jump on multiple men holding guns and somehow manage to subdue them until the cops get there. Ryan decides to take his sun and escape town, with the help of the witness protection program. Liz learns that Eric’s real name is Michael, he gives her his book of poems, they kiss and he leaves. She goes home and cries by herself. She reads his poems and decides that she needs to talk to Jeffery about her feelings and that she’ll never forget Eric. Yeah right.