Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sweet Valley High #5: All Night Long

Jessica is obsessed with Scott, an older guy who’s either 18 or 21. They mention that he’s 18, but Liz thinks he’s older and Jess lied about his age so their parents wouldn’t worry. Both girls were invited to a beach party with his friends, but their parents put their foot down…for once. Jess lies and says she’s going out with Cara, but actually goes to his party.

The party itself is fairly lame, with a bunch of college kids sitting on the beach, drinking beer and gossiping. Jess tries to play it cool and make everyone like her, but then realizes that they all know she’s too young for him. They do pass around a joint and Jess is all shocked.

Scott takes her out into the woods and she willingly goes along, just wearing a bikini, which proves she learned nothing from her relationship with Bruce. He puts the moves on her, she refuses and he makes a comment about her being too young before ditching her there. She eventually finds her way out, but he’s too drunk to drive her back and hides the keys, leaving her stuck all night.

Liz is incredibly worried about her twin because they have a test to be tour guides in the summer and Jess is going to miss the test. Jess manages to call, saying she’ll be there in time for the test, as long as Liz covers for her. Liz dresses up like Jess and passes herself off as her twin to their mom, then goes to school where everyone thinks she’s Jessica.

She takes her test and then runs into Todd. They have a big fight about her constantly covering for Jessica and they seemingly breakup. She runs into Cara and makes up a story about Scott being an ass, her telling him off and then pushing him into the lake and of course Cara spreads the story all across the school.

Liz has to take Jessica’s test and she manages to show up just in time for cheerleading practice. The next day they discover that Liz passed her test, but failed Jessica’s and because her sister is such a bitch, she blames her for everything. Liz gets depressed because her sister and boyfriend hate her. Luckily she makes up with Todd and they get back at Jess by not asking her for ice cream with them. Ooh, burn. Then the twins make up when Jessica gets the chance to retake her test. Yay for happy endings?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sweet Valley Confidential

I just finished reading the first chapter of Sweet Valley Confidential. If you sign up as a "Super Fan", the publisher emails a copy to you. Actually, if you're like me, you register/sign up, watch it say that you registered, wait around for a day without getting anything and then go back to the site. Register again, watch as you get a message thanking you for updating your information and then (and only then) get the chapter emailed to you. Seems like a lot of work for something I was kind of disappointed with.

Maybe it's working as a writer. Granted I do non-fiction and will never reach the level of success (or money!) as Ms. Pascal, but I do understand passive voice...and I read a couple of them in the one chapter that made my head hurt. Hopefully those disappear before the book comes out.

Plus, I wasn't crazy about Liz and orgasms in the first chapter. Yes they're all grown up now, but the Liz we knew and loved wasn't so gung ho about sex talk. Now she's contemplating screwing a guy, just so she doesn't have to talk and being all besties with Bruce Patman. Anyone remember how in the SVU series, she still thought he was an ass and never even shared a scene with him? Wherever he is, I hope he's with Lila and not contemplating a "reunion" with Liz!

And I never thought I'd say it, but reading the chapter, made me miss Jessica...

Fear Street: The Runaway (R.L. Stine)

Felicia is sitting in sometime of biology/psychology lab at the community college, trying to move things with her mind. Apparently she has some kind of psychic power, which she inherited from her dad and her mean old aunt made her enroll in the project after her dad died. Everyone is super worried because she doesn’t really have a handle on her power.

She makes that pretty clear when she gets pissed off at the doctor in charge and shoots a pencil into his eye. She starts screaming because she can see it so clearly in her mind, but the doctor keeps yelling at her and when she looks up, the pencil is stuck in the wall. Psycho much? I honestly have a hard time remembering what part is a flashback and which part they tell at the beginning so let’s just explain what happened.

Felicia runs into her friend Debbie, who’s also in the project even though she doesn’t display any psychic powers. Debbie is super jealous and keeps pouting because Felicia has powers that she doesn’t have. They stop by an old abandoned house and Debbie keeps goading her into giving off a display of her powers.

Felicia eventually snaps and let loose, but lets loose with too much power. The house explodes and they run off, but then see the cars of two classmates in the back. They run into the house and discover their bodies in the rubble. Debbie shows up the next day and tells Felicia to get out of town because the police talked to the doctor and now they’re on the way to her house. She gives Felicia her car and she takes off, but then her emotions go haywire and she causes the car to explode.

Felicia finds herself hitchhiking alongside the road, when a guy nicknamed Killer picks her up. He decides that no one gets a free ride and tries to attack her, which brings out her power. She runs away from his car and gets picked up by Nick. He’s nice and cute, but she kind of blows him off because she doesn’t want to get too close to anyone.

She ends up at a late night coffee shop where she hears two guys complaining. One guy offered to take care of his professor’s house for a month for $100 and forgot that he was suppose to take a trip with his friend. Felicia pretends like the professor is a friend of her dad’s and cons the guy into letting her do the job. He gives her the house key and after some prodding, half the money.

So Felicia has lots of powers and no one’s looking for her, which logically means she should enroll in high school! She cons the principal into thinking her transcripts got lost and starts taking classes. She runs into Nick again and he takes her out for a burger after school, but then introduces her to his girlfriend Zan. Felicia ends up taking a job at the same burger shop where they work.

Now she has a place to stay and some new friends, but she can’t stop thinking about what happened and she gets a big ole crush on Nick. He wants to know about her past and she tells him that she ran away from home. He keeps giving her mixed signals, like he’s all into her one minute and then saying he loves Zan.

Zan invites Felicia over for a sleepover and the girls bond over food and movies. When Zan goes to the bathroom, Felicia flips through her yearbook and finds a picture of a guy with his face blacked out. She asks Zan about any exes, but she claims that she and Nick have dated since freshman year. She checks the yearbook at school and finds that it was another guy she dated and one that happens to be dead.

Felicia starts getting cryptic notes from someone claiming to know the truth about her. She finally turns to Nick for help and he kisses her, but then tells her that Zan has some problems. A lot of people blame her for the other guy’s death because it happened at her house and she went to an institution for awhile.

The burger shop catches on fire one day and Felicia feels guilty because she thinks her power did it when she got pissed off. She stays until everyone gets out of the building and the survivors tell the news that the girl seemed to hold the fire back with her mind. Everyone is also a little suspicious because she totally took off afterwards.

Zan interrupts one of their private moments and he calms her by saying she’s the only one for him and he’s not interested in Felicia. The next day they’re talking in the hallway when Zan comes out of nowhere with a big ass knife and tries to kill her. She rants about sending her the notes and how the only way she can be with Nick is to kill her. Nick saves the day.

Felicia decides that she has to get out of town, but then decides she can’t leave until she gets the picture of her dad put back inside her locker. Of course she runs into someone and it turns out to be Debbie. Debbie tries to kill Felicia because she had it made when she left, but the story about the fire tipped her off that it was her.

Apparently Debbie does have powers, but she kept it a secret. She caused the house to explode because she was in love with their classmate and she then blew up the car, thinking it would kill Felicia. The two girls fight and Felicia directs all her power right at Debbie’s brain and she drops like a bag of bricks.

The epilogue follows Nick and Felicia talking about what happened. She says that Debbie now in some kind of a trance that the doctors can’t figure out and they don’t know if she’ll ever come out of it. Nick says that Zan is back in the institution and hopefully they can give her the help they need. How can one book with two psycho bitches be so boring?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet Valley High #59: In Love Again

Todd and Elizabeth are now back together again, but things are soooo different now. Todd doesn’t even go to Sweet Valley High! It’s kind of funny because the whole book seems to be about how Liz can’t fit in with all his friends, but then she never even tries. She basically just wants Todd to tell his dad to stuff it and come back to school with her.

At the beginning of the book, she’s kind of/sort of trying to be the good girlfriend. They meet after school every night, but it’s also kind of selfish on her part. Supposedly Lovett Academy where Todd now goes, is an hour away. So basically he drives an hour home, immediately meets her, spends a few hours with her, does his homework and goes to bed because he has to get up early. But Liz talks about how it’s such a drain on her because she doesn’t have enough time.

They both end up getting in trouble because Todd skipped out on three basketball practices to meet with her and his coach told him if he misses one more, he’s off the team. Liz left a meeting for The Oracle early and then Penny got all disappointed because her latest article had four typos when it went to print. Um, isn’t Penny, you know, the editor? Isn’t it her job to check for shit like that? Since I work as a writer, I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.

They decide to cut back on the amount of time they spend together, but promise that it won’t hurt if they only see each other on the weekends and talk at night. Cut to three days later when Liz tells him that she feels like he’s back in Vermont because they never see each other. Oh cry me a river Liz. Maybe you should have held onto Jeffery!

Liz acts kind of snotty about the kids at Todd’s new school, but when he calls her on it, she acts like she didn’t mean it. She goes to a big party at the country club, held by Courtney who hates her and completely ignores everyone at the party to talk to the one person she knows. Yeah because that’s not snotty at all. Then she has the nerve to call the other girls snobby and stuck up, even though she makes absolutely no effort.

Courtney’s dad owns a radio station and they plan on doing a battle of the schools thing, which includes Lovett and Sweet Valley High. She kind of insinuates to people that her dad will let them when, though he states outright that he won’t. The winner of the competition gets to pick a group of kids to appear in a new shoe commercial.

The competition itself seems kind of lame. There’s a relay race, where kids balance an egg on a spoon and have a three-legged race and a quiz bowl, stuff like that. Liz decides that she wants to compete on one of the athletic teams and gets picked for the relay race…with Jeffery. Uh-oh. Then, despite the fact that they don’t even ask who does what best, Liz gets selected to climb a rope on a wall and then can’t fucking do it. Seriously? Ken Matthews is on the relay team and seems better suited for this, then carrying an egg on a spoon.

Todd meets her after school, which doesn’t make sense because he shows up when classes end, but drove down from his school. It turns out that he got picked for his school’s relay team so they’re competing against each other. In a great move, Ken throws Todd out for being a competitor and then Todd asks Liz to drop out and support him. I bet Jeffery never would have asked that.

Liz and Todd meet a few days later and somehow get into a huge fight. He keeps talking about his school, his new friends and basically his life, but Liz interrupts and says that she wants to hear all about him. He points out that he was doing that and she doesn’t really care what he does. In the end, they break up and she starts moping all the time.

The side story involves Jessica suddenly deciding that she wants to go to private school. She blows off all her friends, just to study for the entrance exam. Enid points out that she can’t dress wildly at Lovett, which is the only thing she worries about. She won’t take part in the competition and actually cheers for the other school.

Then she visits Lovett for an interview and discovers that the school actually cares about grades. She gets sad when she realizes that she can’t goof around with her friends anymore. She decides that it will all be worth it when she sees a couple of cute guys and realizes that they’ll be her classmates. Yes guys, Jessica has apparently run out of cute guys at Sweet Valley High…for the next three days.

During the quiz competition, she notices that there’s something weird going on with the curtain on the stage. That would be Courtney, who’s sending answers to the teammates from her school. Jess stops her, Courtney threatens her and Jess decides that she doesn’t want to go to school with people like that. Jess has the high ground because it’s been at least three days since she cheated.

The two schools are tied and it all comes down to the relay race. Liz and Todd both have to climb the rope, which is conveniently the last part of the event. Courtney cut the rope though and Liz falls on her ass. She hurts her leg, but Todd runs over and they make up, so it’s all good. The schools decide to do a tug of war to determine the winner, Jess takes Liz’s place and they win. Big surprise.

Jess tells everyone at school that she changed her mind about leaving and they all think it’s because she wants to be in the commercial, probably. The book ends with Amy drooling over Ken Matthews. Hey, I remember how that ends…

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Master of Murder (Christopher Pike)

Marvin is your average high school student, except for the fact that the 17 year old is a world famous author of books for teens. His latest series follows a young girl named Ann, who’s found dead, floating in the lake. He only has one book left to write, but it’s four months behind and his publishers are freaking out because they want it done now.

Part of the reason for his writer’s block is Shelly. They dated a year ago, but she was also dating Harry. He was found dead, she broke things off with Marvin and barely talked to him since. He reads a short story for creative writing class about a frog named Seymour who wanted to fly. The frog filled his lungs with air, flew into the air and when he tried to get more air into his lungs, he exploded. The birds ate him and carried him off, letting the frog fly like a bird. He then asks Shelly out and she agrees, telling him not to wait so long next time.

Marvin picks up his little sister Ann (does Pike know any other female names?) and checks his mail. Both their parents are alcoholics and he takes care of his sister because no one else will. He tells her he has a date with Shelly and she makes it clear that he doesn’t like the girl, but can’t say why.

They take his mail back to his house, where there’s a fairly long part about getting naked pictures from readers. That’s kind of gross considering that these are teen girls sending pics to a writer they think is middle aged. He finds a letter with a local postmark and a note inside saying, I know who you are. This should bother him, but it doesn’t because he has his date.

He picks Shelly up, they go out for dinner and a movie and then go back to her house because her parents are gone for the week. After some flirting, they decide to take a dip in the hot tub, sans suits. Shelly fills the tub with bubble bath because she’s shy about him seeing her naked. At the end of the night, she asks him to do some research into Harry’s death and he agrees.

The police said that Harry committed suicide by jumping off a cliff, but Marvin finds some weird stuff, like a series of rubbed/burn marks on the coat he wore that night, which his mom held onto for some weird reason. He goes to the bridge that crosses the water and discovers a piece of rope and some other clues, which puts it all together in his mind.

Harry was supposedly okay with Shelly dating Marvin because teenage boys love their girlfriends whoring around with another guy. He strung a rope across the bridge one night when Marvin was out with her. He tied himself to the other end and hid on the side of the bridge. He planned on lifting the rope when they crossed, causing him to go off, but something happened that caused Harry to die instead. Marvin finds that someone coated the rope with oil.

Marvin gets few more notes from his secret admirer before going to see Shelly to tell her what he discovered. Instead he finds her in the hot tub with Triad, Harry’s best friend. They’ve gone out a few times, but she made it seem like it was all over. Now she’s naked and doing some non-PG stuff with Triad. She also tells him that she’ll break her date with Marvin for the following night so they can spend more time together.

Marvin goes home, where he ends up in a fight with his dad. He hits him twice before Ann pushes him off, begging him to stop. He runs away and checks into a motel, thinking the whole time about how he nearly “killed” his dad. Two punches is not going to kill someone buddy. He comes up with a plan to get back at Shelly and decides to go through with it after she does break their date.

He drives to a car dealership where he buys a brand new Corvette right from the showroom. Then he heads to Sears to get the same stuff Harry once bought and stops by a bookstore. He ends up telling two girls that his Mack Slade, the big deal writer, but they don’t really believe him. Then he calls Triad and makes plans to sell him his motorcycle.

Marvin drives to the hotel and leaves the helmet with the owner, telling him that a friend will pick it up later. He sells Triad his bike and then goes to the bridge, where he sets things up just like Harry did. He hears Triad drive over the bridge and then waits for him to come back. He gets ready to raise the rope, but then realizes Shelly is on the back of the bike and yells out a warning.

Triad stops the bike, figures out what’s going on and snaps. It turns into a big showdown between the two of them, with Triad stepping on his fingers and pushing him over so he can’t come back up. Shelly begs him to stop, saying that they’ll go to the cops, but he keeps trying to untie Marvin’s rope. Marvin finally does get away, but Triad then threatens to kill Shelly by slitting her throat. Marvin makes a stand and tells him to do whatever he wants, then tells Shelly that it’s time for the heroine to fight back before getting on his bike and driving off.

Marvin checks into a hotel, rents a computer and calls his editor, saying that the book’s almost done. He writes the whole thing in two days (ha-ha) and then gets his people to setup a book signing at his high school, which is the first time he ever reveals himself in public. He does the signing, gets a bunch of phone numbers from girls who never gave him the time of day before and feels disappointed because Shelly didn’t show up. No one has heard from her since the night on the bridge.

Marvin goes back to the bridge and she shows up, holding a knife. She acts kind of shady about everything, but he still has feelings for her. They talk about what happened and how it all went down. Harry and Triad were both trying to kill Marvin because they both loved Shelly. Harry tried to stop when he saw Shelly with him, but Triad didn’t want anyone to have her if she wasn’t with him so he killed Harry.

She asked Marvin for help because she thought he was the one that killed Harry, based on his books. He tells her that he didn’t even realize that he was writing about what happened, even though he came up with the idea a few days after Harry died. She kind of threatens him with the knife and says that she’ll let him have the knife if he kisses her and gives her a piece of his profits.

The epilogue talks about Marvin going to California to meet with some movie guys who want to make his books into movies and then going to New York to finally meet his agent and publishers. He thinks it will be a great trip because he has Shelly by his side and he realizes that he loved her all along.

Okay, a few comments. First of all, Shelly is a huge bitch! She cheats on Harry with Marvin, then on Triad with Marvin and then on Marvin with Triad. She goes whatever way the wind blows and only cares about herself. Yet the whole book is about how Marvin is trying to protect her and do whatever it takes to make her his girlfriend. It’s ridiculous!

My other comment is on his “books”. He says at one point that it takes 3 months for the book to get through editing and advertising, but that he’s published FIVE books in the last year and only started writing after Harry died. Even Pike wasn’t pumping out five books a year back then and Patterson, who has his name on everything, doesn’t put out five books a year. He was taking care of his sister, going to high school full-time and yet somehow managed to find time to write the books too? It really doesn’t make sense.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Point Horror: Twins (Caroline B. Cooney)

Mary Lee and Madrigal are twin sisters and best friends, up to the point when their parents decide to send Mary Lee (ML from here on out) to a private boarding school. ML expects her sister to stick up for her and refuse the separation, but Madrigal thinks it’s a good idea. ML feels all crappy because she thinks her parents hate her, but goes anyway.

She hates the school and withdraws from everyone, to the point where her roommates and classmates start ignoring her and think she’s weird. She goes home and learns that her twin now has her own life, including a boyfriend. She doesn’t want him to see her at all because she wants him to think of her as unique. Then Madrigal comes for a visit and wows all of her classmates, who think she’s so cool.

They all go skiing and she loans ML her own cool ski outfit. The lift breaks and Madrigal falls to her death, but because of her clothes, everyone thinks it was ML. She tries to tell everyone who she really is, but they think she’s in shock. When her own parents can’t tell the difference, she decides to pretend that she’s her sister because her twin had a better life.

Once ML gets back to school, she realizes that Madrigal didn’t have as great a life as she thought. She does have a boyfriend John Pear, which makes me laugh. It feels like someone heard John Pierre wrong or some other French name and wrote this down instead. He talks about how he’s glad her twin is dead because now she’s the only one and wipes her tears into a little vial that he wears around his neck.

She also learns that other people in school don’t like her and most people are afraid of her. Her own friend Scarlett won’t come near her because she thinks that she’s Madrigal and her crush Vince wants nothing to do with her either so she ends up spending more time with John Pear. He makes plans to pick her up that night and take her to their special place.

He drives them to another school where they pick up Katy, a younger girl. He then drives her to the crappy part of the “city”. It turns out that their special place and special thing involves leaving girls in the middle of the ghetto and watching them freak out. They did it to Scarlett and now he wants to do it to Katy. When ML freaks out, he pushes her out of the car. Eventually he lets both girls back in and convinces Katy that it was all a joke.

ML decides that she wants nothing to do with John Pear because he’s evil. He refuses to listen because he knows what things were like before and she tells him that he isn’t good. He asks her to name one good person and when she picks Vince, he thinks she has a crush on him. He claims that he’ll do something awful at their winter carnival/sleigh days thing and she gets super worried.

John Pear goes after Vince and ML confesses that she’s not Madrigal. Scarlett believes her because of the look in her eyes and John Pear runs off in shame. She goes home and her parents confess that they knew the truth all along, but wanted to let her come to them. Apparently Madrigal was an evil child who hated her twin. They saw the way she looked at ML and decided to send her away before her sister killed her.

She goes back to the winter carnival, feeling a lot better about her life because now she has friends and parents who love her. She finds a large group of kids surrounded John Pear with sharp icicles. They plan on killing him and making him feel the way he made all those girls feel. ML tries to calm them all down by saying she doesn’t want them to be like him.

A young boy falls through the ice and all the teens bond together to help him escape. ML literally jumps in the icy water and pulls him out. When the authorities arrive, she looks around for John Pear and discovers him dead under the water. She looks at the other teens and realizes that they killed him while she was trying to save the little boy. She feels terrible, but stands proud because she didn’t take part.

Uh, what? This book was just…odd. First of all, if her parents were so worried, then why didn’t they send Madrigal to a psychiatrist or something? Or why not send her away to school and keep the good twin? Why did she switch clothes with her twin and what was she planning? I just have so many unanswered questions after finishing this one.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Point Horror: The Watcher (Lael Littke)

Catherine Belmont is obsessed with her favorite soap opera, Lost River. We know this because right when the book opens, she and her best friend Liz are preparing to run across town to Anderson’s Appliances, to watch the show. She usually tapes the show and watches it later, but her VCR broke so she’s stuck running over everyday at lunch.

Apparently Catherine loves Cassandra Bly, the heroine of the show. As she runs off today, her friend/neighbor Kade decides that he really wants to see what the show is about. He picks on her, makes fun of her, but also makes it clear that he kind of likes her. That night, he even comes over and offers to fix her VCR for her.

Unfortunately, Catherine is also kind of a loser. She keeps imagining herself in the soap opera and practicing her smiles or walks, like people are watching her at home. At the same time, Lost River is doing a new storyline where Cassandra is stalked by a figure in a dark robe, who keeps leaving her red roses.

Catherine heads home from school and spots a box inside the park. When she gets closer, she falls in a hole and realizes that someone dug the hole and covered it with leaves so someone would fall into it. Then she realizes that the box is actually a makeshift tombstone with the initials CB on the front.

The next day, she wanders over to the appliance store to watch the show. Suddenly the very sexy Travis shows up. I like to picture him as a young Dylan McKay for some reason, but that’s just me. He tells her that he used to watch the show when he hurt his leg and got laid up for a year. He also tells her that she looks a whole lot like Cassandra from the show. They flirt for awhile until Britny (yes that’s how they spell it) shows up. She and Travis have been friends for years and she hates Catherine. Something to do with a cheerleading spot. She makes fun of Catherine, before dragging Travis off.

Catherine goes home, takes a nap and wakes up to find a red rose. Thinking it was Kade, she does a sexy little dance for him and tosses the rose over the porch railing. When she leans against it, it collapses and she nearly falls to her death. To make things worse, Kade says he didn’t leave the flower.

Kade fixed the VCR in his electronics class so now she can watch the show at home. She runs home and watches the first episode, drooling over Cassandra getting taken care of by the hot doctor. It switches to a commercial, the screen gets grainy and then it segues into her experience at the park.

Catherine freaks out and calls Liz, but when she gets there, the tape is fine. She decides that Kade must have screwed with it, so she decides to get him back. Liz cuts her hair short, like Cassandra’s and she mopes around the house. They pretend Catherine went off the deep end and scare the shit out of Kade.

Travis of course loves her new hair and invites himself over to her house to watch the next episode. They curl up on the couch, order pizza and not make out. What the fuck? Make out with Dylan already! I mean Travis! That night, she tells her mom about her new beau and mom kind of flips out. She starts freaking out over the name Travis, but then calms down and pretends it didn’t happen. In case you’re wondering, good old mom is a single parent and works long hours, so she’s rarely ever home.

Catherine goes back to school, where she has a special cheerleading meeting in the school auditorium. The lights go out, someone hits her from behind and she almost gets kidnapped. Not surprisingly, Cassandra is also in the midst of a kidnapping storyline on Lost River. She gets away and discovers that the other girls got a note, telling them not to meet her.

She goes home and remembers hearing her mom digging through the closet. She finds an old photo album, opens it up and sees a photo of Travis inside. She flips out for about five seconds before she remembers that the photo is probably twenty years old. Travis comes over and tells her that he had an uncle who was murdered years ago.

Mrs. Belmont shows up and kind of flips when she sees Travis. Then she calms down and tells them her story. Years ago she was friends with a guy named Joe, who thought they were more than friends. She met Travis’s uncle TJ and they fell in love at first sight (insert scene here, where Travis smiles at Catherine, remembering how he fell in love with her the same way). Joe freaked out, but they thought he was all talk. Then he showed up one night after a dance and shot TJ. She starts crying again and asks Travis not to tell his mom that she’s there. Um, if that shit happened to me, I’d be long gone from the town. Plus, is TJ Catherine’s dad? Because that makes things really yucky.

Catherine finally stops suspecting Travis, but then good old Liz shows up. She tells her that Britny told her Travis went off the deep end last year. He got really dark, started stalking people and acting funny. Eventually he was institutionalized. Kade pops up long enough to freak her out, saying that he’s been watching her and that he’ll keep watching her.

She goes back to the auditorium and talks to the stage manager. No one else was supposed to be there the day she was attacked, so she wants to know who had keys to get inside. Turns out that our guy Travis was on the list. Travis swears that someone stole his key and he thinks it was Britny because she was alone in his car, with his keys, before it happened.

Catherine goes home, where someone jumps out of the shadows and covers her head with a black cloth. They drag her off and when they pull off the hood, she sees Liz. Liz? No! She stole Travis’s keys when Britny had them and also stole his keys to his family cabin. She tells Catherine that they’re going to watch the episode tomorrow and see her fate.

Apparently the actress playing Cassandra wants to go do movies, so everyone knows that they’re going to kill off her character. Liz feeds her a TV dinner, giggling about what will happen. She also confesses that her mom was Joe’s brother. Ah, family revenge! Catherine’s mom ruined her mom, so she’s going to ruin her. Got that?

Catherine manages to cut through her ropes with an old nail, as they watch the show. The kidnapper is revealed as Cassandra’s ex and they have a fight to the death, only she manages to survive and kill him. Liz starts screaming, they fight and Catherine gets to the telephone. Just then, Kade and Travis arrive, having figured it all out. She hits Liz in the head with a poker and they subdue her further, while they wait for the police.

Travis makes a joke about watching the show tomorrow and she says she’ll never watch it again. They walk off holding hands and miss the end of the episode. They miss seeing the ex’s hand coming up, as he stares off after Cassandra….

Actually, not too bad given that I haven’t read this book since I was 14 lol