Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Baby-Sitters Club #52: Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies

SMS is hosting a Modern Living class, where kids are paired together in fake marriages. On the second day of class, everyone gets an egg and must pretend that it’s a real baby. Mary Anne is naturally paired with Logan and she thinks it’s the perfect project for them. Then they learn that they can’t afford to rent an apartment and would have to live with one of their parents. Plus Logan keeps hogging the “baby” and making her feel like crap.

The kids have to keep track of their eggs at all times and keep a diary of feedings, changes and all that stuff. Mary Anne takes the egg with her when she has to sit for twins and ends up feeling overwhelmed. She has to call Dawn in to help because the twins won’t stop crying. Dawn has to walk one kid, while she feeds the other and keeps an eye on her egg.

Logan decides that Mary Anne can’t cope and starts taking the egg home all the time. They finally decide to take a night off and go to the movies, but can’t find a sitter. They get stuck taking the egg with them and Mary Anne drops it under her chair. He freaks out and takes it home yet again. They stop talking for awhile, but get over it when two kids in their class actually do lose their egg.

The teacher has everyone write up a final report, detailing the future of their egg. Their egg moves to NYC to take a publishing job, while Kristy’s stays and opens a garage. Dawn and Mary Anne originally wanted their parents to have a baby, but decide that it’s way too much work. Their parents do offer to let them get another pet, but they want to just relax for awhile.

*Holy crap! In Stoneybrook, a two-bedroom apartment costs $2,000 and even a studio is like $800-900! Granted this is Connecticut, but it’s also over a decade ago! I pay $590 for a three bedroom house and that seems like a lot of money now!

*These girls need other interests. Mary Anne thinks she can handle having a baby because she knows how to feed and diaper a kid. She and Dawn later say that they could help their parents a lot, by taking over most of the responsibilities of caring for a new baby.

*Stacey sits for a little girl that flips out when she sees her egg. She isn’t scared of eggs in general, but the fact that it has a little blanket.

*Kristy is paired with Alan and they name their egg Izzy. He calls constantly and keeps track of the egg. He calls during one of her sitting jobs and Sari wanders off with the egg, leading to a massive panic. BTW, why the fuck would Kristy think it’s okay to spend 15 minutes on the phone during a job?

*We totally did this in school except that we used flour and sugar sacks. I was one of the unlucky kids that drew a 10-pound flour sack. Try carrying that around for a week!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Boo to Big Book Sale LOL

So my annual big book sale was almost a complete bust! I usually go on Friday night, even though they charge an admission fee. Since a few friends wanted to go this year, we decided just to wait until Saturday. I found 3 BSC books I didn't have and 6 or 7 Sweet Valley Twins books. The only Sweet Valley High books I found were the early super specials and early books, which I already have. I also found multiple copies of The Snowman, but I somehow already own three copies.

I love vintage cookbooks, but I passed up any at the sale. All the money goes to charity, but I think the price marking people forgot that! I picked up one vintage cake book and saw a $6 price tag! They had a separate "collectibles" room that was even more expensive. I passed up a Paula Deen autobiography because at $7, I figured I could find it cheaper at a thrift store.

We did go back on Sunday because they were hosting a $5 bag sale and collectible books were half-price, or at least that is what they advertised. When we got there, they had marked down the collectibles to $10 per bag. Of course most of what I wanted on Saturday was gone. I still managed to fill a bag with architecture books and some vintage stuff.

You should have seen our bag! We crammed eight coffee table books, three hardback books, and some other stuff in a paper grocery bag LOL. My best friend and I split a $5 bag. I managed to get some paperbacks, a few old Erma Bombeck books, and a bunch of BC (comic) books, while he snagged a bunch of Anne Rice hardbacks.

This was the second disappointing book sale this year! My other favorite sale had a few R.L. Stine (like the collector's edition of 99 Fear Street, yay!) and a couple of newer BSC books. I cannot find the Super Specials anywhere. On the way back, we stopped by at a used bookstore and I went bananas.

I found several of the newer SVH books, some SVT books, and discovered some BSC books I didn't buy. The store is a treasure trove of 80s and 90s books. Plus they do swaps and give you 1/4 the price listed on the book for your trade. I know what to do with all those doubles...

I'm going to upload some posts from my ill-fated Wordpress blog in the next few days before posting some new stuff. Get ready for some SVT recaps :-)