Saturday, September 25, 2010


For some reason, some of my SVU recaps didn't post originally. That probably explains why I was jumping so many books lol. I'm going to just post them now and once I get caught up, I'll have the last 7-10 books of the series reviewed all in a row :-)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet Valley University #42: Sneaking In

This is like the book where everyone goes crazy. Danny suddenly starts thinking that Isabella is cheating on him because he sees her goofing around with a frat guy. Then he starts following her around all the time and making rude comments because he thinks that she’s going to leave him. Isabella realizes that he’s acting weird and it turns her off.

She asks him to take her to some sorority ball thing and he won’t go because (a) he doesn’t feel comfortable around those people (even though he never had a problem before) and (b) he thinks it’s stupid and that Isabella should hate the sorority anyway. The only reason he agrees to go is because she threatens to take someone else!

Jessica gets bored with Nick because he took a leave of absence from the police force, while he works on getting ready for college. He wants to study and shows up to checkout one of her classes, which leads to Jessica getting turned off. She thinks that he’s going to turn into another regular college guy, so her wandering eye takes over.

She notices a hot new guy named Clay DiPalma and naturally he’s into her because she’s a Wakefield twin. They share a few conversations and he makes it clear that he’s into her. Then Nick shows up, the two guys get into a scuffle and Nick punches him. Suddenly Jess is fine with Nick and in love again because he’s her bad boy cop again.

This all leads up to a sorority/fraternity dance/fancy dinner thing. Danny keeps pouting all night because Isabella wants to dance and have fun, instead of sitting around and talking about their relationship. How dare she! Isabella decides that she can’t handle the way he’s acting and starts dancing with other guys. Danny storms off and she notices Clay.

Isabella follows Clay outside, where he’s smoking. He offers her a cigarette, she turns him down and then sees Danny, who hates smoking and changes her mind. Turns out that the cigarette was laced with PCP, she starts hallucinating and runs from everyone who tries to help because she thinks they’re wild animals. She ends up falling over the balcony.

The funny thing is that they call 911 for an ambulance, but then Nick calls his old partner and he comes to the scene, instead of any other cops. Do they not understand how 911 works? Seriously, NO other cops came to the scene. Then he somehow gets to take over the investigation.

Jess becomes obsessed with the whole thing and fights with Nick when he points out that he can’t work on the case. She gets him to call Clay and pretend like he wants to buy drugs. She demands that he let her go with him and he refuses, until she threatens to call the chief of police. Oh and she’s also pissed because Nick tells Clay that they broke up.

Danny gets completely distracted because of what happened. He can’t study and his grades start slipping (in less than a week?). His professor even calls him in and lectures him on his classes. Again, in less than a week? At first he blames himself for not being there, but then he blames her because it was her fault for smoking with a stranger. That makes him feel kind of shitty when he learns that she’s in a coma and may not wake up.

Liz and Tom are also fighting because she constantly keeps bringing up Dana and Scott, wanting to talk about the people they dated when they broke up. Tom keeps changing the subject, but she keeps bringing it up. Literally, they’re making out and she stops to talk about it! She keeps getting emails and letters from Scott, talking about how great his life is, which is nice when she gets an email from his latest writing partner. Apparently Scott was expelled because he made up information and wrote false stories for the paper.

Towards the end of the book, he cooks her dinner as a way of apologizing for what happened. Tom somehow makes beef burgundy without alcohol and in a crock pot in his dorm room, in less than an hour. They eat, he goes to clean up and she starts looking around his room, only to find a box of condoms under the bed! Now she gets why he didn’t want her to know what happened with Dana.

Nick goes to meet Clay and tells Jessica to wait outside. I really find it hard to believe that he let her come at all. Clay tells Nick that he knows he’s a cop and threatens him. They get into it and Clay hits him with his gun. Jess shows up, hears Clay say that he killed another cop and waits for Nick to wake up. She wants to call the cops, but he tells her to leave because he doesn’t want anyone to know that she was there…

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sweet Valley University Thriller Edition: Love and Murder

This book is great because (a) Jessica is barely mentioned and (b) Liz isn’t in it at all! Apparently she’s in San Diego working on a story for the paper and she took Nina with her. The book is pretty much all about Lila, who’s a little sad and depressed because Bruce is studying in Japan for the semester.

She ends up in art history class, which she took with Jess, but Jess skipped out so she could work on her tan. Lila sees Damon Price, the new TA and falls head over heels in love. He singles her out in class, making her look like a moron for not doing the reading, but that somehow equals love in her eyes.

Lila starts obsessing over him in a very unhealthy way. She sits around all the time, moping and thinking about him. When she thinks about Bruce, she feels guilty for about 2 seconds and then goes back to drooling. She eventually calls and leaves him a message, asking him for private help, but then feels worse when he doesn’t call back.

Isabella pops up in the book for a few scenes. She’s there to talk with Lila about Damon and suggest that she’s just on the rebound. Then she turns up again, to talk with Jessica about Lila. Jessica decides that if Lila likes him, Damon must be really hot. She dolls herself up for class, kind of hits on him afterwards (because she says he’s the hottest guy she’s seen all year, poor Nick!), but he completely blows her off and makes her look stupid.

Damon later tells Lila that he can’t handle seeing anyone treat her badly and it was clear that Jess wasn’t acting like a friend. Me thinks he just doesn’t understand how these two roll. He then asks Lila out and explains that he doesn’t have a phone in his apartment. They go out to dinner and he acts like the perfect gentlemen, but when she goes back to his place, she sees that he does have a phone.

Lila starts having nightmares about a woman who looks just like her (Flora) and Flora’s husband Theodore, who looks just like Damon. At first the dreams are just about the two of them having this perfect life, but then she dreams about Theo attacking Flora. She tries to explain it to Damon, but he won’t listen.

She ends up at the library, where she finds out that Flora died a horrible death and Theo was the main suspect. Damon refuses to listen to her and when she shows up at his place, upset and crying, he very coldly throws her out. Someone starts calling and leaving threatening messages on her answering machine, referring to her new boyfriend.

Eventually Lila goes to the store and buys a “caller identification machine”, which is how the book describes it. I love that this was cutting edge at the time and they make a big deal out of how it was so expensive. Then she plugs it in and it starts working right away. I remember us getting one way before this book came out (which was 98 or so) and we had to have the telephone company approve the caller ID function, which they still do.

Anyway, she gets another spooky call, checks the caller ID and it’s coming from Damon! She runs to Jessica’s dorm, who forgives her for being a bitch, but only because Lila promises to take her to some fancy spa. Lila doesn’t want to go to sleep and Jessica promises to stay up with her, but then passes out around one am. The next day they go to the library and do more research, but still can’t find anything new about Flora.

Jessica then confesses that she was so pissed off about Lila letting Damon talk down to her, that she wrote a letter to Bruce and told him that Lila was cheating. Harsh. She gets pissed off, leaves Jess on the side of the road and goes home, where she has a message from him saying that even if she is seeing someone else, he still loves her and is there when she needs him. I so *heart* Bruce right now.

This all leads up to Lila being home alone and hearing someone in the house. Damon pops up, chases her through the house and almost kills her. Jessica then shows up, sees Lila laying on the ground and runs for help. She runs into Damon and he attacks her, but then runs back into the house. She follows and sees two Damons fighting. She freaks out and tries to figure out who’s the “good” one, eventually picking the one with the better haircut and drops a blender on the other guy’s head.

Lila wakes up in the hospital, after having one last dream about Flora, where it turns out that Theo had a twin who actually killed her. Damon shows up and tells her that his twin brother was always sick and the family had him institutionalized. He accepted the job in Sweet Valley so he could be close to his brother and somehow never knew that he escaped from the hospital.

Lila explains that she thinks they were the reincarnated versions of Flora and Theo and Damon agrees because he always had a connection to the artist’s paintings and to Lila. He tells her that when she ran in, talking about dreams and weird coincidences that he thought she was losing her mind like his brother.

Damon thinks that they should move on and keep seeing each other because they’re clearly in love. Lila thinks about it, but tells him that she can’t see him anymore. She explains that she’ll always think about the past and relive her past death over and over again as long as he’s around. They confess their love for each other before Damon walks out of her life forever.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sweet Valley University #41: Escape to New York

Apparently the events of the last book have completely wiped Jessica out and now she can’t handle doing anything. Liz asks her to take over the main role in her play, which just so happens to be based on her and Tom and conveniently, Jess helped her run lines and knows all the words. Jess won’t do it though because she says she needs time to sleep, rest and relax. Of course that doesn’t stop her from going out every single night with Vince.

It’s actually kind of funny because Vince takes her out for these long nights and they go out constantly, but he doesn’t kiss her until way into the book. Liz tries to convince her twin to slow down, but Jess won’t because she says that she’s fine. She’s also “in love” so she can’t be bothered with stuff.

Tom is in desperate need of a job and the only one he can find is a reviewer for a theater magazine. Vince and Liz walk him through all the pretentious words that no one really understands and gets him ready for his interview. He basically repeats what they said, without any thought and lands the job, but is asked to review the college plays, including Liz’s play.

Liz auditions a new group of actresses, but no one wants the role. They all apparently wanted to hang around and catch a glimpse of Vince, who was naked in the other play he dropped out of. She gets one person sticking around and gives her the job, only to learn that she’s Hildy (the bitchy actress who dropped out)’s sister.

It also turns out that Marie is a horrible actress and sleeping with the theater director. Ted snuck her name onto Liz’s callback sheet because no one else would hire her. Her lead actor decides that he can’t stand working with a hack and quits, but luckily Vince is there to step into the role. That sets Tom off because he thinks Vince wants Liz and Liz has to reassure him that she’s still in love.

Jessica and Vince go to a club she ends up passing out. Then she picks up some horrendous outfit. Seriously, they describe it as a spacesuit/aluminum foil and later Jess says that it’s hip hugging silver pants and a silver jacket with an orange fur trim. Is that not horrible? She wears it on a date out clubbing and Vince can’t stop panting over how good she looks. Once again, she passes out, but this time the WHOLE club copies her because they think it’s a new dance. Really guys?

The next day Jess runs into Bev, one of her friends from boot camp. It turns out that Bev is actually an FBI agent who went undercover at the camp. She takes Jess in for questioning and keeps pushing her for information or evidence. Jess points out that the camp leader had juvenile records and somehow that breaks the case, even though Bev already knew about the records!

Vince asks Jess to do the play, but she turns him down. She does come to the rehearsal the next day and starts flipping through the play. She realizes that she remembers the lines and when Marie quits, she decides to take her place. She also makes time to go shopping for Liz and finds a gorgeous dress that she loves, but can’t afford.

Tom loses the review when his boss discovers that he goes to the same school as Liz. The new reviewer is some hardasss and of course no one knows what to do. The night before the play, no one can sleep and they all sit around moping over what might happen because this review could break their career. Really? Is Liz actually planning on writing Broadway plays for her career?

I also want to point out that this play is extremely lame. It’s supposedly about Liz and Tom uncovering the big sports scandal, but there are all these lines about how you need to nurture each other. The other plays are these really intellectual, weird things that everyone seems to hate. Yet all three plays were picked as the best in the country so this need to make Liz great, really doesn’t make sense.

Vince shows up with a present for Jess, which turns out to be the dress she wanted. The reviewer walks out after the first two shows, but then Tom convinces him to stay. Everyone naturally loves Liz’s play and major theater producers fawn all over Jess at the after party. She learns that she can go back to boot camp, but decides to just see what happens. Liz finds out that the reviewer liked her play and her play alone, but decides that she has the rest of her college career to decide what to do. I really wish my life was this easy.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sweet Valley University #40: Private Jessica

This is another one of those books that I ended up skimming because I didn’t read the one before it so I don’t know how Liz and Tom ended up in New York or how Jess ended up at some random boot camp/bodyguard training camp.

Liz is working on producing her play off-Broadway and is dealing with a bitchy actress who keeps changing lines and doing stuff like walking on crutches and riding a unicycle on stage. Luckily she’s bonded with the hot young actor Vince, who’s working on a play next door, where all the actors go naked.

Tom gets jealous and tries to find a job because he thinks Liz thinks he’s a loser. Apparently Liz wrote a play and it somehow got picked for an actual production in New York, along with two other students. Tom picked up and moved across the country for her, but now she’s getting annoyed because he’s always around. Tom goes on a bunch of interviews and only gets offered one, but turns it down because he doesn’t want to work at a dog magazine.

Look, I’m a writer, I write for a living. We’re not that fucking picky about what we write for. There are professional writers who are lucky to get a job at some crappy investment magazine so he should just suck it up and deal. No one else will hire him and it gets so bad that he tries to work at a comic book store and even the geeks make fun of him.

He finally gets a job working at a sleazy production company, making a tell-all entertainment show, but he lies to Liz because he doesn’t want her to know where he actually works. They film Vince and his cast in the buff and when it broadcasts, she breaks up with him. Then he gets fired because the producer thinks he has too much integrity. Liz goes on one date with Vince and when he tries to kiss her, she realizes that she still loves Tom and runs off.

Jess has to box against her commander, a woman named Pruitt who really hates her. Everyone keeps telling her to back off, but she doesn’t want to look like a wuss when she was one of the few cadets picked for interviews by actual security companies. She finds evidence that some people working for the school have criminal records, but doesn’t know what it means.

During the boxing match, her three roommates put lead weights in her gloves and she wins. She gets called into the head office and the guy in charge tells her that he knows she cheated and he’s expelling her and her roommates for helping. The four girls talk and learn that they were all scholarship students who had to turn over their money to the school.

Jessica decides that she’s going to fly to New York. Liz and Tom make up, but she wants to fly to Miami and check on Jess. They all run into each other at the airport and Liz decides to introduce Jessica to Vince, who just so happens to be there too. Conveniently Liz’s lead actress drops out of her play. What could possibly happen in the next book?