Sweet Valley High Missing List

109. Double-Crossed
110. Death Threat
122. A Kiss Before Dying
134. Happily Ever After
142. The Big Night
143. Party Weekend

Super Editions

Mystery Date
Last Wish

Magna Editions

The Wakefield Legacy: The Untold Story
Elizabeth's Secret Diary
Jessica's Secret Diary Volume II
The Patmans of Sweet Valley
Elizabeth's Secret Diary Volume III
Jessica's Secret Diary Volume III

1 comment:

  1. I wouldn't recommend the Patman book. It's cringey because during the sections dealing with the cowboy Patman (forgot his name) the author relies on too many Western cliches (down to the dialogue). As for the others:
    Mystery Date is OK,and it's one of the few "contemporary" SV books (Olivia dates Ken anonymously via an Internet (AOL? It's been a long time) chat room)
    Bks # 141-143 + the Earthquake series:Cringey,but not terribly so.

    Only other one I've read is the Wakefield Legacy book,which deals with Ned's side of the family. It's 8/10,primarily for the descriptions of SoCal and Ned's father's personality.