Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sweet Valley University #11: Take Back the Night

Jessica is so upset over her near date rape that she sits around all the time in her dorm room, moping and wearing sweatpants. Um, and she also goes to the Theta house all the time. Liz runs around acting like she was the one hurt and demanding that everyone listen to what she says. She decides that the school needs a Take Back the Night rally, to open everyone’s eyes.

Look, I think it’s really sweet that Liz is trying, but…is this really going to do anything? They did these at my school and the same group of girls showed up, along with some new freshmen who were roped into the event. Everyone else just went about with their own business and kind of forgot it was even going on. You’d come back from econ class and just walk around the gathering of people, irritated that they were taking up so much room.

Anyway….Jess goes to the Theta house and hears that one of her sisters (Mariela) has a date with James. They all try to pretend it isn’t a big deal, but Jess warns her to be careful and Mariela thinks she’s just jealous. Alison acts like Jess is a leper and starts turning some of the girls against her.

On the night of the rally, Jess goes on the college news and talks about her near rape. She doesn’t name James, but gives enough details that everyone knows who he is, like his status in the frat and what sports he plays. Then she decides to press charges against him, which kind of pits the girls in the sorority against each other. Steven, Billie and Liz quiz her on the questions they’ll ask at the hearing and she almost gives up because it’s “too hard”. Yeah, that sounds like Jessica.

James calls Jess up and asks her to meet him, which she does. He acts like she’s crazy and says that he wouldn’t have dated her if she hadn’t made it clear that she was into sex. Then he shows up at her door and says the same kind of things again. Liz starts finding notes and weird gifts left behind and she thinks it’s James when it’s actually William White and Celine.

Maia comes by and apologizes for not standing by her, but then says she can’t come to the hearing because she doesn’t want to relive what happened. The panel asks Jess a bunch of questions about her dating history and what she wore on the date with James. Then they ask him questions and he plays the big man on campus card.

The panel finds for James and it’s actually kind of funny. They apologize to him for getting his name drug through the mud and advise Jessica to seek counseling for her lying ways. I love it! If they only knew some of the other crap she’s pulled, they’d lock her up for good! Then Maia shows up and asks to speak.

Even though they already decided and ended the hearing, they agree to let her speak. She goes off on James for the way he treats women and tells everyone what he did to her and he ends up crying in his hands. The panel apologizes to Jessica (god damn it!) and decide that they’ll decide his fate at a future date.

Lila and Bruce are lost in the woods. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but they’ve been lost for over a week and no one noticed. Jessica calls the Fowler house to speak to Lila, which tips off her mom. The Thetas decide to do something to help locate them, which actually amounts to absolutely nothing. Lila and Bruce share a couple of kisses and then get rescued by a passing helicopter.

They get to the hospital and realize that they can’t handle being away from each other. Lila is kind of sweet here because she defends Bruce when all the Thetas laugh about him being self-centered and wonders what he’s doing all the time. He surprises her with roses and they decide to start dating.

You also have to love Bruce. He goes back to the frat house and learns James was kicked out. The other guys all blame Jessica, even though it was Maia who technically got him tossed and Bruce tells them that if anyone hurts her, they have to answer to him. The book ends with the Theta and Sigma houses having a huge party for Lila and Bruce and everyone laughing about how great life is.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Point Horror: The Babysitter III (R.L. Stine)

Jenny really has a sucky life and apparently all her mom cares about is money. This makes the third book where there’s some mention of her mom not having a job/enough money and making Jenny work to help pay the bills. She gets a job at a doughnut shop, but has a flashback where she thinks she sees Mr. Hagan in the mall. When her mom hears about it, she announces that she made plans for Jenny to spend the summer with her aunt and cousin Debra.

Debra is apparently kind of a slut. She has a boyfriend Mark, but keeps calling and talking sexy to Terry, a guy she has a crush on. Her ex-boyfriend stops by and threatens to tell Terry that she’s making the calls, but she laughs him off. Then she bonds with Jenny before taking her to her job, which just so happens to be babysitting.

It turns out to be a pretty cushy job because it’s watching over a six month old baby named Peter, who sleeps almost all of the time. Jenny seems a little nervous and tells Debra the whole story about what happened with Hagan. They hear a noise in the kitchen and find a drunken woman standing there. She says her name’s Maggie and she used to work in the house and eventually leaves. They hear another noise and it’s Mark. He hangs out for awhile and agrees to help get Jenny a job at a horseback riding facility.

Jenny gets the job and things calm down for awhile, but then she starts having problems again. She keeps having nightmares, thinks she sees Hagan following her and one night, thinks Peter’s dead in his crib, when he’s just sleeping. Debra starts getting the same calls Jenny did, but doesn’t tell anyone about it.

When she finally does, Jenny freaks out because she’s sure that he’s back. Debra thinks it’s someone who knew what happened and thinks it was Cal. Jenny calls his house and learns that he ran away from home, which makes him the top suspect. Debra tries to take her mind off things by setting her up with Terry, but then gets jealous on their double date.

Debra ends up babysitting for Peter one night when a storm comes in. She sees Maggie again, then hears noises and tries to call the cops, but the phone is out. Someone bursts through the front door and it’s Cal! He says he’s worried about Jenny because he hasn’t heard from her in awhile. Debra is also worried because Jenny never came home from work.

She goes upstairs and finds that Peter is gone! Cal runs for help and the cops and the mom show up. The phone is now working again and when it rings, the caller says that he’s Hagan and he’s got the baby. Debra says she knows where the person called from and leads the police to the stable, where they find Jenny sitting on a horse with Peter.

Jenny’s lost her mind and now thinks she’s Hagan. She keeps talking about Debra being a bad babysitter and how she needs to watch over the kid. The cops plan on shooting her, but Debra saves the day by spooking the horse and grabbing the baby. As the cops lead Jenny away, she thinks about how it’s all finally over.

What the hell? I mean I can totally understand why Jenny would go off the deep end given what happened to her in the past, but why now? And why when there’s another book about Jenny? The sad thing is that I don’t think they even mention what happened here when she starts babysitting again in the next book!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sweet Valley High #56: Lost at Sea

I remember reading this book so clearly when I was younger! I even remember it being one of three books my grandma let me pick out from the bookstore when I spent the day with her and I think that it may have been right after the book came out. For some reason I remember being the first one of my friends to own it and read it.

Anyway, a bunch of kids are going on an extra credit field trip for biology, led by Mr. Russo. Jess has decided that she wants Ken Matthew, but only because he’s the best looking, single guy going on the trip. To catch his eye, she wears flip-flops, short-shorts and a strapless shirt. I have no idea why Mr. Russo doesn’t take one look at her and send her home, unless he has a thing for young teenage ass.

She and Ken do a lot of flirting and she figures that she’ll just cozy up to him and make him hers. Instead Russo puts everyone in groups and pairs them with a buddy. Jess ends up with Winston as her buddy, along with Randy Mason and Lois Waller. Winston keeps screwing up their project and just as she’s about to throttle him, it’s time to get back on the boat.

Jess starts flirting with Ken again and he’s about to ask her out when the boat runs into some bad weather and everyone has to escape into life boats. She plans on climbing in a boat with Ken, but Russo demands that they use the buddy system. They get in the boat and Aaron Dallas starts yelling because he and Liz are missing a paddle. Apparently Liz and Enid are also on an extra credit field trip because an A+++ isn’t good enough.

Winston tosses them an extra paddle that he accidentally grabbed and a swell hits the life boat as he’s standing up. The boat capsizes and he and Jess disappear. Jess starts swimming and manages to make it to a deserted island. After a few minutes of moping, she starts strolling around and finds Winston passed out on the beach.

Basically Jess acts like a huge, mega bitch to Winston and I realized this as a 10 year old or however old I was at the time. He goes off and finds fruit and fish, makes a fire and cooks the fish, but she gets pissed at him and blames him for them getting lost. She finally takes some food, but acts like she’s doing him a favor. Then he wants to build a shelter, but she wants to pick flowers…seriously.

Back home everyone is freaking out. Liz thinks it’s shitty of Jess’s friends because they seem to care more about themselves, like Lila gets guilty because she keeps thinking about all the stuff she did to Jess and Amy thinks about how she was almost on the boat. Yet Liz is no worse! She mopes around the house, talking about how she doesn’t know what to do or how to function without her sister.

Liz and Steven form a search party with Nicholas Morrow that takes up like 10-15 pages, but literally doesn’t do anything. They plan the search party, go out and then immediately get called back by the Coast Guard because of a storm. Um, why didn’t the Coast Guard call them back when the first storm hit??

Anyway, Winston decides to make a reflector type thing to attract help and asks Jess to give up her bracelet, but she won’t because it’s *gasp* real gold. They fight some more and he decides to use their one and only knife. Then they go off on a food hunting mission and he leads them up to the top of a cliff where he spots some blueberries. A black bear comes out of nowhere and attacks and Winston drops all the food, which makes him feel bad and take abuse from Jess.

Cut to the Coast Guard spotting them and saving the day. Jessica immediately jumps to the center of attention, talking about how she saved the day, found food, rescued Winston and basically turned into Wonder Woman. Despite the fact that Jessica can’t do shit in the real world, everyone believes her account of what happened and Winston totally goes along with it. Thanks Winston for once again proving that everyone else in the world sucks except for the Wakefield twins.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fear Street: Ski Weekend (R.L. Stine)

Ariel just finished up a ski weekend with her best friend Shannon and her boyfriend Doug. Ariel’s boyfriend left early after a fight, but they’re also traveling with Red, a guy they met at the ski lodge. On the way home the roads get pretty bad and Ariel is nervous because Doug is driving like an asshole. Red convinces Doug to get off the highway because the county roads get cleared faster. As someone who grew up in the county, outside an actual town, I can tell you that this is completely wrong.

Red also points out that there’s a house nearby and it’s big enough for them to stay until the snow dies down. Since Doug is about to crash the car, they decide to pull off. A big, scary guy opens the door and introduces himself as Lou and his wife Eva, who basically hides out for most of the book. Lou starts hitting on Shannon, which should piss Doug off because he apparently hates when anyone looks twice at his girlfriend. Instead he decides that he likes Lou because they both like hunting.

They all call home, but Ariel is last and gets the answering machine, which makes her feel crappy. What I love is that none of the parents have a problem with their teenage kids staying with a couple of random strangers in the woods. Then again, what kind of parents let their teens go away for a ski weekend together? That night Ariel hears weird noises and becomes convinced that there’s a ghost or something worse outside. Then Red tells her that he heard Lou fighting with Eva and he heard a noise like he hit her.

At breakfast the next morning, Lou tells the group that Eva isn’t feeling good and is still asleep. They head off to check out the car and find that it’s now sitting in a ravine. Lou tries to call a tow truck, but the phone is out. Conveniently he has a Jeep with four-wheel drive, but it’s too bad outside for him to risk driving them into town. Ariel freaks out further when she notices that the car plates are from a different state and that Lou is drunk by lunchtime. Lou tries to start the car and it dies, so he says they’ll have to wait for help.

Ariel sees Eva just long enough for Eva to tell her she shouldn’t be there and then see a big bruise on her face. Ariel then sees some guy in a ski mask watching through the window, but he runs off. Doug and Lou get into a wrestling match, which is so gross. Doug ends up getting mildly hurt, which isn’t surprising given that Lou is like 4 feet taller and 600 pounds heavier.

The group gathers together and decides that they need a plan. Red shows them pictures of a couple that he found hidden in the house and they realize that the couple are the real owners of the house, meaning that Lou and Eva are imposters, or something. Red manages to get the Jeep fixed and they all sneak out when Lou goes to sleep.

They hear a noise in the barn, see a guy standing there and Doug shoots him with Lou’s gun. Lou comes running out and says that the guy is Eva’s brother Jake. They also recognize him from the pictures, which means Jake is the actual owner of the house and the couple were just visiting. Lou freaks out and you kind of have to feel for him. He invites these kids into his house and they steal his car and his gun, then shoot his brother in law. It’s all very odd.

Ariel leaves a group discussion to see the body and discovers that he’s frozen solid, which means he was already dead when they shot him. Red interrupts her and she demands that they leave as soon as possible because Lou is obviously a murderer. The whole group runs outside, but Red stops because he can’t let them get away. He setup a big scam with Lou, which makes absolutely no sense.

Apparently Jake stole an inheritance that belonged to Red and Eva, who is his sister. He and Lou somehow set it up that they’d kill Jake and pin his murder on someone else. He met them at the ski lodge and then got them there. I guess we’ll just say that it was convenient. Of course Eva pops up and tells them that she called the cops because she couldn’t handle what they did.

Ariel knocks the gun away from Lou with a snowball and then jumps on a conveniently placed snowmobile and flies off. She falls off the snowmobile and Red grabs her, which turns into a chase across a frozen lake. The cops show up, Ariel and Red fight and Red falls into a crack in the ice. The cops get their car from the ravine and it works (what?) so they leave. Now they can get back to Shadyside where everything is “normal”.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fear Street: Killer’s Kiss (R.L. Stine)

I was 17 when this book came out and had absolutely no business reading Fear Street books and yet I remember almost everything about this book, including the ending. I think I probably borrowed it from a library back when the blog was a thought, but I was still a few years away from actually starting one.

Delia is completely obsessed with her boyfriend Vincent who’s also dating Karina and also obsessed with her dark purple lipstick. She’s constantly applying and reapplying her lipstick and based on the color, I was sure she was goth for half the book. Delia wants to sit around and plan Vincent’s birthday party, but he wants her to get going because Karina is on her way over. Vincent keeps thinking about how he likes both girls and can’t choose between them, but he does admit that Karina is prettier.

Karina shows up and freaks out when she sees purple lipstick on his cheek, but he says Delia was there earlier for homework help and kissed his cheek on the way out. Ugh, I hate to admit that I was stupid enough to fall for this as a high schooler. Karina buys it, but then threatens Delia and claims she’s always trying to steal crap from her.

Cut to Delia talking about the Conklin Award, which is some huge scholarship that she and Karina are both in the running for. She wants to go to a big deal fashion school and not the crappy community college in town. It’s really lame how they decide the winner, with each candidate having to perform in a talent show, do something artistic and have good grades. Delia starts yelling about Karina, even though they used to be friends. Then Karina shows up and starts screaming before attacking Delia. I could so see this happening in my high school.

The next night Delia and Vincent are making out when she starts freaking out over Karina yet again. She wants Vincent to promise that nothing happened and that he only wants to be with her. He keeps trying to change the subject because exclusivity isn’t something on the mind of most teenage boys. They start kissing again and her 15 year old sister Sarah pops up. Delia turns bitchy and tells her sister to get lost.

Delia gets asked out by Stewart, one of her competitors and she considers it, but then realizes that she loves Vincent way too much to go out with anyone else. Later she sees him talking to Karina and thinks that it was all a setup. Karina wanted her to go out with Stewart so she could run and tell Vincent, who’d break up with her. She then gets her friend Britty to talk with Karina and try to get her to lay off, but Karina figures it out and starts yelling at Delia about how she’ll never give up Vincent. I cannot believe how stupid these two are!

They finally have their talent competition and Delia turns green because Karina sings like a real opera song. She plans on playing a love song she wrote about Vincent, but finds a dead rat stuffed in her guitar and the strings cut. Just as she flips out, she sees her sister Sarah walk off with Karina. Ooh.

Delia hangs out with her friends, happy because she has a date with Vincent for later. She drives by Karina’s house and sees her making out with Vincent. She has an accident and Karina comes running out to check on her. She says that she now knows Vincent was dating them both and doesn’t want a guy coming between them. Delia agrees, but then secretly decides that she’s going to keep dating him anyway.

Vincent then calls Delia and tells him they can’t go out. He thinks about how he saw them talking and it won’t be good if they become friends again. He tells Delia that Karina just started kissing him and Delia fucking believes him. Then he starts making out with her sister, who just so happens to be there.

Delia then goes to the art section of the Conklin Award…does this seem like a lot of work for one school to anyone else? Anyway, Karina nails it and then Delia discovers that someone covered all of her work with purple lipstick. As she runs off, she sees Karina and Vincent kissing yet again. She decides to go back and see him against the judgment of everyone else and finds him making out with her sister. Yuck. Delia goes off on her sister about how he won’t pick her, even if she wears Delia’s clothes and makeup. Vincent claims nothing happened and that he’s worried about Karina being obsessed with him and Delia completely buys it.

Delia shows up late to Vincent’s birthday party, with her clothes ripped and in obvious pain. She tells everyone that Karina kidnapped her and tied her up. Karina denies it, but then runs off when no one believes her. The next day everyone goes back to Vincent’s and finds him dead on the floor. Delia tells the police that she last saw him when he dropped her off the night before.

The cops eventually arrest Delia because her lip print was found on his cheek. She points out that it’s an exact match and should be reversed. She then tells them all about how Karina’s been doing horrible things to her and the cops go to her house. They find a napkin with Delia’s lip print on it and arrest her for killing Vincent.

A few weeks later Delia gets ready to go to prom with Gabe. First though, she wants to stop by the psychiatric hospital and see Karina. Nothing says we love you like rubbing our happy lives in your face. Gabe congratulates Delia on winning the Conklin award, she makes a cryptic comment and then confesses everything. She framed Karina and killed Vincent herself for not loving only her. She starts kissing Gabe and tells him that she trusts him not to tell. Then a doctor pops up and says he heard it all and called the cops. Yes because he has so much proof…

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sweet Valley High Super Stars: Todd’s Story

Wow, a book totally devoted to Todd Wilkins! I’m sure I would have devoured this book 15-20 years ago. Of course back then, I thought Todd was the perfect guy lol.

So it’s the 14th summer vacation during the junior year of high school. Todd, Enid, Cara, Liz, Jess and a few other kids are working as camp counselors at Secca Lake. The camp is all weird too because it only lasts for two weeks. Somehow the kids are still going to be able to find jobs for the rest of the summer. Jess is only working on the chance that she might meet cute guys (of course), but everyone else actually wants to work there.

Liz has suddenly decided that her relationship with Todd isn’t healthy because he doesn’t pledge his undying love to her every single day. I know it’s more complicated than that, but it basically feels that way. She tries to force him into talking to her and then throws a fit because he doesn’t want to go over his every thought with her.

Todd is having problems because his dad wants him to work at his company and he doesn’t want to. His summer gets even worse when he goes to camp and runs into Kevin Collins. Kevin acts like they don’t know each other, but Todd actually put him in jail. Apparently he saw Kevin robbing an old man, called the cops, tackled him and pinned him to the ground until they got there.

Kevin came from a super wealthy family and his dad worked with Mr. Wilkins. He tried to pay Todd to forget he saw anything, but he turned him down. He didn’t tell anyone about it because he didn’t want to disappoint anyone. Kevin vowed to get back at him, right before he went to prison.

This book kind of reminds me of the ones when Heather moves to town and turns everyone against Jessica because that’s exactly what happens here. Somehow everyone is ready to believe the worst in Todd and accept all of Kevin’s little stories without a second thought. Kevin kicks Todd’s ass in basketball because he was a big star back in Vermont, but got kicked off the team for his violent behavior.

The smart thing would be for Todd to tell everyone about what happened, but he naturally doesn’t do that. Instead, he acts super jealous and follows Kevin around, just in case he does something. Kevin tells everyone that Todd had an attitude problem, practically date raped a girl in Vermont and had problems for his bad behavior on the basketball court. Everyone believes him and starts distancing themselves from Todd.

Kevin originally has eyes for Jessica, but turns to Liz. Todd gets upset and Liz breaks things off. She doesn’t even stop to wonder why he’s worried about Kevin, she just thinks that he has an attitude problem and should talk to her. Kevin also worms his way into the Wilkins’ house by asking Mr. Wilkins for help getting a job. He starts acting like Kevin is the perfect guy, even though he spent time in prison. Seriously? My parents would have kicked my ass for even talking to a guy like this when I was 16.

Then things at camp start disappearing. Cara loses her car keys, Winston loses his baseball cap, that kind of thing. Plus Liz loses her necklace. Then someone starts attacking people in Sweet Valley, just like the stuff Kevin did. The “best” thing is when the news says that nothing like this has happened in Sweet Valley in years. Nope, just kidnappings, hostages, corporate espionage, drunk driving and the like.

Kevin asks Liz out, right in front of Todd. She doesn’t want to go, but then agrees because she realizes that Todd isn’t paying attention to her. They go out on one date, which pisses Jessica off and Liz realizes that something isn’t right with him, yet still continues to see him.

Todd goes to Secca Lake after a fight with his dad and sees Kevin attack Melissa, another camp counselor. Instead of going to the cops, he tells Aaron and Winston about everything. The cops end up arresting him because they find his engraved pen at the site. Kevin broke into his car and stole it, but they think he attacked her anyway.

Jessica then finds Liz’s missing necklace in Kevin’s car and the guys tell her what they know about Kevin, even though they didn’t really believe him before. Liz takes a walk with Kevin and he starts rambling about his brother and attacks her, but Todd shows up at the last second and saves her.

The cops arrest Kevin, who announces that he attacked Melissa and did the other crimes in town. He then tells a long story about his older brother who was his dad’s favorite and how he died in a car accident while with Kevin. His dad blamed him and Kevin started stealing and attacking people to fill the void left by his brother. Yeah, really doesn’t make sense.

Everyone apologizes and Todd forgives them for giving him the cold shoulder all night long. His dad apologizes for picking Kevin over him and Liz forgives him for not paying attention to her. She really doesn’t apologize, even though she was a bitch and somehow Todd ends up feeling bad about everything so I guess it’s business as usual in Sweet Valley!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Point Horror: The Accident (Diane Hoh)

Jenny, Cappie and Barbie are three typical teenage girls who cut class and go for a drive in Jenny’s huge, old convertible. They talk constantly about their friend Megan’s upcoming 16th birthday party and how their friend wouldn’t skip class to hang out. Jenny goes around a corner, the steering wheel locks up and the car crashes.

The book then jumps to Megan, who’s mooning over her friend Justin. Apparently she’s so in love with him and they spend a lot of time together, but he barely realizes that she exists. She gets a call from her best friend Hillary, telling her about the accident and flips out. Still wearing the blue dress for her party, she collapses on the bed, where she hears someone talking to her.

After looking around for a few minutes, she realizes that the voice is coming from inside the mirror! The voice inside the mirror, comments on her dress choice and talks to her for a few minutes. Personally I’d be freaking out, but Megan kind of takes it all in stride.

The next day she finds a drawing stuck in her locker at school. It shows an old yellow convertible, with different figures inside. She realizes that the cap and pea in the backseat means Cappie and the candy bar and bumblebee stand for Barbie. She shows the picture to Justin, who realizes that the horse in the front seat is actually a mule and a female mule is a Jenny. Ha-ha. Megan takes the drawing to the cops, who pretty much do nothing.

Then she finds another drawing, this one of a hill and realizes it’s a threat against her friend Hillary. She runs to the auditorium, where Hillary is at work on a play. The other girl falls off the catwalk, but manages to grab on and hang there until help arrives. Later she tells everyone that someone pushed her, but everyone swears there was no one up there.

The voice in the mirror comes back to Megan and tells her a story. She says her name is Juliet and she lived along the lake behind her house, years ago. She died when the boat she was riding hit a hidden rock and capsized.

Juliet lets Megan know that she wants to trade places with her. She tells her that in order for it to happen, she needs a girl living there, who was the same age she was when she died. The girl must also have an honest heart, an open mind and be creative. Megan flips out at the idea, but the more she thinks about it, the more it makes sense. Really Megan?

They switch places for a few minutes at a time and Juliet tells her that to switch back, all she has to do is say, “I am Megan and I want my body back”. She tries it, it works so she decides to go ahead with the switch. She lets Juliet have her body for the week before her birthday party, provided that she ask Justin to be her date, which is the one thing she couldn’t do herself.

Basically Megan ends up floating around in the mirror for a few days, until she learns how to get out and about in the world. Almost immediately, she sees that Juliet is completely different than her. She starts flirting with Justin, kind of coming onto him actually and he’s crazy about it. She’s also a bitch to Hillary, telling her to go the fuck away and leave them alone.

Megan goes out to the lake and sees her mom floating in the water. She runs in and demands that Juliet call an ambulance, then finds a drawing of a convict and a knee and her mom’s name is Connie. She warns Juliet to keep an eye out for more drawings.

Of course she doesn’t, but Megan does see a drawing of a tom-tom and both her dad and brother have that name. She starts following both of them, while also following her body. Eventually she starts thinking something is off about Juliet. Gee, you think? She finds that Juliet made a hair appointment for the day of the party and bought a new party dress (strapless, black mini-dress, with a ruffled skirt and hot pink cummerbund, yeah). She also learns that her family were the only people living on the lake years before.

Megan finally confronts Juliet, who flips out. She tells her that Megan’s great-grandmother tricked her father into marriage. Apparently she was a widow with three kids and after their marriage, Juliet and her dad moved into the house. She went by Julietta, but her step-mom hated the name and changed it to Etta. Juliet and her step-sister (Megan’s grandma) went for a boat ride, the boat crashed and she died.

The two girls fight and Megan demands her body back, but nothing happens. Juliet taunts her, saying that they both have to agree to the switch and she won’t do it. She also laughs at how much Megan looks like her grandma, which is why she’s so happy they did the switch.

Not long after, Megan’s little brother Tommy is hit by a truck while on his bike. He survives, but her dad almost doesn’t, when he falls off a ladder working on the house. Megan tries everything she can think of to get her life back, but nothing works.

She finally wanders outside and sees Justin. She starts talking to him, begging him for help and he eventually hears her. He listens to her story, believes her and agrees to help. He convinces Juliet to go for a boat ride and when she finally agrees, he drives like a maniac. Juliet starts fighting him and the boat crashes.

Juliet lands in the water and starts drowning, but won’t give up because she thinks that he’ll save her. Megan tells her that he’s not a very good swimmer and she’ll drown before he gets there. Juliet finally starts listening when Megan claims that if she drowns, there won’t be a party. That’s what finally makes her give up and agree to the switch. Really? Seriously? Megan gets her body back, Justin shows up, realizes that it’s still her by looking in her eyes and they live happily ever after.