Friday, November 18, 2011

Boo to Big Book Sale LOL

So my annual big book sale was almost a complete bust! I usually go on Friday night, even though they charge an admission fee. Since a few friends wanted to go this year, we decided just to wait until Saturday. I found 3 BSC books I didn't have and 6 or 7 Sweet Valley Twins books. The only Sweet Valley High books I found were the early super specials and early books, which I already have. I also found multiple copies of The Snowman, but I somehow already own three copies.

I love vintage cookbooks, but I passed up any at the sale. All the money goes to charity, but I think the price marking people forgot that! I picked up one vintage cake book and saw a $6 price tag! They had a separate "collectibles" room that was even more expensive. I passed up a Paula Deen autobiography because at $7, I figured I could find it cheaper at a thrift store.

We did go back on Sunday because they were hosting a $5 bag sale and collectible books were half-price, or at least that is what they advertised. When we got there, they had marked down the collectibles to $10 per bag. Of course most of what I wanted on Saturday was gone. I still managed to fill a bag with architecture books and some vintage stuff.

You should have seen our bag! We crammed eight coffee table books, three hardback books, and some other stuff in a paper grocery bag LOL. My best friend and I split a $5 bag. I managed to get some paperbacks, a few old Erma Bombeck books, and a bunch of BC (comic) books, while he snagged a bunch of Anne Rice hardbacks.

This was the second disappointing book sale this year! My other favorite sale had a few R.L. Stine (like the collector's edition of 99 Fear Street, yay!) and a couple of newer BSC books. I cannot find the Super Specials anywhere. On the way back, we stopped by at a used bookstore and I went bananas.

I found several of the newer SVH books, some SVT books, and discovered some BSC books I didn't buy. The store is a treasure trove of 80s and 90s books. Plus they do swaps and give you 1/4 the price listed on the book for your trade. I know what to do with all those doubles...

I'm going to upload some posts from my ill-fated Wordpress blog in the next few days before posting some new stuff. Get ready for some SVT recaps :-)

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