Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sweet Valley High #5: All Night Long

Jessica is obsessed with Scott, an older guy who’s either 18 or 21. They mention that he’s 18, but Liz thinks he’s older and Jess lied about his age so their parents wouldn’t worry. Both girls were invited to a beach party with his friends, but their parents put their foot down…for once. Jess lies and says she’s going out with Cara, but actually goes to his party.

The party itself is fairly lame, with a bunch of college kids sitting on the beach, drinking beer and gossiping. Jess tries to play it cool and make everyone like her, but then realizes that they all know she’s too young for him. They do pass around a joint and Jess is all shocked.

Scott takes her out into the woods and she willingly goes along, just wearing a bikini, which proves she learned nothing from her relationship with Bruce. He puts the moves on her, she refuses and he makes a comment about her being too young before ditching her there. She eventually finds her way out, but he’s too drunk to drive her back and hides the keys, leaving her stuck all night.

Liz is incredibly worried about her twin because they have a test to be tour guides in the summer and Jess is going to miss the test. Jess manages to call, saying she’ll be there in time for the test, as long as Liz covers for her. Liz dresses up like Jess and passes herself off as her twin to their mom, then goes to school where everyone thinks she’s Jessica.

She takes her test and then runs into Todd. They have a big fight about her constantly covering for Jessica and they seemingly breakup. She runs into Cara and makes up a story about Scott being an ass, her telling him off and then pushing him into the lake and of course Cara spreads the story all across the school.

Liz has to take Jessica’s test and she manages to show up just in time for cheerleading practice. The next day they discover that Liz passed her test, but failed Jessica’s and because her sister is such a bitch, she blames her for everything. Liz gets depressed because her sister and boyfriend hate her. Luckily she makes up with Todd and they get back at Jess by not asking her for ice cream with them. Ooh, burn. Then the twins make up when Jessica gets the chance to retake her test. Yay for happy endings?


  1. This cover never fails to KILL me. Scott is such a porn star.

  2. That cover just screams "Perv!"

    I just pulled mine off the shelf and now I feel like washing my hands.

  3. I always thought he looked way older than college.