Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweet Valley High #96: The Arrest

Part of why I didn’t like the “miniseries” books and part of why I stopped reading the books was because not much happens. There are 700 storylines going on in this book, but nothing really happens.

#1: Nicholas Morrow is suddenly best friends with Olivia. When he has bad luck on the dating scene, she submits his name for the TV show Hunks. They immediately hire him and send him a time to show up, despite never talking to him or getting his permission. He has three dates. The first date takes him to a biker bar, has a butterfly tattoo on her face and wears all black. The other date turns out to have a boyfriend.

The last date, Ann is perfect for him. When he shows up in shabby clothes, she changes to match him. When he forgets his wallet, she pays for the date. Then, when the other girls bad mouth him during the filming of the show, she steps up and defends him. They kiss and live happily ever after, or whatever.

#2: Bruce is mooning over Pamela after finding out she’s a huge slut and Pamela is moping over him. It turns out that she dated a guy for awhile and he pressured her to “go all the way.” When she refused, he dumped her and told everyone she was a slut. She kept going out with other guys and they kept spreading lies. It kind of reminds me of Annie! Pamela and Bruce get together so she can explain. The other guy shows up, calls her a whore and Bruce threatens to punch him, before storming out the door.

#3: Lila finally gets the chance to meet her long lost mother Grace. She spends half the book worrying about what happens. Amy worries too because she thinks Lila is pinning all her future hopes on her mom. Grace finally shows up and they go out to dinner, but her boyfriend Pierre ruins it by talking about himself. They try having breakfast, but Pierre shows up again.

#4: Steven needs to find a roommate asap because for some stupid reason, he got a two-bedroom apartment and couldn’t afford it. He keeps getting distracted and forgetting to look for a roommate. He finally checks the SVU newspaper and sees an ad by this guy named Billie. He calls and leaves a message, just telling the guy that he can move in, if he wants. Billie shows up and she’s actually a good looking woman.

#5: Liz can’t remember what happened the night of the accident. Her attorney doesn’t believe her and Ned ends up firing him, to take the job himself. She remembers seeing lights coming towards her that night. She also mopes over Todd, but won’t pick up the phone and call him because she thinks he should call her.

#6: Margo kills her charge Georgie and steals a bunch of jewelry from his mom. She takes off across the country, heading for California. She starts dreaming about a perfect split-level house and her “real” family. She sees a newspaper article about Liz and realizes that Liz is her identical twin. She decides that she should go to Sweet Valley.

#7 (and last): Jessica finally proves that she has a real mental disorder. She thinks about Sam constantly and how she spiked their drinks, but takes no responsibility for what happened. She keeps blaming Liz and thinking that she needs to pay her back. She starts spending a lot of time with Todd and when he starts to pull away, she throws herself at him even harder. Jessica figures that Liz “stole” her man, so payback is completely fair.

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