Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sweet Valley University #4: Anything for Love

Jessica is still crazy in love with Mike McAllery at the beginning of this book. After a wild ride on his motorcycle, she tells him that she’ll love him forever and he tells her to prove it, by marrying him. Yeah, this will work out great…

Liz goes by the hospital to visit Nina, who was admitted after the attack on her and Bryan. She’s convinced that she can find out who’s behind the secret society and get some justice for her friends. Suddenly she’s best friends with Bryan and the book acts like we should know this, even though she’s never said two words to him before.

Then there’s Danny, who’s secretly in love with Isabella, but afraid to say anything because she’s obsessed with her roommate Tom. Tom loves Liz, but he won’t say anything because she’s still dating William White. What the hell is up with all these people? Everyone says they’re in love, but without knowing the other person, or even really having a conversation with them!

Williams starts putting weird thoughts in Liz’s head and even though she’s so “smart”, she doesn’t realize what he’s doing. Like he suggests that Tom has a reason for wanting to kill her story about the secret society and might be the ringleader behind it. But of course he’s handsome and rich so not only will one of the twins fall for him, but he’ll also be evil. Of course.

Jess and Mike get married in Las Vegas and even though he’s supposedly super rich, she doesn’t get a real wedding ring. He just takes off a turquoise and silver ring from his hand and puts it on hers. She’s so caught up in his life and the excitement that she never stops to think about real life. They run into Steven when they come home and he pitches a major league hissy fit about the two of them, which makes her run off crying.

Nina has to deal with her mom, who wants her to transfer from SVU. Everyone acts like it’s a huge deal and she’s overreacting, but can you blame her? Her daughter was put in the hospital because she’s black and one of the only minority students in the school. Plus Nina had the chance to go to Harvard and Princeton, but chose SVU, which is just insane. Her mom also hates Bryan because she thinks he seems like a “radical”.

There’s also a whole plot about how Todd and Mark are being ostracized by other students since the favor story broke. He doesn’t have any friends, so he suddenly remembers Winston and they start hanging out again. He feels bad though when he sees him with his “friend” Denise and realizes how much things have changed since school started…like 3 weeks ago.

Parents’ Weekend is coming up and Jess decides to move back in with Isabella so her parents won’t know anything is wrong. But Mike freaks out, starts yelling and they have a whole fight. He gets pissed off every 5-10 pages because she won’t tell anyone they got married, she cries and then they make up again.

Liz drops by the building to see Steven and runs into Mike, who acts like her best friend. She learns that they’re living together and runs to her brother. That sets Mike off again because he realizes that Jess hadn’t told her sister where she was living, let alone the marriage thing. Liz, Steven and Billie decide to try and help Jess keep her secret from their parents, but let her know they aren’t happy.

Other stuff: Tom starts dating Celine because of her connections, but lets Liz think that they’re a real couple and Celine rubs it in her face constantly. Winston confesses to Denise that he told his parents they were dating because his dad was worried that he was gay and she agrees to pose as his girlfriend for the weekend. Nina decides to stay at SVU and her mom bonds with Bryan because she knew his dad in college.

Jess keeps her parents’ visit a secret from Mike and sneaks out to meet them when he goes to work. Ned and Alice are so caught up in the campus that they barely notice when Jess runs off to meet him for lunch. They meet William and aren’t impressed at all, but love Tom and think he’s a good guy. There’s also a funny moment where Ned asks about Todd because, “I always liked him”. Sure thing dad.

Steven, Billie, Liz, Jess, Ned and Alice head off to dinner and drive past Mike on the street. Jess knows she’s screwed as soon as she sees him and rushes back after dinner. He turns into an even bigger asshole. He screams, starts throwing stuff around the room and tells her to get away from him. He actually tells her to lock herself in the bathroom before he hurts her.

Then he hits her hard enough that she falls on the ground and she runs into the bedroom. Not long after, Liz shows up and finds the front door standing open. Mike threw around a bunch of furniture, broke a bunch of stuff and then just left. She finds Jess in the bedroom crying and decides to take action.

Liz starts packing her sister’s stuff up and trying to get her out the door as soon as she can. Jess keeps saying she can’t go, but won’t say why. She finally admits that they aren’t just dating or living together and that the reason she can’t leave is because they’re married.

Really Francine, really? We had to sit through 5 billion books where Jess is always in control of her dates, just to get to this. What, is Mike like the new Bruce Patman? It also annoys me that more stuff happens in a shorter period in these books than they ever did in Sweet Valley High. All of this crap has happened in four books and we’re not even to midterms yet!


  1. Going to an Ivy League school just isn't nearly as awesome as going to a school with two size six blonde haired girls with Pacific blue eyes. Haavaad can't compete!

  2. I completely forgot about that lol. Don't forget that SVU also has a couple of psychos, more frat parties per week than most schools have in a year and of course the beach..which is almost never mentioned :-)