Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sweet Valley University #13: SS Heartbreak

I swear that half this book involves Isabella yelling at Danny. She doesn’t want him telling his buddy Jason that he saw the guy’s fiancée making out with Tom. Really? She says it was one kiss and means nothing, but that’s bull shit. He’s about to marry the girl and he should really know something like that.

Danny agrees, but then turns it around so that he’s just trying to get Jason to call off the wedding. Like he tries to get him to check out other girls and he won’t. then he tries to convince him that marriage is expensive. Jason is kind of a dick though. He says they’ll save money because Nicole has a good job lined up and their friends will give them expensive gifts.

Jessica goes all crazy. She found a button belonging to her mysterious stranger and keeps going through all these cabins, looking for a shirt with the same button. Apparently the keys to her suitcases are the right size to fit the locks. Yeah right. She hears Danny talking about the kiss, then sees Liz crying in bed, as she tries to avoid Tom.

It’s kind of cute how Liz pines over Tom because it’s completely realistic for young love. She bursts into tears thinking about romantic songs. Then she fantasizes about doing all these great things and making Tom want her back. Young love? Hell I did that with my last breakup! Jess does kind of try and make Liz feel bad, by pointing out that she might have done the same thing with Todd.

Lila is kind of lounging around, when Bruce comes up. They cute flirt and he goes to get her a drink. Tisiano’s brother Leonard shows up and basically makes her feel like shit. Bruce comes back and they share some giggles at Leonardo’s rudimentary English and bond. Then Bruce leaves and Leonardo goes off, about Lila not mourning or being a widow for long enough, which is true. Didn’t he die like six months ago and she’s already in love with someone else? Then again, Jess was in love before Sam’s body was even cold. She ends up breaking it off with Bruce.

Alex and Noah start having all these problems. He gets all moody and barely talks, which makes her feel like he’s not interested. For someone who wants to be a psychiatrist, he really has no idea how to pick up on the feelings of others. He talks about the infinity of the ocean and then tries to make her feel like shit for picking an eyeshadow she thinks fits that color name. It doesn’t matter though because she meets Leonardo and he goes all crazy over her.

Bryan is still stranded back on the other island. He goes to buy some stuff and learns that someone stole his wallet. He meets a random stranger who takes him in, provided Bryan help him with work. Turns out the guy works on a boat, Bryan freaks and the guy offers to teach him how to swim, if he will help him write an essay to get into college.

Winston and Denise are also stuck. They rent a boat and promise to send help for Bryan, when they get to Juma, which is where the boat stops next. They head to the next island, which has nothing except for one hotel and stay the night there. Then they learn they’re on the wrong island and head off once again.

Danny and Isabella try to get Jason and Nicole to do things together, but Jason is still an ass. Nicole wants to go to the movies and he says popcorn is fattening and then suggests he go to the gym with Danny. Danny wants them to go swimming, Jason doesn’t want to because he has an inner ear infection. Danny says Paris is romantic, Jason says it’s a ripoff.

Liz goes to the 50s diner on the ship for a milkshake and runs into Todd with Gin-Yung. She totally monopolizes the conversation and doesn’t notice when the other girl runs off. Isabella gets pissed at Danny because he’s ignoring her and Tom keeps moping over Liz.

Jessica stalks the breakfast buffet, convinced her guy will show up. Liz walks in, the hostess gets snippy because of all the times Jess came through and dumps a tray of eggs on her plate. Uh, I think that could get her fired. Todd shows up and starts thinking about all those nights he imagined being with Liz at night, but when he really wanted, was to wake up and share breakfast with her in the morning. Aw…

We finally get to a day trip. Nicole wants to his the market, but Jason wants to try snorkeling. She agrees to go because she wants to be with him. Then Tom shows up, ready for the spice market and Jason pushes her off on him. They wander off and she asks Tom to kiss her, to prove he doesn’t want her and their other kiss was just a fluke. They kiss and Danny and Isabella see it happen because they convinced Jason to go to the market.

Todd and Liz visit the market together and he thinks about how he wishes he brought his camera. He says something like how 35 of the 36 pictures would be Liz and the last one wouldn’t have her, just to show what it looks like without her. Liz sees Tom kiss Nicole and kisses Todd, which Gin-Yung sees. She mopes to Noah, who’s moping over Alex having $100 turtle soup with Leonardo. By the way, Leonardo wants Alex to move to Italy and become a model for his company. Yeah, I’m sure she’d be just great.

Lila goes shopping, but gets depressed because everything reminds her of Bruce. Her husband introduced her to a perfume she buys, but she thinks about Bruce smelling it on her neck. She sees crystal he’d love and a tie she’d get for him. Bruce keeps having the same problem. He finds an art glass fish at a gallery, but the owner won’t sell it because her daughter made it for a show.

She finally tells him to come back at noon, after she talks to her daughter, but that someone else showed interest first. It turns out to be Lila and they argue over who should buy it. It’s funny because the woman says it’s $500 and they both agree to pay more, but she won’t take anything over $500. Fuck, I’d let them have a big ass bidding war on the site. Bruce buys it, but gives it to Lila, who runs out of the store in tears.

Jessica sneaks around the ship and runs into a porter. She tells him that she’s looking for her boyfriend and he offers to find him for $20. She realizes later that he was trying to bribe her to keep quiet, but she thinks it won’t really matter.

Danny gets back on the ship and Jason decides that they’ll just get the captain to marry them right away. He thinks Nicole is having second thoughts so he needs to rush her to the aisle. Danny has the ring, but pretends it was stolen and Jason goes to the captain. The book ends with the captain taking Jessica into custody for stealing the ring, after the porter squeals on her.

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