Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fear Street: Truth or Dare

April, her friend Jenny and Jenny’s boyfriend Ken are heading to a ski condo for a weekend. None of them are very good friends with Dara, but she asked them as a way to make some new friends. They get there early and wait around for her and her parents. They run into Josh, who Dara knows and who was also invited.

Dara shows up, but she doesn’t have her parents. Surprise! The teens are all alone for the weekend. Once they get inside, they meet Tony. His parents and her parents share the house and he got his weekends messed up. He also has this girl Carly with him and Dara is kind of pissed about them both being there. He points out that there are more than enough rooms at the house for everyone, so they agree to stay.

The whole group decides to play truth or dare. Ken reveals that he once saw someone drop a $10 bill and took it for himself. Someone asks April to tell them a secret that she wishes she didn’t know. She makes a comment about Summer Island and kind of looks at Ken. Then the game goes to Dara and she’s asked about her worst kisser. She kind of gives Josh a sly look and he flips out before storming out of the room.

Tony is dared to climb on the roof and bring down a Frisbee that’s stuck up there. He nearly falls off, which would probably kill him. He decides to give up and basically tells Dara to fuck herself. I don’t blame him. April wanders around in the snow and thinks about what she saw that last summer on the island.

This is so completely lame. Basically April was working and saw Ken with another girl. I guess it’s supposed to be so shocking because Ken and Jenny are the perfect couple and constantly making out. Then again, I guess that’s all you really need to be a good couple when you’re a teen. She saw them a few times and never told Jenny about it.

They decide to call it a night and the next day, it’s snowy and perfect outside. The only problem is that Dara and Josh are both missing. Their beds are empty, like no one slept there, but all of their stuff is still there. April suggests calling the police, but everyone else decides to wait awhile.

Even though they came up to go skiing and it’s perfect outside, no one actually goes outside. They sit around, eat and bull shit all day. After a few hours, they hear someone knocking on the door, but when they open it, no one is there. Eventually April realizes that it’s the old ski locker banging on the door.

They go outside and discover that Dara is stuck in the ski locker, with a hatchet stuck in her back. April discovers a note, which puts the blame on Josh. The note is to Dara, from Josh and asks her to meet him late at night and talk about what happened. I find the whole note thing fairly lame.

April tries to go to sleep that night, but keeps hearing weird noises. She becomes convinced that it’s Josh, coming back to murder her. It’s actually Tony and he’s freaking out because he thinks that April is Josh. They head downstairs and run directly into Josh. He’s freezing and stuck out in the cold.

They eventually let him in, but Tony jumps down his throat about killing Dara. Josh is shaking and suffering from frost bite, so he’s barely listening to him. He says he didn’t do anything. He tells them that he was so upset over what happened that he took the car for a ride. The car got stuck and he spent the whole day wandering around in the snow.

April decides to start searching for a red pen because the fake note was written in red ink. She then wants to take a walk, but can’t find her coat. Oopsie, Dara was wearing her coat. She realizes that whoever killed Dara, thought it was her because they saw her from the back. Without thinking, she grabs a coat and heads outside because she plans on walking back to town. Be damned with everyone else.

April sticks her hand in the pocket of the coat and finds the red pen…and it’s Ken’s jacket! Ken randomly pops up and says that he’s worried about her. She mentions last summer and he asks if she told Jenny. He apologizes and she runs away. Jenny agrees to ski into town with her. They get on a chairlift and Jenny tries to push her off.

Jenny goes off about last summer and how Ken was dating this girl Barbara (Ken and Barbie, hah!), but was supposed to end it when he came back to Shadyside. He kept seeing her, so Jenny went to talk to her. They fought and Jenny killed her. She pushes her off, but they’re at the top, so it doesn’t hurt her. Jenny attacks her with a ski pole, but then Ken shows up. He figured out what was going on and saves her life. Nice guy…for a cheater.

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