Sunday, November 7, 2010

Point Horror: The Stalker (Carol Ellis)

Janna is your typical teenage girl, except that she’s working as a dancer in a touring production of Grease. Right before she left for the summer, she broke things off with her boyfriend Jimmy Dare. Jimmy thought they would go to college together, get married and live happily ever after. Now she’s just living the single life.

After their latest show, she notices Ryan. He’s been with the theater group before and he’s super hot, so she starts blushing as soon as she sees him. She shares a room with three other girls: Liz, Gillian and Tori. Liz warns her about Ryan, saying that they dated last summer, he started cheating on her and then dumped her for another girl. Then he kept moving on to other girls in the group.

Weird things start happening and Janna isn’t sure what to think. She gets a card of a broken and torn apart leg, with a note telling her to break a leg. Then someone starts sending her flowers and leaving notes that say they’ll meet soon. Liz points out (accurately) that she’s a featured dancer, not a star.

After one production, the girls head outside and see a large group of people waiting for autographs. One normal looking guy pops up and asks for her by name. He introduces himself as Stan and shows her his girlfriend Carly, who immediately grabs him and makes him leave. She thinks it’s a little odd, but blows it off.

Cut to more flowers and more weird notes. Jimmy starts calling and she confronts him about everything. He admits that he did a few things, like the gruesome card, but only because he thought it might make her drop out of the show and come back to him. She screams at him and hangs up.

Janna runs into Ryan and after a little flirting, he asks her out. They go out a few times, but she pretty much keeps it hidden from everyone. Liz finds out, but warns her that he’s a player and he’ll hurt her too. They keep dating though, until she spots him making out with Liz backstage.

The girls go swimming and she tells them about what happened. Naturally they all think Liz is scum, but no one really says anything about Ryan. Janna spots a white car driving by and freaks out because it keeps driving around. The other girls point out that it’s probably some pervert who just wants to check out three girls in bikinis, but it gives her an icky feeling.

Janna frequently dances by herself on the stage, as a way to practice. One night the set piece tips over and crushes her. She ends up being forced to take the night off and Liz gets her featured dance spot. She’s back the next night though and when Ryan tries to talk to her, she blows him off. He tells her that Liz attacked him and he told her he wasn’t interested, but she doesn’t really care. Liz then tells her that the opposite happened, but she doesn’t want to hear her side either.

Someone starts calling and revealing things that show whoever it is that’s watching her is close by. The whole cast heads off to a dance club and she spots Stan there. She confronts him, yelling at him about stalking her and he acts all confused. His girlfriend Carly pops up and drags him off, yelling at Janna that she’s crazy.

Not long after, Janna gets a threatening phone call, looks outside and spots someone on the payphone across the street. She calls the cops and then runs out to look for herself. Someone smacks her across the back of the head and she passes out. The cops show up and tell her that they’ll do whatever possible and to call them if she gets anymore calls.

She tells the cops about Stan and they promise to talk to him. She and her friends spot him on the street, call the cops and they try to grab him. Of course she goes out on her own and nearly gets run over by a white car. She calls back and they say that Stan is officially gone, back to his hometown and they’re sure of it. Then she remembers that Jimmy’s dad drove a white car and calls him. It turns out that Jimmy borrowed his dad’s car for a new job selling encyclopedias in her area.

Jimmy eventually does show up and they have a huge confrontation. He says that he wants her to come home and she throws him out. Then she realizes that her lucky charm, a stuffed teddy bear, is missing. It turns up in her bag, mutilated and covered in red paint.

This all leads up to the end, where she wanders backstage after a performance and sees Ryan waiting for her. He’s all menacing and holding a giant knife, demanding that she talk to him. They fight and he comes after her with the knife. Suddenly, something hits him from behind and he topples over.

A figure steps out of the shadows and it’s Carly, Stan’s girlfriend. She’s carrying a huge ass metal chain and threatening to kill her. She says that Stan was a great boyfriend, until he became obsessed with Janna. It kept getting worse and worse, but if she kills Janna, the problem is solved.

Carly swings the chain and manages to hit her in the ankle. Janna gets back up and they end up chasing each other onto the catwalk. Carly swings the chain, Janna ducks and the chain hits the side of the catwalk. She loses her balance and falls off the catwalk. Ryan wakes up and the two make up, while waiting for the cops and the ambulance to arrive.

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