Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sweet Valley Twins #43: Elizabeth’s First Kiss

Apparently Liz and Todd were good friends up until fourth grade and then stopped talking. Forget the fact that in SVH, he just moved to town. They danced together at this party and now she kind of likes him, but Jessica is now in love with him too. Actually, Jessica just wants to be the first sixth grade Unicorn with a boyfriend and Todd kind of fits the bill. Plus, everyone keeps seeing them together and thinks he likes her.

Lila is obsessed with this guy Jake, who’s in eighth grade. She tells Janet and he sends back a message that Lila is kind of cute and maybe they can talk sometime. Ellen is also obsessed with another guy, so it seems like everything is lining up for the club. Jessica spots Todd riding by her house on his bike and he keeps showing up in the same places, so she thinks he likes her.

Liz thinks Todd likes Jessica too and I’m sure I’ve read this book before. Oh wait, this is the junior high version of the first SVH book! Anyway, she asks Jess for some advice on snagging and guy and her twin gives her the best advice ever: completely change yourself to make a guy like you. Please note my sarcasm in that line. Jess lends her clothes, curls her hair and puts makeup on her. Suddenly the guys are all flocking around Liz and the Unicorns are eying her too.

Todd talks to Liz and asks if she likes bowling because a new place just opened. She doesn’t realize that he’s trying to ask her out and talks about how she doesn’t really like it. Days later she realizes what happened, but by then the Unicorns have spread a rumor that she wants a boyfriend. Guys keep asking her out and she gives up makeup and changes her hair back.

Jess, Lila and Ellen go to the mall and run into their group of guys. Todd keeps bringing up Liz and then mentions bowling. Jessica turns it around and suddenly they have a triple date for the weekend. Liz is devastated and also pissed because she and her twin had plans to go bowling. Rumors go around school that Todd and Jess are officially a couple.

Of course the big date night arrives and none of the guys even talk to, let alone look at, the girls. Jess ends up bowling at the lane right next to some other guys and keeps eying Aaron Dallas. They do some flirting and she doesn’t even notice when Todd starts talking to Liz. He asks her to skip bowling and go for some ice cream. Then he admits that he’s liked her all along and really wants to spend time with her. He kisses her on the cheek, which is totally scandalous. She worries about what Jess will think, but then sees her twin wander in, holding hands with Aaron. All’s well that ends well I guess.


  1. All that build up and it ends with a kiss on the cheek? Wow, Sweet Valley was scandalous back in the day.

  2. I love how goofy Todd looks and how enormous those shoes are for a middle school student!

  3. I felt totally ripped off reading this as a kid and figuring out it was ONLY A KISS ON THE CHEEK!!

  4. Hahaha, a kiss on the cheek! It's like the biggest thing that can happen to a 12year old girl. I wonder what Liz would think of if she travel to the future and see girls that are, what? 10? snogging.
    Would be fun to see her reaction ;D