Monday, February 7, 2011

The Babysitters Club #10: Logan Likes Mary Anne

Mary Anne has finally realized that boys are out there and some of them are pretty damn cute. There are also other changes in her life too, mainly getting her first bra. Kristy is a little jealous because she still doesn’t need one and they used to be the only two that didn’t wear them. On the first day of school, she also sees the new guy Logan Bruno and freaks out. Stacey announces that he just moved into town from Louisville and that he’s really nice.

The club is also having a few problems because they have too many jobs and not enough sitters. At one meeting, Mary Anne schedules a Saturday night job and announces that every single sitter has a job scheduled for that day. They discuss the problem in school and Logan comes over. He tells the girls that he did a lot of sitting in Louisville and would like to do it in Stoneybrook. They decide to invite him to a meeting, to let him see how they work.

The meeting is kind of awkward because no one knows where to sit or how to act around a guy. Mary Anne spills a big bowl of popcorn when Logan accidentally touches her. Then Claudia starts to tell a story, but stops in the middle of “bra strap” because it’s so embarrassing. Logan starts telling a story about sitting for a boy who was potty training and then stops that one because it’s embarrassing. Eventually they give him a job sitting for the Rodowsky family, with Mary Anne watching to see what he does.

Logan is really great with kids and their parents, but Mary Anne notices a few problems. When Jackie tries doing chin ups on the shower rod and breaks it, Logan tells him about trying to the same thing and doesn’t check him out for injuries. Mary Anne is overall impressed, but that’s probably because he likes her smile. They finally decide not to invite him to join though because it would be so awkward. Logan takes the news in stride and says that he didn’t want to join for the same reasons, but he wants to take her to the next dance.

The BSC goes shopping to get her a new outfit, which includes a skirt with city names all over the bottom. During the dance, she accidentally kicks her shoe across the room and spends most of the night sulking on the bleachers. Stacey then decides to throw Mary Anne a surprise birthday party, on the advice of Charlotte Johansson. She tells her that it’s a regular party, though a boy-girl one, and suggests she bring Logan as her date.

On the night of the party, Stacey calls and tells her to come over 30 minutes later and then Claudia makes up an excuse why they can’t walk over together. Mary Anne still doesn’t get it, even when she gets to the party and everyone is already there. Then Stacey brings out a birthday cake, Mary Anne gets mortified and runs home to cry. She keeps waiting for someone to come over and apologize or at least check on her, but no one does.

The next day she works up the courage to ask her dad for a cat. He decides it’s okay, as long as she gets a stray from the pound. Then she calls Logan and Stacey both, who apologize. Stacey brings the other club members over and they give her all her gifts, play with Tigger and treat her to a piece of her birthday cake.

At the next meeting, they get a job during a time when everyone is busy. Mary Anne decides that it’s a great job for Logan because it’s a family of all boys. They come up with the idea of an associate officer, someone who can take on jobs when everyone else is busy. Mary Anne calls to tell him about it and Kristy officially swears him in over the phone.

*Seriously, the Kishis let Claudia have a boy in her room?

*The Rodowsky family are new in this book and no one has sat for them before. I always assumed they were one of the original clients because they get mentioned so much!

*Mary Anne’s reaction to the party was kind of…insane? It’s not like it was a bunch of strangers, they were all people from her school.

*When Mary Anne first sees Logan at school, she thinks he’s Cam Geary.

*The cover art Logan is not at all like I pictured Logan in my head. On this cover, he kind of looks like a little boy and way too young for Mary Anne.

*Dawn eats some of the birthday cake and then runs off to brush her teeth. I kind of like how in the early books, she was always described as eating healthy, but would sometimes have junk food.

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