Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Baby-Sitters Club Special Edition Reader’s Request: Logan’s Story

Logan Bruno is a babysitter and he dates Mary Anne, just in case you didn’t know! He’s an associate member, which means he never attends meetings. One night he’s just about to sit down to a homemade BBQ dinner, when Kristy calls him on the phone and asks him to attend the meeting. His dad is a little less than thrilled about him rushing off. He tends to look at the BSC as just a way for Logan to get close to his girlfriend.

The big news is that Dawn is leaving town for awhile because Jeff had a burst appendix and needs an operation. The club is way booked with jobs and Logan offers to take a few jobs. Kristy explains that they need him to actually attend the club meetings and take over as associate officer. He doesn’t really want to because he has football practice and is training for the track team, but he agrees to do it when Mary Anne starts crying.

Things go bad almost from the very beginning. The BSC is so slammed that Logan has to take two back to back jobs that take place during his football practice, so he has to skip practice. He keeps sitting for the Rodowsky boys because they like having a guy around. When Mary Anne brings some of her charges to his track practice though, things change. Jenny P. causes a huge accident and the guys start making fun of him. They call him Lois and act like he’s a girl.

At first, he handles all the teasing by fighting back. The more he babysits though, the worse it gets. At the same time, there’s a health fair taking place and Kristy gets the great idea to run a booth. They decide to run a booth dedicated to safe sitting. Logan has to take the Rodowsky boys and the club makes plans to alternate who runs the booth.

The boys want to go to the bathroom and claim they can go by themselves. Unfortunately Johnny wanders off and Logan can’t find him. It turns into a huge ordeal, but then Johnny turns up with King, one of the guys who kept picking on Logan. Johnny isn’t happy either because King said he had to use the “potty” and he’s too big for the potty. The BSC forgives him for his mistake, but Logan can’t take anymore and quits the club outright.

At the tryouts for the track team, Logan discovers that he has his own cheering section. The entire BSC turns out to cheer for him and not only does he get a spot on the team, but he beats King. The other guys suddenly decide being a member of the club isn’t such a bad thing because the girls are all pretty cute. He makes up with everyone and takes back his spot in the club.

*Look, I lived in Louisville and no way would you make BBQ sauce and cook the food an hour before serving it. BBQ is serious in the south, but Logan has his mom making the sauce when she gets home, slapping it on the food and his dad tossing it on the grill. Uh-uh.

*In what universe would Dawn get to skip school for weeks, just because her brother is sick? I understand giving her a few days to fly out and see him, but she’s gone for several WEEKS. I can’t even imagine her parents being okay with that.

*Why does Logan have to do Dawn’s job? Stacey is back, so she’s just the associate officer. It’s not like she really does that much. They could have just called him when they needed him to take someone’s job or take a sitting job.

*Logan gives Claudia’s number to a guy on the track team, but doesn’t bother to tell her. When he calls, she thinks it’s a prank and hangs up on him. I’d be more pissed about him whoring me out to his buddies, especially guys that are obviously assholes.

*The funny thing is that I have a friend staying with me and he kept cracking up when he saw BSC books all over the house. He saw me reading this one and when he heard the plot, he was shocked that there was even a boy in the club. He tried remembering if Logan was in the movie LOL.


  1. I thought it was pretty shitty that Logan had to keep missing practices in order to babysit.

  2. Yeah and Kristy didn't have a problem with it either, she just kept scheduling him for more jobs.

  3. FYI,Logan was in the movie.