Sunday, March 13, 2011

Friends Forever #8: Mary Anne’s Revenge

Mary Anne is still having nightmares about the fire, but she won’t talk to anyone about it. She’s also feeling kind of left out and neglected, but again, doesn’t tell anyone. She’s also working on the school yearbook and constantly butting heads with Cokie, who’s one of the editors. Cokie wants to do a feature on the best/most likely to…students in the school. She wants to stick to traditional categories, but the other kids outvote her and get new ones added.

The ballots go out to all the classes and Mary Anne and a few other kids count the responses. They notice that Cokie and her group sweep every category. When they look closer, they discover that some votes are missing, including most BSC members. They take it to the advisor and he decides to redo the ballots and let kids vote again.

Cokie also spreads some rumors around the school, telling everyone that Mary Anne is obsessed with Logan. She says that MA called him so many times that he had to change his number. Logan talks to her and tells her that he’s telling other people the rumors aren’t true. But, he also wants her to know that he’s now dating Dorie.

Mary Anne goes to Cary, who naturally agrees to help with the revenge side of things. They take out a bunch of magazine subscription ads, fill out Cokie’s information and keep them. He tells her to only use the cards if she really wants to get back at her. Cokie then invites her to a party at her house and Cary manages to steal her cell phone.

Mary Anne is also acting up around the house and Richard isn’t happy. He makes her go on a home tour with them and then busts her for coming home late when hanging out with Kristy. He grounds her, but she sneaks out to go to Cokie’s party. Cokie tries to humiliate her by saying (very loudly) that she’s hung up on Logan and trying to make him jealous. She kind of puts her in her place and then sneaks home.

Richard catches her sneaking into the house and calls her out. Sharon interrupts their fight with some news of her own. She knows that Mary Anne’s been having nightmares and also knows that Richard prowls the house all night. He’s paranoid that another fire might happen and trying to protect everyone. He makes up with Mary Anne and agrees to let her have a little more freedom.

*I love how Abby quit the BSC so she could focus on her already full schedule and yet she keeps popping up and doing new activities. She can easily make multiple afterschool meetings for the yearbook, but god forbid she sit for any kids!

*The magazine thing doesn’t really make sense. At most, she’d get a bunch of bills in the mail and that’s it. I just did one of those XBOX 360 magazine offers, where they were supposed to send me one free issue and then I could decide if I wanted the subscription. Yeah…I got a bill in the mail saying I needed to pay my yearly subscription and then get my free month.

*Cary steals the cell phone, but it’s never mentioned again. I’d totally be calling China and 1-900 sex lines with that thing!

*Claudia wins most artistic, Abby and Logan are most athletic, Stacey gets most likely to be seen in Beverly Hills and Kristy wins most likely to be elected president.

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