Monday, April 18, 2011

The Baby-Sitters Club #8: Boy-Crazy Stacey

The entire BSC is heading off for a few weeks, except for Kristy, who is staying home and having some blended family time. Dawn is going to California, Claudia to a winter resort and both Mary Anne and Stacey are going to Sea City with the Pike family. Stacey’s parents are a little worried about how she’ll do away from home, but give in and let her go.

Once they get to town, they’re instantly smitten. Stacey notices a good looking lifeguard and despite Mary Anne’s warnings that he’s way too old for her, she talks to him anyway. His name is Scott, he’s 18 and getting ready to go to college. She thinks he is too old, but it doesn’t stop her. She notices that he calls her beautiful and treats her differently than he does the other young girls that hang around.

Stacey quickly starts spending all of her time with Scott and ignoring her duties as a mother’s helper. She thinks Mary Anne is okay with it because a cute boy mother’s helper is always hanging around. Scott gives her his whistle and she thinks he’s in love with her. The Pike family give them the night off and they spend all night going out. Stacey drags her into a bunch of stores, trying to find the perfect gift for Scott. She finally guys him a box of chocolates, only to find him making out with another girl.

Stacey is devastated and heartbroken. She refuses to go back to the beach because she might run into him. After a few days of this, Mary Anne finally calls her on her shit. She goes into town with one group of kids and Stacey has to go to the beach. She meets Alex, the boy mother’s helper and discovers that he’s pretty nice. She suggests Mary Anne ask him out and ends up doubling with his cousin Toby.

They go out on the town and she ends up really liking Toby. She wins him a hat and he wins her a stuffed animal. They see the boys the next day, which is their next to last day in town. Toby wants to kiss her, but doesn’t because of the kids. They all head back home and she calls Mary Anne. Mary Anne tells her that she exchanged rings with Alex and really likes him. Stacey reflects on her time and decides Scott probably did like her as a friend, but he was way too old after all.

*I don’t know what kind of diabetic Stacey is. I have diabetes, as do several cousins, friends and my parents. Not a single one of us are forbidden from eating processed cheese. Stacey has to say no to a cheese omelet because it uses processed cheese.

*I find it hard to believe that Richard would even let Mary Anne go away for two weeks. It wasn’t that long ago that he was making her wear little kid clothes.

*The Pikes better pay those girls an awful lot of money! Except for two nights off and one day trip, Stacey and Mary Anne spend every minute with the kids. Mother’s helpers need some time away from the kids.

*Scott has Stacey get him drinks and even make him sandwiches. The whole time, she’s actually excited because he’s asking her and not the other girls. I remember acting like this as a teenage girl LOL.

*Mary Anne complains about Stacey not doing her job, but she lets her get away with it for most of the trip. If you have a problem, then fucking say something.

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