Friday, April 8, 2011

The Baby-Sitters Club Super Special #7: Snowbound

No major event can occur without the BSC finding a way to capitalize on it. This time, it’s a blizzard that strikes town. The weather forecast keeps calling for snow, but it never comes. Once it does, all the club members are stuck in some unique situation. Kristy asks them to write about their experiences and then contacts the newspaper, which agrees to publish their stories. Good luck fitting 200+ pages into a newspaper article!

Kristy invites Bart over to watch a few movies and eat dinner. The kids drive her crazy by hanging out all the time and calling him her boyfriend, but they have fun together. When the blizzard hits, Bart gets stranded at her house and has to spend the night. Kristy flips out over him being there and gets up super early to shave her legs, take a shower and put on makeup. Everyone picks on her, but it’s okay because Bart tells her she’s beautiful.

Claudia is sitting for the Perkins’ girls, when the blizzard hits. Mr. and Mrs. Perkins are stranded at a friend’s house, so she has to stay all night. Chewy gets lost and Mrs. Kishi comes over, but they manage to find him. She offers to stay, but Claudia tells her that they’ll be fine. The next day, she teaches the girls how to make snow cream.

Mallory and Mary Anne are watching the Pike kids, while their parents go to NYC. They get stuck there overnight, so they have to watch the kids. Mr. Spier offers to come over, but he really wants to wait for word from Sharon and Dawn. They run out of food because Mrs. Pike didn’t get to the store. Logan shows up on cross-country skis, baring enough food for everyone.

Jessi is excited because Quint is coming to town as her date for the big school dance. She gets stranded overnight at the dance school, where she had rehearsals. She keeps worrying about what happened to him, but he shows up because he walked from the station. They watch the kids overnight and eventually get to the dance together.

Dawn and her mom go to the airport to pick up Jeff for the holidays. She’s worried because he’s suddenly afraid of flying. His plane gets diverted to Washington D.C. because of the snow and they have to spend the night in the airport. Jeff finally gets into town and he’s just excited because he got a shoehorn and got to stay in a hotel by himself.

Stacey and her mom go to the mall to get a perm. Maureen takes the back way home, thinking the roads will be less crowded and they get stuck in the snow. They run out of gas and Stacey needs to eat because of her diabetes. A random stranger sees them stuck and takes them home, where they get to eat and have a nice place to sleep.

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