Saturday, April 9, 2011

Point Horror: Twisted (R.L. Stine)

Abby and her sister Gabriella are arguing because Abby wants to rush a sorority. Gabriella keeps saying that they won’t accept her, but she keeps insisting. Gabriella sneaks out of the room, just as their mom arrives. They talk for a few minutes and then Abby leaves for the meeting.

At first she’s kind of excited about things, but then she runs into people she knew from high school, including Nina and Leila. Nina is a former friend that she lost contact with, while Leila is a homewrecking bitch. She also meets Jessie, a loudmouth girl who wouldn’t have a shot at the sorority if it weren’t for being a legacy. Afterwards, she hangs out with Nina and kind of pumps her for information on this guy Gordon. Apparently she and Gordon were super happy, until her best friend Leila started dating him on the side.

At their next meeting, the Tri Gam president Andrea announces that they have only five spots to fill and ten girls. She’s taking them on a trip and they’re expected to participate in a crime. No one really takes it seriously, but Andrea insists that it’s true. She says that it will help the girls bond and give them a lifelong secret. I love that she tells them they won’t all make it, but then takes everyone up there and expects them to keep the secret, even if they don’t make it.

Suspiciously, Gabriella knows all about the meeting and claims that they really do have to do a crime. Then she disappears and Gordon drops in through her window. He apologizes for what happened between them and she throws herself at him, thinking he wants her back. She starts kissing him and he resists, but eventually gives in and they make out a little.

The girls all head out to some random cabin in the woods. Nina lets it slip that Abby had some type of breakdown after Gordon dumped her. She also reveals that Leila was seen in the backseat of Gordon’s car a few nights ago and people are starting to talk or worry about her reputation. Andrea takes the girls to an old-fashioned antique store and then reveals that the next day, they’re going to rob the place.

Of course no one really believes that it’s going to happen, except for one girl that drops out. Abby and Leila are assigned the same room and Gordon shows up. Abby throws herself at him, but he pushes her aside because he came to see his girlfriend. They disappear into a spare bedroom for the night and Abby pouts, then kind of cries herself to sleep.

The girls get to the store the next day and meet Mrs. Driftwood, who owns the store. Nina pulls a gun, which Andrea swears has blanks. Mrs. Driftwood has a heart attack and keels over. Jessie checks on her and announces that she’s dead. They all go back and Andrea tries to keep them calm, telling them it isn’t their fault.

Cut to a few hours later and the girls find Andrea dead of a gunshot wound. Several of the girls saw Gordon running away from the house not that long ago. When he suddenly shows up, the other girls are convinced he’s the killer. Abby tries saying that he came to see her, but he cuts her off and reveals that he came to see Leila and spent the night with her.

Abby is shocked when Gabriella sneaks into the house, saying she just came to watch after her sister. Abby pushes her away and then worries about everything that’s happened. Nina and the other girls manage to track down a phone cord and decide to call the police, but they can’t find the phone. Leila goes upstairs, deciding that it’s finally time to talk to Abby about Gordon.

When Abby turns though, she announces that her name is actually Gabriella! She fights with Leila and drags her downstairs to the basement. Gordon shows up and tries to stop her, revealing that when Abby had her breakdown, she invented a sister named Gabriella. It’s surprisingly anticlimactic because the other girls run downstairs when they hear the noises and Abby is subdued.

The door opens and Andrea walks in with Mrs. Driftwood. She announces that it was all a big joke and Jessie was in on the whole thing. Her sister told her what the sorority did, so they brought her in on the joke. She makes a comment about how no one got hurt and Nina looks at Abby. Andrea promises to get her help.

 Nina makes a big speech about how she hates the sorority and what they stand for, but she’s staying because she wants to make the sorority better. Leila tells Gordon that she feels bad because she and Abby were once good friends and she never realized she was sick. Then they kiss and she decides to make her life better and stand by his side.

*What the fuck? Seriously, in what universe is Gordon a good catch? He apparently almost flunked out of school, couldn’t get into college and doesn’t work either. Leila also went off on her parents when they told her she could do better and pitched such a fit that they backed off.

*Leila never once apologizes for stealing Gordon or dating her best friend’s boyfriend behind her back. She never even admits that she did her wrong, just that she feels bad they weren’t friends anymore.

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  1. I just finished reading this, I thought it was a good book though I didn't really understand the end when it kept switching between Abby and Gabriella. I found myself reading back all the parts where Gabriella is featured, but couldn't solve it. So in the end Abby is somewhat mentally insane and in reality is an only child/has no sister (noting that Leila did mention to Abby that she has no sister). But thanks for the clarification!