Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sweet Valley Twins #28: April Fool!

Jessica comes up with a great idea for the twins annual April Fool’s Day trick. Instead of switching places like they always do, they’ll just pretend that they made a switch. They play up the way they look, so everyone will think they switched places. It works right from the start, with their whole family thinking they switched places.

Liz just won a big essay contest and she gets to pick a free magazine subscription as her prize. The teacher calls Jess up, thinking she’s actually Liz, and she picks a teen music magazine. Then Jess fails a soufflé making dish in home ec and the teacher gives her a bad grade, but writes it next to Liz’s name. Liz gets an A, but the grade goes to Jess.

Then Liz gets called out in class for a note Jessica wrote and given a detention. She gets another detention when the principal sees her running in the halls and thinks that she’s Jessica. The Unicorn Club grabs her and tells her she has to take part in a charity car wash. After washing the car, she discovers it was all a big prank. To top it all off, Am y takes Jessica home for a special dinner and swimming because she thinks she’s actually Liz.

The one good thing is that both her detentions are cancelled. The principal has to leave and her teacher has a dentist appointment. When she gets home though, Mrs. Wakefield is pissed. Jessica was supposed to send an important package and she never did. She sends Liz upstairs and she has to listen as Jessica gets ready to go to Amy’s and even wears her new swimsuit.

To make matters worse, Alice won’t let her go to the big school dance that night. She has to go with her parents to a special school board meeting. It turns out that the meeting is at the school and just as they get there, Alice makes her go to the gym and drop off a shirt for Jessica. Liz walks in and everyone shouts.

Ha-ha Liz, the joke is on you. Jessica set the whole thing up as a fucking joke on you! Almost everyone knew they didn’t switch places and just pretended. The teacher switched their grades, the principal never planned on giving her a real detention and the magazine subscription is actually the one she wanted. Liz feels bad for about 12 seconds and then laughs it up with everyone because no one gets that Jessica is a psychopath.

*Liz’s revenge on Jessica for a day of torture is to lie and say she told off Bruce Patman. She doesn’t even keep the joke going for very long because as soon as Jess looks freaked out, she announces it was a joke.

*Steven fakes having a heart attack and Liz takes him seriously. Is she really six years old?

*Alice wears a brunette wig and Ned puts his tie on backward. Hardy har-har.

*Everyone is all caught up in practical jokes, which I find a little hard to believe. Like Ken replaces Amy’s hot dog at lunch with a rubber one and the principal makes a bunch of fake announcements, telling the kids that the ice cream freezer broke, the carnival is cancelled and the buses aren’t working.

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  1. This is the book that made me stop reading Sweet Valley Twins and fully switch over to SVH. I read this when it was first published and I was like 11, and I HATED it. It's like everyone else takes on Jessica's psychopathic behavior for this one.