Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Baby-sitters Club Super Special: Baby-sitters’ Winter Vacation

The BSC is off for a week long trip to a ski lodge. Apparently the owners of the lodge have a ton of money and offer free or reduced price trips to kids all over the East Coast. A winter war is also taking place, where the kids are on a red or blue team and compete in different winter sports. The night they get there, an elementary class crashes on the way. The teachers are injured and the BSC steps up to help out.

Kristy spends the whole book bragging about her team and how they will kick everyone’s ass. She gets pissy at Claudia who judges the ice sculpture contest for letting someone on her team win. She wins her leg of the skiing competition, but watches everyone else lose. Then she forces a bunch of kids to do cross-country skiing, despite having no experience. One of the guys, Jay, falls and breaks his ankle. She cries to Mary Anne, but he forgives her and even dances with her.

Dawn attempts a bunch of different activities and fails at every single one. Some kids make fun of her for dropping a baton during the relay race and she decides to sit out the rest. She tries playing Monopoly, but sucks at that too. She goes to Mary Anne, who barely listens and they fight. They later make up and she feels better.

Mallory feels panicky and crappy because the school is hosting a dance. She spends the whole book freaking out and not wanting to go. She gets the big idea to take the kids to the dance and volunteers to watch them all night. Of course some random guy asks her to dance and she feels perfect.

Stacey meets this guy Pierre because no super special would be complete without her having a random hookup. She constantly wonders if she’s in love because of how she feels and how she never felt that way before. She finally decides that it probably is love. They say their goodbyes, exchange addresses and promise to write, but I don’t think he’s mentioned again.

Jessi is paired with Pinky, one of the little girls and because she acts rude, Jessi naturally decides that she must be a racist. It turns out that Pinky is just sad at being away from home and trying to cover it up. Jessi gets put in charge of the big talent show and worries about no one listening to her, probably because they’re all racist. She decides to do a big, fancy ballet number (after a bunch of funny acts) and gets a standing ovation.

Mary Anne gets extra credit to write a history of the lodge. She reads about a possible ghost and hounds everyone at the lodge, before learning it’s probably just a story. She decides to have everyone write in a journal and present it to Logan later because he went to Aruba with his family. She spends the whole book moping over how much she misses him. She finally gets over it, but the trip is almost over.

Claudia meets Guy, a skiing instructor and develops an instant crush on him. She’s absolutely sure that he feels the same way, until he shows up with his wife and two kids. She mopes for a little while, but then he shows up at the dance and dances with her once. She feels moderately guilty because of Will, but he’s hardly ever mentioned either.

*The more I read these books, the less I like Kristy’s attitude. When the lodge owners ask for help for the kids, she just steps up and says the BSC will help. Then she acts kind of ticked that they don’t jump all over themselves to have them help.

*Why does Claudia get to judge a contest, when she’s taking part in the war? That seems like a major conflict to me.

*These girls are way too close! Mary Anne and Jessi practically cry when they find out they’re grouped by classes and won’t sleep with the other members. Like they never talk to girls in their classes?

*So, do the lodge owners have a fully equipped staff on hand too? Where did they get their money? They have a cook, a full kitchen staff and apparently skiing instructors too.

*Apparently the only way a student can get out of the trip is if they have existing plans. Logan’s family planned on going to Aruba, so he got out of the trip. They all kind of act like they feel sorry for him, but I’d much rather be in Aruba in the middle of winter.

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