Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ghosts of Fear Street #4: Nightmare in 3-D

Wes is getting frustrated because, much like me, he can’t see the image inside 3-D posters. This annoying set of twins live down the street and he nicknames them Gabby and Corny. They bring a new poster to school and brag about how well they see the image. When they get a new poster, Wes finally snaps. The first person that identifies the image inside wins a prize.

He drags his best friend Lauren to the five and dime store and buys a poster. The store owner Sal tells him that sometimes you see things you don’t want to see and warns him about the poster. Then he grabs his arm, says he has the gift of sight and tells him that some things should stay in the 2-D world.

Wes takes the poster home, shows it off to his family and no one sees anything in it. Later that night he gets up close to the poster and notices a praying mantis inside. The bug comes to life and eats a moth flying by. He also sees the toy soldiers on his wallpaper move and decides something is weird about it. The next day, the twins’ dog gets loose in their house and has a big chunk of fur missing when they find him. The twins accuse their cat, but Wes notices a chunk of fur on the poster.

He decides to tell his parents, but they naturally don’t believe him. He does tell Lauren and she doesn’t believe him either, until the bug comes out of the poster and attacks her. Wes is the only one that can see the bug and he has to save everyone. The bug attacks his teacher and he distracts it by throwing books at its head.

The bug follows him into the classroom and goes after the class pets. Wes and Lauren make a big deal about freeing the animals and release all of them. The bug gets bored and wanders down the hallway to the cafeteria. They follow and he manages to save Corny from the bug. He discovers that if he concentrates closely on the bug, it will dissolve back into the poster.

They decide to cut the poster up into a bunch of little pieces. That becomes a bad idea when each piece releases a tiny praying mantis. Wes flicks on the light because all bugs are attracted to light and the bugs flock to it. He concentrates as hard as possible, but it just forms one large bug.

Wes accidentally steps on his glasses, but luckily his sister walks in and he steals hers. Their parents are outside burning trash, so he forces the bug back into the poster, runs outside and throws the poster on the fire.

A few weeks pass and he gets his reward in the mail for identifying the image in the poster. Lauren is uncertain and asks what the image is, or if he can still see it. Wes stares at it and a giant tarantula comes shooting out. He thinks about destroying the poster, but then decides the better option is to call over the twins for a visit…

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