Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sweet Valley High #107: Jessica’s Secret Love

The twins are back from London and Jessica is (naturally) ready to fall in love again. When Liz starts recapping their adventures, she convinces Lila to go for a job along the beach. A Frisbee comes out of nowhere, almost taking off her head. When she looks up, a gorgeous man is standing in front of her. Lila wanders off with his friend, but Jessica stays with the hot guy. They share a “moment”, he kisses her and just as she’s falling in love (yet again), he announces that he can never see her again and rushes off.

Jessica is heartbroken because, despite the fact that they only saw each other for three minutes, she is absolutely certain that he is the great love of her life. She even tells Liz and her friends that he means more to her than Sam, which makes them realize that she’s serious. I love that, considering how many guys she’s been with since Sam died! There was James, Todd, that guy in London and now a new guy.

At the same time, Alice’s old college roommate had a daughter Sue. Sue writes to Alice, asking for advice in planning her wedding, since her mom died. Alice invites her to town and Sue arrives pretty quickly. She tells them all about her wonderful fiancé Jeremy and we all know where this is going. They met while working for a conservation group, fell in love at first sight and are crazy about each other.

Sue starts planning the wedding because Jeremy is in New York. The girls look at wedding rings and each pick out their favorites. Liz starts thinking that Sue seems kind of immature. Compared to who, I wonder. She isn’t concerned about the environment, wants a huge engagement ring and wants a big wedding in a church. Jessica claims that her perfect wedding would be a small one on the beach.

Jeremy finally arrives in town and of course he’s the guy from the beach. Jessica wants him, but he’s obviously engaged to another woman. Jessica decides that she has to make him realize she’s the one. She is supposed to take him to meet Sue, but pretends to get lost so they end up at Miller’s Point together.

She keeps weaseling her way into his life and when that fails, she decides to find a way to call off the wedding. When they go to look at rings, he picks out the ring Jessica wanted. Then he makes a comment about wanting a small beach wedding. Sue changes her original plan and it’s proof to Jess that he’s her soulmate. She calls a bunch of guys on the phone, trying to get someone to take her out to dinner.

Jessica ends up at the same restaurant as the happy couple, with Bruce. She pretends that they’re a happy couple and has dessert with them. Jeremy acts pretty jealous and Jess is sure that he loves her. He still refuses to call off the wedding, so she throws Sue’s wedding dress in the street. All that does is piss off Alice and result in Jess paying an expensive cleaning bill.

Liz tries pointing out that he’s too old for her and that he shouldn’t have kissed someone, while engaged. Jessica just keeps saying repeatedly that it’s fate. She tries ruining things for Sue, by acting like a brat when picking out bridesmaid dresses. Liz finally gives her a copy of an article the two wrote together and it opens her eyes a little. She starts thinking of the two of them cozying up together in New York, throwing dinner parties and hanging out with friends. Liz points out that his friends probably couldn’t even accept the idea of him dating such a young girl.

Lila starts dating Jeremy’s friend Robby, who goes out of his way to wine and dine her. He takes her to his huge house, drives her around in his fancy car, buys her expensive gifts and shows her his upscale dog. He’s an artist and he starts dropping hints about whether she would still like him if he didn’t have money. He finally admits that he’s broke and she breaks up with him. Lila asks how Jess would feel if Jeremy lied to her. Jess eventually admits that even if she was engaged to Sam, she would have left him after one kiss with Jeremy. Poor Sam.

Cut to the big engagement party at the Wakefield house. Jess manages to get Lila and Robby back together, but then mopes over Jeremy. Sue convinces the two of them to dance and he starts ranting about Bruce, who showed up with Pamela. She admits that they aren’t dating and she used him to make Jeremy jealous. They dance off into the shadows and Jessica begs him to give their love a chance. He tells her that he loves Sue like a sister, but loves Jessica in a different way. He thinks she’s stronger than Sue and will eventually meet the right guy for her. They end up kissing and the book ends with Sue wandering around, trying to find her fiancé.

*I love this one part of the book. Sue mentions something about the undergarments she bought for her wedding night and Jessica freaks out because she suddenly realizes that Jeremy will see Sue naked after the wedding. Really Francine, really? Do you honestly expect us to believe that an engaged couple are saving themselves for marriage?


  1. Jessica is so deluded. I'd feel sorry for her if I didn't hate her so much.

  2. I always hated how slutty she came across in the books, but never actually slept with anyone. You just know that if this was real life, every guy in school would either (a) just say they had sex with her or (b) never date her because she was a frigid cow LOL