Sunday, December 18, 2011

13 Tales of Terror: “The Doll” by Carol Ellis (Point Horror)

A fisherman stumbles on a black box stuck in the side of a cliff. A few months earlier, Abby and her sister Lindsay moved to a new house after their parents’ divorce. After moving into the creepy old house, she decides to clean out the attic. Upstairs she finds an antique porcelain doll in an old leather case. Her mom thinks the doll might be valuable, but she thinks it is pretty enough to display in her room.

Her friend Erin spends the night and thinks the doll is just creepy. Abby has a dream that she’s a little girl hiding in the hallway. Then she hears a scream, wakes up and finds that Erin almost fell down the stairs. Erin swears the someone or something tripped her.

Mark, the hot guy in school, asks Abby out on a date. He comes by the house and Lindsay shows him the doll. She tells Abby that the doll was sitting in the middle of the hallway. Mark thinks it’s cute that she has a doll and that while pretty, the doll is not as pretty as her.

Abby has another dream. This time she pictures the little girl running out in the middle of the road. She gets a call that Mark was in an accident. He hit a curve and crashed into a tree. They rushed him to the hospital, where he swears that he swerved to avoid hitting a little girl.

She runs upstairs, looks at the doll and swears the doll has a glint in her eye. She shoves her in the old case and drives off. When she gets to the edge of the cliff, she hears the doll beating her hands against the case. She tosses it over the cliff and leaves in a hurry.

The fisherman opens the case and sees the expensive looking doll inside. After a few seconds, he closes the case and smiles. Christmas is coming up and he has a little girl that just loves dolls.

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