Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Goosebumps #7: Night of the Living Dummy

Lindy and Kris are sisters that don’t get along and are super competitive with each other. One day they’re investigating a construction site and see clothing. Kris freaks out, thinking that it’s a kid, but when Lindy gets close, she sees that it’s a dummy. She immediately names it Slappy, makes it hit her sister and thinks it’s hysterical.

Lindy gets pretty good at using the dummy and others start noticing. When she gets a gig at a birthday party and Kris realizes she’ll make money, she decides that she wants one too. Their parents tell them to share the dummy first and they’ll see if they both are still interested in a few weeks. They finally break down (after like a week) and buy Kris one from a pawn shop.

While Lindy’s wears a little suit and shiny shoes, hers wears a flannel shirt, jeans and sneakers. She decides that hers is much cooler. Weird things start happening though, like they find Mr. Wood (Kris’s dummy) sitting on top of Slappy. Mr. Wood keeps moving around the room, saying weird things and acting odd. Kris tells her parents, but they don’t believe her. Then she finds him sitting in the kitchen floor, surrounding by the contents of the fridge and wearing all of her jewelry. Their parents decide that they both have to give up the dummies, but Lindy promises to clean it up, replace the food and promises that nothing like that will ever happen again.

Lindy finally confesses that she did it all, just to freak her sister out. Kris is pissed, but they move past it. Then she finds a note in his pocket, with strange writing on it. She reads the words out loud and swears that she saw his eye blink. Their parents have guests over and Kris tries to entertain them with her dummy, but he keeps talking and insulting them, which gets her in trouble.

Kris is pegged to use her dummy as an opening act for the big school show. Mr. Wood goes off on his own, insulting the principal and spewing green slime all over the stage. She’s suspended from school and her parents promise to take the dummy back to the pawn shop after the weekend is over. Kris sees him wandering out of the room one night and gives chase.

Mr. Wood calls her a slave and fights with her. She screams for her parents and tackles him. Of course when they get there, he’s not moving. They get upset and yell at her again. Lindy saw him move and decides that they need to get rid of him. They stick him in a suitcase and bury him in the yard, but the next day he’s sitting in the kitchen covered in dirt.

When Mr. Wood attacks and nearly kills their dog, they decide to just outright kill him. They drag him to the construction site and he fights back. He runs in front of a bulldozer and it runs him down. The driver freaks out because he saw the dummy running and thinks he hit a kid. He picks up the dummy, which disintegrates and they walk off smiling. Only when they get home, Mr. Slappy is waiting. He’s glad they got rid of the other guy, so he could make them his slaves.

*What kind of parents are these??? They tell the kids to stop being so competitive, but then foster it, by getting Kris her own dummy. They make her wait a whole week before getting her one.

*Lindy had the dummy less than a weekend before she was getting paying gigs. I’m sure some people in the entertainment industry would like to call bullshit.

*By the way, she goes from birthday party act to appearing on a television show in like two weeks. That’s damn good considering that when she started, she couldn’t stop moving her lips.

*I can’t see any young girl getting into dummies. I still find them super creepy today.

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