Thursday, December 8, 2011

Point Horror 13 Tales of Horror: Blood Kiss (D.E. Athkins)

Elizabeth and her friends Delia and Val are obsessed with the new guy Ken. He not only looks great, but he seems interesting too. For some reason a rumor spreads that he might be a real life vampire and they love him even more. He starts dating a cute cheerleader, but a few days later she comes to school with a scarf wrapped around her neck and won’t tell anyone what happened.

Ken makes his way through a few different girls at school all with the same results. Then Delia stakes her claim on him, they date a few times and she comes to school with a turtleneck and refuses to discuss what happened. Val goes after him next, but things are different. She looks better than ever, while Ken constantly looks drained and out of sorts. Finally they break up and both she and Delia downplay the whole thing, saying that the stories are just rumors.

Elizabeth decides to confront him and he asks her out. She wears a low cut dress and throws herself at him. She brings up the vampire rumors while they park and he tells her to make up her own mind. He nips at her neck and she is disappointed that he is just a guy.

Oh, but wait! Suddenly his eyes start glowing and she realizes that he really is a vampire. He explains that teenage girls always want to play with him, but they eventually get sick of it. Val was the exception. She wanted to keep playing and he finally pulled away from her. Of course, why would a vampire want free flowing blood? Elizabeth just leans back, exposes her neck and lets him suck away.

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