Thursday, December 15, 2011

Point Horror: The Phantom (Barbara Steiner)

Forgive me if this one is lacking some details. It started out kind of interesting, but then got super boring and I started speed reading and skimming.

Amelia “Mel” is a cheerleader and worried about her co-cheerleader and best friend Jillian. Jillian was dating the football quarterback, but he was seriously injured in a game. He went into a coma and died almost a year ago. Her boyfriend Garth was supposed to guard him during the game and he kind of blames himself for what happened.

At the first pep rally, Jillian begs off, saying she can’t handle seeing everyone get so worked up. After the cheerleaders finish cheering, the lights go out and smoke blows across the room. Suddenly Reggie, the dead quarterback walks into the room, wearing his famous uniform. He waves to the crowd and then quickly disappears.

Everyone thinks Coach Pal was behind it, but he thinks it was just a disgusting prank. He uses it to get the crowd fired up for the next game. Amelia sneaks backstage and sees a smoke machine and the box the “phantom” stood on, proof it was a living person. She also sees the coach and drama teacher talking about who could possibly do something like that.

Cut to a few hours before the game and Jillian is hanging out with this guy Shelby. He’s a goofy, short drama club kid that she wouldn’t even look at the year before. Amelia watches how they keep holding hands and he keeps touching her, making her realize that they’ve been together for awhile. The team wins the game and she organizes a group outing to a nearby island.

Jillian and Shelby arrive together, as do a bunch of other kids. Reggie’s brother Tucker also shows up and acts kind of weird. Suddenly, Reggie rises from the water wearing his jersey again. He quickly disappears and then Buddy, the new quarterback is pushed into the fire. He burns his hands badly and is told that he’ll never play football again.

Garth is made the new quarterback for the team and the phantom turns on him. He takes his grill to a party at the coach’s house and it explodes. Someone doused it with gasoline, but luckily everyone walks away from the incident. Then another player puts on his pads and is stuck with benzene soaked needles and winds up in the hospital. Plus Amelia gets weird phone calls from someone claiming to be Reggie and then Shelby calls and warns her to stay away from Jillian and let her lead her own life.

After Garth’s next game, he and Amelia drive home together. Reggie steps in front of the car, they swerve and crash, but survive. They agree not to tell anyone what happened and blame it on a deer. Jillian shows up with a bunch of people, shocked over what happened. A few days later, Garth gets a note signed with Tucker’s initials asking him to meet him on his boat. Garth refuses to go, so Amelia does and it almost killed when the boat explodes. Luckily Tucker saves her at the last minute.

It all boils down to Amelia and Garth getting stuck in the high school. She sees Reggie step out of the shadows, carrying a gun. Realizing that it’s Shelby’s gun, she asks him to drop it. He does, but then runs off and climbs the girders. Garth goes around the back and climbs onto the catwalk. The face mask falls off and Amelia realizes that it’s Jillian. She tries talking her down, but her hand slips and she hits the floor.

Shelby runs in and confesses that he knew all along what she was doing. He thought it was a healthy prank (?) at first that would help her get over Reggie’s death. WTF? Anyway, he begged her to stop and she promised she would, but obviously kept it going. Jillian starts talking about Reggie and how she can see him. He came to her and asked her to help him get even with everyone who helped in his death because they didn’t deserve to be happy.

Jillian also tells Shelby that she knew he loved her, but she never had any feelings for him because her heart always belonged to Reggie. Ouch. Garth runs to call the cops and Amelia sits by her friend’s side, promising she’ll be okay. The ambulance arrives, they head off and then Amelia decides to go with her. Oops too late! Apparently in the five seconds where she was having a conversation to the time they put her in, she died.

BTW, this makes no sense at all! Supposedly Jillian was dressed like Reggie the night they had the accident, BUT she wasn’t even there! They had the accident and she rode up with another group and was there with that group. Not even a psycho can be in two places at once…

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