Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sweet Valley Twins #19: The Bully

Dennis Cookman is a huge bully. He steals money from Lila, beats up on a kid named Jimmy Underwood and generally hates everyone. Elizabeth, Amy, Aaron, Jimmy and Ken meet up to figure out a way to get him to stop. Steven wanders by and tells them flat up to tell a teacher and get some adult help. They disagree, but eventually tell Mr. Bowman. He promises to talk to Dennis and put an end to things. Of course Dennis gets even more pissed off.

The Unicorn Club apparently stopped doing initiation tasks at some point, but now Jessica wants to bring them back. Grace Oliver wants to join the club, so Jessica sets up her tasks. She has to stand up in the middle of class and recite a poem and later borrow homework from six kids. When she completes both tasks, Jessica demands that she get Dennis to sit with her for an entire lunch period.

Every time Grace goes to Dennis, he shoots her down. She finds his baseball mitt and takes it back to him and he finally starts acting nice. Jessica lets her off the hook, telling her she just needs to find six purple sweatshirts and she’s in the club. Before she does, Dennis offers to sit with her at lunch and even share his sandwich.

Our little “heroes” decide to make Dennis look like a laughingstock. Aaron knows a secret entrance and exit to an old cave that everyone swears is haunted. An old rain tunnel runs through the back of it. They stage a mock argument in front of Dennis with Aaron volunteering to spend the night in the cave. Dennis and a bunch of kids show up and see Aaron go inside.

The next day everyone comes back. Aaron sneaks through the tunnel and emerges through the front of the cave. Ken volunteers to do it next and Dennis decides to keep watch all night with Jimmy, making sure he doesn’t sneak out. Ken does the same thing and this time Jimmy volunteers. Dennis claims that if Jimmy lasts the night, then he will too.

When Jimmy walks out, Dennis suddenly claims that he has a sore throat and can’t stay outside all night because he is sick. No one is scared of him anymore because they realize it’s all an act. He talks to Grace and she tells him that the only way people will stop making fun or him or teasing him is if he spends the night in the cave.

Dennis decides to go inside, but then Aaron comes running up. It starts raining and he explains that the rain will go through the tunnel and flood the cave. They try convincing Dennis to come out, but he refuses because he thinks it’s a joke. They go inside and he still won’t leave.

Finally Grace goes inside, points out the rising water and they make a break for the exit. For some reason, which is never explained, Dennis gets stuck. I think they say he’s too tall or something, but he made it inside the cave. They form a human chain and pull him out just minutes before the cave floods. Suddenly everyone likes him and when the book ends, he’s eating lunch with Jimmy. I guess Jimmy got over the black eye and constant death threats pretty fast!

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