Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sweet Valley Twins Super Edition #4: The Unicorns go Hawaiian

Jessica gets reprimanded for making a terrible potato salad in school. That night, she’s hanging out with Mandy, who sees an ad for a pineapple recipe contest. They joke around and make a potato salad with raw potatoes, pineapple, anchovies and green food coloring. She submits the recipe and forgets all about it.

Suddenly it’s months later and the twins are getting ready to spend Christmas break with their grandparents skiing. Lila bursts into school, excited because she accidentally read a magazine belonging to her maid and Jessica won the pineapple contest. She wins a trip to Hawaii for her and two friends. She decides to invite Mandy and Mary, which pisses Lila off.

That night she goes home and tells her parents the news. Unfortunately they grew a pair overnight and decide that she can’t go to Hawaii without chaperones. She’s skiing and that’s it. Then Lila calls and reveals that her dad offered to take her and the rest of the Unicorns to Hawaii over break. Somehow he agrees to take all the girls and act as their chaperone.

Once they get to Hawaii, everyone goes their separate ways. Mr. Fowler spends all of his time with his new girlfriend Bambi. She bought Lila a cheap bracelet for Christmas, which he makes her wear and she wants to be an actress. Mandy and Mary overhear the two talking about her being scared to be a mom and suspect that he’s about to propose.

Janet meets two guys on the beach that tell her she looks like a Hawaiian princess. They warn her that if she leaves the island, she’ll upset the volcano goddess Pele and she’ll cover the island in lava. Janet spends the whole book attacking random people and demanding that they think she looks like the princess.

Jessica thinks it’s weird that she won the contest. It gets even weirder when she takes a factory tour and they call her Miss Wakely. She finally realizes that someone else won the contest and accidentally awarded it to her. She meets the same guys Janet did and they warn her that if she lies on the island, the island will get revenge. She falls off a boat and does some other stupid shit that seems to prove them right.

Lila finds a ring buried in the sand and starts wearing it, telling everyone that she bought it in an antique store. The same guys pop up and tell her that it’s a cursed ring. She blames everything that happens on the trip on the ring, including her dad and his girlfriend. She does try taking it off, but the ring seems to be stuck to her finger. The guys give her and Jess advice on ending their bad luck.

Mary catches them both trying to do the spell reversal thing and starts laughing. She makes Jessica call the company and gets the ring off Lila with butter. It turns out that the company only got bad recipes, so they picked the worst recipe and named it the winner. There was a slip up in the memo, but she really did win.

The girls tell Lila that Bambi and Mr. Fowler are engaged. Lila snaps at her and they learn that he was just helping her audition for a role as a step-mom on their favorite soap opera. Bambi also steps in and helps them get back at the guys. She dresses up as Pele, they invite the guys out and she basically scares the crap out of them. The guys apologize and invite them to a beach party, where they meet a bunch of cute guys. And, Bambi gets the role.

*I love Lila. Her dad makes them go on a glass bottom boat tour and Jess tells her that she’ll learn all about fish. Lila tells her that all she cares about is that they come fried, baked and stuffed. Love her!

*Jess falls off the glass bottom boat and freaks out, thinking she’s drowning. Then she thinks they’re warning her about piranhas, but it turns out that she’s just stuck in three feet of water.

*Mr. Fowler’s only advice for the girls or rule is to avoid buying shoddy merchandise. He really doesn’t get the whole parenting thing, does he?

*He buys Bambi a pearl ring, takes her shopping constantly and thinks it’s acceptable to buy Lila a coral necklace and take her out to dinner once.

*He and Bambi are sleeping in separate rooms. I thought the point of having a hot actress girlfriend involved things you do in the same room.

*I love that Alice and Ned won’t let her go without a chaperone, but then after one talk with Mr. Fowler, they decide that he’s the perfect chaperone for them.

*Why would Jessica even assume that she could go on a trip like this by herself or just with her friends? She still has a flipping curfew!

*Were there no rules or anything for this contest? Supposedly it was in some homemaking magazine and I can’t see a lot of kids reading that. Wouldn’t it be only open to those 18 or older?

*I’ve read some of the Sweet Valley Twins books lately and this is the first one that really creeped me out. These girls are 12 years old and checking out lifeguards, plus wearing bikinis to the beach and wearing makeup. It’s way, way too mature.

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  1. "Jessica gets reprimanded for making a terrible potato salad in school."

    Ha, I love that :p