Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweet Valley High #41: Outcast

Molly Hecht is an outcast and they should run her out of Sweet Valley. Everyone blames her for Regina Morrow’s death because she had the party where she died. They are more than filling to forget that (a) Justin took her to the party and (b) she only went because Bruce cheated with Amy. Hell, Bruce and Amy even go to the funeral together. Of course, they look like crap, but Liz makes them feel better by telling them that Regina forgave them.

No one trusts or likes Molly anymore and generally makes her feel like crap about herself. No one talks to her and they all ignore her at school. Justin shoots her down, so she tries talking to Liz. Liz basically tells her that she loved Regina and wants nothing to do with her. Then she makes the mistake of going to the cemetery and running into Nicholas, who makes her feel even worse.

When she gets home, her parents lecture her constantly. She suggests moving to San Francisco with her dad and he tells her that her punishment is going to school every day and taking what everyone dishes out because she deserves it. Nice parenting, right? She sneaks out of the house and runs into Buzz. He is a wanted man, but he makes her feel better.

Buzz realizes that Molly holds the key to his escape. He sucks up to her, making her feel like she is a great person. He plies her with beer and pot before telling her that he cares about her and thinks she is his soulmate. Then he reveals that he is leaving town and asks her to go with him. Molly offers to clean out her savings account and go with him.

Jessica decides that she should do something for Regina. She decides on a scholarship fund for needy girls and gets the PBA involved. Just as she freaks out about money and handling the actual fund, Ned offers to take over the project and handle the money and finances. Basically, Jess just gets to take the credit without doing any of the dirty work.

Nicholas shows up on their doorstep the next morning and she tells him about the fund. They share a moment and Jess starts crushing on him again, but then Liz shows up and he forgets about her. He drives Liz to school and tells her what happened with Molly. He wants Liz to apologize for him because he feels bad. Liz realizes how hard things are for Molly.

Liz talks to Justin, who refuses to listen to her because he hates Molly and blames her. She follows Molly to the bank and sees her taking out a few thousand dollars. Molly refuses to talk to Liz and runs away. So, Liz goes to Justin that night and tells him what she saw. They somehow track Molly down and follow her to her meeting spot. Justin recognizes Buzz, drops Liz off to call the cops and follows their car.

Somehow he manages to force their car off the side of the road. He apologizes to Molly and begs her not to leave. The cops arrive and arrest Buzz. I’m not sure exactly what they arrest him for. By the time they got to the party, he was long gone. Anyway, Molly safely goes home with Liz and Jeffery, who shows up at the scene.

Molly comes to school the next day and thanks Liz. For what exactly? Being a huge bitch to her? Or changing her mind at the last second? She announces that she is serious about school not, has stopped drinking and drugs and wants to be a better person. Mr. Collins even offers to put her up for the scholarship next year and Liz thinks the Morrow family would really like that.

There is also a scene where Liz writes the story about the fund for the paper. Mr. Collins arrives and lectures her, Olivia, Penny and Jessica about not blaming people. Jessica still wants to blame Molly, but eventually realizes that things cannot be easy for her either.

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  1. A drug dealer named Buzz. How adorably Sweet Valley of them.