Friday, January 13, 2012

Sweet Valley High Super Stars: Enid’s Story

Enid cannot wait until her dad gets in town for Christmas. Todd goes out of town, so she has to take care of Elizabeth. This mainly consists of taking her to the Dairi Burger and then getting pissed at her. Suddenly, no one can stop talking about Jeffery French. Jessica decides that she might want to flirt with him, but he basically ignores her. He gets stuck under the mistletoe with Liz and they kiss.

Enid spends a few days crushing on Jeffery. They talk at the restaurant and agree to go to the big skating party together. She doesn’t tell Liz and actually convinces her that she should skip the party. Liz shows up and sees her with Jeffery, but Enid swears that nothing happened. She hangs out with him all day and realizes that she likes him. They have a joke about an old ice skater, so she buys him a postcard of the skater and writes a fake autograph on the back. She pairs it with a pint of ice cream as his Christmas gift.

He calls her the next day and invites her over. She brings him the gift and he loves it, but he also wants to talk to her about something important. Liz brought him over a batch of fresh, homemade cookies that she made just for him. Jeffery wonders if she likes him again and if they have a shot. Enid feels like shit and realizes that he doesn’t really like her.

Enid ran into a guy from her old crowd named Brian at the skating party. Jessica hit on him, but he only had eyes for Enid. He calls her up and asks her out, swearing that he gave up drugs and alcohol. He takes her out for Thai food and they have fun. He even has beer at dinner, but handles it without any problems. He takes her to a party and she feels uncomfortable because she recognizes people from her old crowd. Brian disappears and she finds him drunk and wrapped around a bong, so she runs home in tears.

Enid is also pissed because her mom hates her dad. Adele mentions that he had a drinking problem, but Enid doesn’t believe it. When he calls, her mom doesn’t take any messages. Enid leaves early, hoping to surprise her dad. She finds him at the bar, already drunk on gin. He makes a rude comment about how she used to love her alcohol and she runs off again.

George and Robin throw a Christmas party and she somehow finds it appropriate to go to it, despite it being thrown by her ex and the girl he cheated with. Enid goes with Jeffery, but he acts distracted the whole night and runs off after Liz. Brian flirts with Jess, but ditches her for Enid. He suggests they go for a drive and she agrees because at least he is interested in her.

Todd called Liz before the party and she realized that she really loved him. She talks to Jeffery and lets him know that while she likes him as a friend, her heart belongs to Todd. Jeffery tells her that he already knew that deep down inside and he is interested in someone else. They both rush off looking for Enid.

Brian convinces Enid to partake in some alcohol from a flask and marijuana. Enid remembers the smell of pot and goes overboard. Jessica meets a random college friend of Steven’s at the party and they head up to Miller’s Point. She gets ticked because the car next door is making too much noise. When she yanks open the door, she sees Enid tumble out drunk and high.

Jessica grabs her date and has him take her back to the party. Enid’s dad stops by her house and Liz calls and tells her mom about Brian. Adele warns her that he isn’t a nice guy and tells her ex, who runs off looking for her. The crowd turns on Jess when she tells them what she saw. Apparently, she should have grabbed Enid and drug her out, even though she is (a) old enough to take care of herself and (b) was doing something she already did before.

Brian puts the moves on Enid and she pushes him off. He calls her a tease and drives off in a rage. He drives by a few bars, loses control of the car, and drives off the road. Her dad drives by, stops, drags Enid from the car, and goes back for Brian.

Enid wakes up in the hospital and learns that the car exploded right after her dad pulled Brian out. He suffered burns over a lot of his body, but he will be okay. Liz, Jessica, Lila, and Jeffery come to the hospital to see her. Her dad tells her that he wants to stop drinking and start being a better person and a better dad.

When she gets out, she learns that Brian changed his ways. He plans on going back to college and attending meetings, so he can get help with his addictions. Jeffery stops by and takes her to Lila’s big New Year’s Eve party. He gets her alone and starts apologizing, but she stops him. She makes him promise that things will get better and they kiss. Of course it doesn’t matter because their relationship is never mentioned again. BTW, I believe this is the third time I read about her and Hugh breaking up, which happens right before the book starts.

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