Friday, April 20, 2012

Sweet Valley Twins Super Chiller: The Curse of the Ruby Necklace

Jessica and Elizabeth are playing around on the beach when Jessica finds something buried in the sand. It’s a necklace with a few gems poking through the grit. When Elizabeth asks to see it, Jessica immediately pulls her hand back. There is something about it that makes her feel like it belongs to her. She sleeps with it under her pillow that night and has vivid nightmares. She sees herself fighting with a man who only has four fingers and standing on a balcony.

The twins go for a walk on the beach and see some people at the old Keller mansion. They accidentally run into the director Becka and she offers them roles as extras in the movie. It’s so exciting that Alice calls their cousin Robin and invites her down for spring break, which is conveniently the next week. Word gets out about the movie and the whole middle school goes down. Maria is one of the only people that gets a role.

The movie stars a young and spoiled actress named Shawn. She throws multiple tantrums on the set and basically makes life a living hell for everyone. Elizabeth decides to investigate the story of the old mansion and discovers that it surrounds two little girls. Lillian had her 12th birthday party and got a ruby necklace from her mother. Her cousin Hilda lived with the family because her parents died and they fought over the necklace. Lillian ran upstairs with Hilda chasing her. The next thing people knew, Lillian crashed over a balcony and died, and everyone blamed Hilda because she was there.

Jessica starts having nightmares and can’t sleep. She falls asleep in class and has such a violent nightmare that they send her home. Liz finds the necklace in her twin’s backpack and feels drawn to it. Jessica gives it to her and Liz has nightmares that night. They compare notes and discover that they had the exact same nightmare. Liz is also worried when she discovers that the movie is based on the true story of the two girls. She talks to Becka, who tells her that they tried finding Hilda before filming and could not track her down. She went to an institution, got released at 18, and disappeared.

The twins take Robin to the set and she gets a role in the movie. Shawn screams at one girl so much that the girl quits the film. Liz takes the necklace to school and gets it cleaner. Alice sees it and tells the girls that it is costume jewelry. Becka invites the girls to watch the rushes from filming. They see the ghost of Lillian walk across the room, pick up a wedding photo, and put it back down. No one else can see her except them.

Liz also has a weird run in with an old man on the set Mr. Brooks. She sees him sneaking around upstairs and he claims that he’s a smoker and can’t smoke downstairs because people complain. When she goes downstairs later, she sees several people smoking on the set. The girls decide that they need to find out if anyone else experiences the same thing. Robin agrees to sleep with the necklace. She puts it on, instead of under her pillow, and has much more intense dreams.

Then they decide to track down Hilda. They find that she got married and moved away, but came back to Sweet Valley after her husband died. They go to her house and she won’t let them in until Liz makes a comment about seeing Lillian. Hilda tells them that she didn’t kill Lillian, but no one believed her. The necklace belonged to her mother and passed to her aunt. Her aunt decided to give it to Lillian, not realizing that it was important to Hilda. The girls fought, but Hilda let her run away. When she went upstairs, she saw Lillian hanging over the side of the balcony.

She tried to save her, but just managed to grab her dress. When everyone found her, she was still holding a scrap of the dress. The handyman Harry told everyone that he passed by the room and saw her push Lillian over the side. She tells them that he only had four fingers on one hand and always kept that hand tucked inside his pocket.

The girls head back to the film set and tell Becka what’s been going on. She kind of believes them because she believes in the supernatural. She runs the rushes, but only Robin can see Lillian now. They somehow start suspecting Mr. Brooks. Liz pretends to trip and fall, and when he helps her up, she sees that he only has four fingers on one hand.

They decide to set a trap for him. They put Jessica in gray makeup so she looks dead and she runs through the house wearing the necklace. Mr. Brooks doesn’t buy it, but he does attack her because he sees the necklace. Everyone watches through a two-way mirror the crew setup. Liz rushes to help Jessica, but Harry/Brooks locked the door from the inside.

Harry fights with Jessica and manages to rip the necklace off her throat before she goes over the balcony. Don’t worry though because she lands on a huge airbag they setup for the stunt where Shawn went over the side. While holding the necklace, Harry sees Lillian. We don’t hear her side, but he confesses to killing her for the necklace years ago because it’s actual rubies and diamonds, and worth millions. He came back to the house just to look for the necklace again.

The twins get Hilda and bring her back to the set. They hand over the necklace and Becka turns on the rushes. Hilda gets to say goodbye to her cousin, who wanted to see her one last time.

*Yeah so the extra thing? The director gives the twins lines in the movie without mentioning SAG or anything. She also gives them forms for their parents to sign and they just drop it off without her checking with their parents or even calling them on the phone.

*Lila wants a role in the movie, but acts like a brat when she meets Becka. Becka tells her that she looks too modern/contemporary for a movie set in the 1940s. Yet apparently the twins with their classic “California looks” are perfectly fine.

*Maria and Shawn are really nasty to each other. Shawn calls her a washed up actress and says that she couldn’t handle Hollywood. I’m not sure why, but I think I believe her LOL.

*I just want to point out that Maria is African American, so I don’t even want to think about what her role is supposed to be in this movie.

*They never explain what happened to the necklace! I’m assuming that Hilda got to keep it, but who knows?

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