Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Baby-Sitters Club #121: Abby in Wonderland

Abby, Anna and their mom are heading off to the Hamptons for a vacation with her grandparents. Gram and Grandpa apparently have an annual anniversary party with some huge theme and this year they are going out early and helping. Gram wants to celebrate with an Alice in Wonderland storyline.

From the moment they get there, Abby notices that her grandma seems a little different. She keeps taking naps all the time, her grandpa who recently had heart surgery constantly worries about her and she’s uptight about the party. She keeps pointing out people that can’t make it and acting upset about it, but then refuses to call them and ask them to come.

Gram asks Abby to run in and find the party menu in her room and when she can’t find it, Abby does a little snooping. She finds a pamphlet on breast cancer and realizes that her grandma is sick. She takes it upon herself to call everyone that couldn’t come to the party. She calls her uncle and he rearranges her plans and then calls her cousin who promises that she’ll do her best.

Abby knows that her grandma and her sister Leah had a fight over something years ago and no longer speak. When she acts down about it, Abby calls the woman. Leah reveals that she wasn’t invited and hangs up. Abby tells her grandma, who feels bad, calls Leah and they make up.

Kristy comes into town and Abby gives her a costume for the party. Everyone shows up and they have a lot of fun. Gram makes a special toast and says she loves everyone, which causes Abby to run off in tears. She tells Gram about finding the pamphlet and Gram reveals that they did a biopsy, but she won’t know if she has cancer for a few weeks. They cry and hug, but at the end state their love for each other.

The Pike family is going crazy because they can’t go on vacation. Mr. Pike’s car died and their vacation money has to pay for the repairs. The BSC help the kids get over their funk by planning a special at-home vacation. They line up plastic swimming pools, decorate the yard like a beach, have Hawaiian music and even eat vacation foods. Mr. and Mrs. Pike are exhausted at the end and everyone doubts they will ever have a stay at home vacation again.

*The Mallory plot confuses me. I know she went away to boarding school, but there is no mention of that in this book. They mention that she went on vacation to Europe with everyone recently (adding even more confusion to the continuity of the books), but they act like she never left.

*Abby’s mom makes them leave later because the publishing house needs her to read a book before making a decision on it and they can’t make a decision without her input. Pretty good given that she’s only worked there for around three months!

*Abby is shocked that Leah doesn’t know who she is, but they’ve never met! In fact she even explains that Leah and her grandma stopped talking before she was born.

*Apparently Leah and Gram fought because Leah revealed in the middle of a dinner party that her sister joined Weight Watchers.

*Dawn comes back for vacation and Mary Anne signs her up for a sitting job. Seriously, she hasn’t even flown into town yet and she signs her up for a job.

*Anna’s friend Corly comes to the house and notices a misprint in her music book, just by looking at the notes. Um, there is musically talented and then savants. Which one is she?

*Anna and their mom are super excited about swinging by their old house. You know, the one where they lived when their dad died and the one they had to give up. Yup, I totally get the appeal.

*Kristy chases a famous sportscaster down the street for his autograph. That seems pretty far out of character for her.

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