Monday, May 21, 2012

The Baby-Sitters Club #53: Kristy for President

This book actually made me groan a few times, but I’ll do my best to recap it.

So Claudia comes up with a brilliant idea: Kristy should run for class president. Apparently, SMS runs elections in the middle of the school year and those elected retain their office for half a year. We always did ours at the end of the school year for the next year, but whatevs. Kristy laughs it off, but the more she thinks about it, the more it makes sense. She already runs the BSC and pretends like she runs the world so this is perfect.

Unfortunately, Kristy also has 317 other things on her schedule like studying, Krushers practice, sitting, meetings, etc. She cancels softball practice to work on her campaign, puts off schoolwork to work on her campaign…do you see where this is going? Claudia decides that the perfect logo is a K+ symbol, which they all think is just fantastic. They even paper fences and stores nearby with the signs.

Kristy’s competitors are Grace Blume, Pete Black and Alan Gray so she thinks that she has it in the bag. They all have a big meet the candidates morning and Cokie brings a camcorder. They set up a booth where kids can see themselves on film, meeting with Grace. Kristy thinks she still has it in the bag, even though people rarely come by her booth.

They candidates also have to meet and discuss what they would do as president. Grace makes a bunch of fake promises like off-campus lunches, better music at dances and more pep rallies. Alan tells everyone to stand up and sit down, and when they do, he points out how they already listen to him. I think I *heart* Alan Gray. Pete gives a speech, which Kristy thinks is completely boring. She gives her speech and the BSC goes wild.

Unfortunately, she blew off studying for her science test because of the speech and fails her test. The teacher decides to give her a second chance the next day. She plans to go home and study, but forgot about Krushers practice. She starts studying, but Claudia reminds her that she has the big debate the next day. She takes the test again and gets an even worse score.

Kristy decides to cut back on sitting for awhile. She also tells the BSC that she might step down as president just until she gets everything straightened out. The more she thinks about all the things she has going on, the less satisfied and happy she feels. She thinks about reducing Krushers practices and leaving the club, but nothing makes her happy.

Right before the last debate, she comes to a decision. After everyone gives their speeches, Kristy stands up and withdraws from the race. She explains that she just doesn’t have time to do everything that she wants and her friends completely understand. Pete wins president and Mallory wins secretary or something for the sixth grade class.

The other story is that Jamie Newton just got his first bicycle. He freaks out every time he sees a leaf or trash on the ground. He keeps forcing his sitters to clean off the driveway before he can ride. He has his parents take off his training wheels and keeps forcing himself to ride. The sitters have to stand next to him and push him down the sidewalk. Finally, an older boy offers to help him ride but only if he takes things slow and he agrees.

*Claudia outfit: lime green bicycle pants, long hot pink shirt, cropped lime green striped shirt, black sneakers, with pink butterflies, lime green feather earrings in one ear and a pink heart earring in the other ear.

*Claudia outfit part 2: white jeans, red shoes with bows, jungle shirt with buttons in the shape of fruit, banana shaped barrette.

*Claudia outfit #3: orange tights, feather earrings, tie-dyed dress.

*Stacey outfit: purple capri pants, black ankle boots, black and white striped socks, black and white checked shirt and silver earrings.

*Kristy thinks Pete is pandering to the group when he wants to host pep rallies for the football team. Then, when he brings up hosting pep rallies for the other teams, she thinks it’s ridiculous and would take up too much time.

*According to Kristy, SMS has a fencing team.

*Everyone completely understands when she drops out of the race, but she never really told anyone that she didn’t have a lot of free time, so it didn’t really make sense.

*Why would the Newtons take off Jamie’s training wheels? He’s FOUR! It also seems like they never work with him at all, but just wait until the sitters get there.

*I could not put up with Jamie at all. Lucy starts crying in her playpen and he throws a major hissy fit because he has to get off his bike for five seconds.

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