Monday, May 28, 2012

The Baby-Sitters Club #65: Stacey’s Big Crush

Stacey’s favorite teacher is leaving for a few weeks, turning his class over to a student teacher named Wes Ellenberg. Stacey feels bad for him because he has a geeky name and she’s sure he’ll be a huge dork. When he arrives in class, she’s struck dumb because he looks just like Tom Cruise. Of course she develops a huge crush on him, thinks about him all the time and starts dressing up for class. After a few days, she decides that he doesn’t like pants, so she only wears dresses to school.

She spends a lot of time on her homework and even incorporates jokes, so he’ll think she’s funny. On their next big assignment, she’s the only one to get a perfect score and he singles her out in class. He starts calling on her more and asking her to show other people how to do hard work. One day she stays after class to talk to him and he asks her to stay late and help him organize his paperwork.

A few days later he asks for her help again because he can’t find some of the things he needs. She stays so late that she’s almost late for her BSC meeting. He drives her and when his hand brushes her, she’s sure that he did it on purpose. She tells the whole club that she’s in LUV with him and she’s pretty sure he feels the same way. Sam calls and asks her to the big junior high dance, but she turns him down because she thinks Wes might ask her.

After mooning over Wes for weeks, she decides to write him a love poem. She presents it to him after class and he gets embarrassed. He starts avoiding her and she isn’t sure if it’s because he doesn’t like her or because he does and doesn’t know what to do. On the last day of class, he tells her that he’ll see her at the dance and she thinks he said it as a special message to her.

She goes stag to the dance and sees Wes at the punch table. She asks him to dance and they dance together a few times, before other girls start cutting in on them. She finally gets him alone and he tells her he likes her as a student, but that’s it. She’s only 13 and she’s way too young for him. Stacey feels kind of bad and then notices Sam with another date. When she sees Wes hanging out with other teachers, she realizes that he was right and feels silly about the whole thing.

The B-plot involves Dawn and Mary Anne sitting for Elvira the goat. They hate leaving her home alone, so they start taking her on sitting jobs. Nicky Pike lets her loose and she knocks over trash cans and eats garbage. She gets out a few more times and is generally a pain in the butt, but they’re still sad when it’s time to give her back.

*Is this how student teaching works in other states? My friend was in the teaching program when we were in college and she had to teach with the real teacher sitting in the background. He graded her and evaluated her to make sure she was capable. Here, Wes just randomly teaches for three weeks.

*What is up with Sam? He gets another date for the middle school dance, but once again he’s in high school! He’s almost old enough to drive!

*Charlotte has a crush on a guy in her class and thinks he might like her. She confesses how she feels and it turns out that he likes her too. Then he starts annoying her by calling all the time and by the end of the book, he likes someone else.

*Wes comes across as a little creepy sometimes. Like the fact that he has her stay after school to help him and then gives her a ride home. That definitely crosses some lines.

*Stacey justifies her crush by saying that when she’s 20, he’ll be 29 and that’s okay. I would totally say something similar, even though when I was 20, I wouldn’t date a 29 year old guy.

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