Thursday, May 3, 2012

Goosebumps #60: Werewolf Skin

Alex Hunter is heading off to the small town of Wolf Creek for a few weeks. He loves photography, so he is staying with his Uncle Colin and Aunt Greta who work as professional photographers. They warn him about the creek and act kind of funny around him. Plus, he notices that they look a lot older than they did the last time he saw them.

Their house looks nice, but the house next door has an overgrown lawn and looks abandoned. They warn him to stay away from that house because the Marlings’ don’t like people. He meets a neighborhood girl Hanna, who takes him to school and tells him about the people in town. They go on a walk in the woods, but she makes him leave before dark. They run into classmates Arjun and Sean who make cryptic comments about werewolves.

Alex hears weird noises that night coming from the house next door and looks for his camera. Realizing he left it in the woods, he runs outside to grab it. Coming back, he wanders into the Marlings’ yard and noses around. The next day, he gets a warning. The couple saw him and called his family. They also threatened to call the police if he did it again.

In his first class, the teacher devotes the period to werewolf lore because Halloween is coming up. According to the teacher, werewolves are human people and during a full moon, they put their wolf pelt on and go outside, where it merges onto their skin. Arjun and Sean tell him to meet them outside that night and they will show him proof that werewolves exist.

Alex tries sneaking outside, but finds his door locked and metal bars installed on his windows. His aunt tells him the next day that they did it for his own protection because of the other house. Hanna tells him that the couple are werewolves and all the kids in town known it. He tells his uncle, who says that the family has two dogs that make a lot of noise at night.

Alex keeps hearing the noises coming from the house. He sneaks over one day and sees wolf pelts sitting in the closet. He tells Hanna and she agrees to help him sneak the pelts out. Then he hears weird noises and sees werewolves emerging from the house. He follows them all night, but the next morning he is shocked when they transform into Greta and Colin.

On Halloween night, the two kids steal the wolf pelts and wander around town wearing them. His aunt and uncle start chasing them and they run into the woods. The moon comes out and the two start screaming in pain. They suddenly stop and stand upright. They rush over and thank the kids for freeing them from the curse. Apparently the only thing they had to do was get through one full moon without changing and yet never thought of doing it before.

Alex and Hanna head home, where they put the pelts back in the house. It turns out that no one lived there in a long time, so his aunt and uncle used fictional occupants to explain the werewolves. He goes inside and sees one pelt there. He turns to Hanna, who reveals that she is a werewolf and used her own pelt that night. Then she attacks and the book ends with him screaming. Too bad that the whole time she wore the pelt, she never transformed into a werewolf so the book really makes no sense.


  1. I never understood why Alex had to transfer to a new school when he was just visiting his relatives.

  2. Me either. I think they did this with the SV books pretty often, like a cousin would randomly come to town for a few weeks, go to school and then leave again.