Sunday, May 20, 2012

Point Horror: Thirteen: Collect Call I (Christopher Pike)

Janice, better known as Jan, heads to a party at class president Randy’s house. The only reason she goes is because she wants to get her hands on the delectable Bobby Walker, a relatively new kid in school. Hen looks like James Dean or at least I think so, given that he wears a white tee-shirt, jeans and a black leather jacket. Randy convinces her to go over and talk to him.

Bobby barely gives her the time of day, especially when a cheerleader by the name of Suzy interrupts the party because she wants to make a big deal over her squad mate Caroline’s birthday. Bobby calls her over and gives her a tape by a singer named Black Walker. She pretends that she’s heard of him and they do some minor flirting.

Right before she leaves from the party drunk and ticked off, Randy asks Janice to give Caroline a ride home. She doesn’t want to, but he forces the issue until she agrees. At first Caroline is quiet, but then she warns her to stay away from Bobby. They argue over him, Caroline punches her in the face and Janice drives off the road. As the car flips, she hears the Black Walker tape come on.

When she wakes up, Caroline isn’t moving or breathing. She climbs out of the car and decides that since Caroline is obviously dead, she needs to save herself. If the police realize she was driving the car, then she’ll go to jail for Caroline’s death. She moves her over to the driver’s side, but then notices a gas leak. She just manages to get out of the car when it explodes. She hears Caroline screaming and realizes that she was still alive.

Janice wakes up in the hospital and learns that Caroline died in the explosion. They let her leave and she goes right home. The light on the answering machine flashes and when she hits the button, she hears a message from Caroline asking for a ride to the party. She justifies it by saying she must have called earlier in the night. The calls keep coming though and runs off to the car.

She puts the Black Walker tape in the tape player, but it starts playing more messages from Caroline. Caroline gives her directions to her house and when Janice follows them, she winds up at the scene of the accident. She tries saving both girls, but can only save Caroline.

Caroline wakes up in the hospital and learns that Janice died in the accident. The doctor tells her that Bobby Walker is waiting for her. She heads home, finds messages on her machine and listens to the one from Bobby Walker where she realizes that he sounds exactly like the Black Walker. The next message is from Janice, explaining that she’d call again soon…

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