Friday, May 18, 2012

Sweet Valley Twins #21: Left Behind

Sarah Thomas is a little sad and not because she never appears in any other Sweet Valley series. No, she’s sad because her dad is dating a hot young thing named Annie and you just know that all girls named Annie in town are horrible people! At first, Annie took her shopping and did fun stuff with her, but now she doesn’t give a shit about Sarah.

When she comes home from school, she finds Annie painting her nails. She asks Sarah to clean up the lunch dishes, which are actually lunch and breakfast dishes because she didn’t do any cleaning all day. When her dad comes home, Annie takes all the credit and pouts because he has to go out of town for work. Annie wants sushi, which makes Sarah sick, but her dad lets Annie pick because after all, she did all that cleaning. Annie also wants to go to the movies and leave Sarah at home alone, even though Sarah doesn’t like being in the house alone.

So dad goes out of town on Monday morning and leaves Annie in charge until he gets back on Sunday. When Sarah gets home from school, Annie gets a phone call from a guy. She tells Sarah not to answer the phone anymore when she’s home and that she has to go out of town and take care of her sister. She promises to be back the next day, warns her not to worry her dad by telling him she took off and leaves.

Of course Annie doesn’t come back when she promises and Sarah freaks out being left alone. She can barely sleep, cries all the time and feels like crap. She won’t tell anyone that Annie left because she promised her. She even lies to her Aunt Lillian and her dad when he calls and *gasp* won’t even tell Elizabeth what is going on. She considers taking a nap in the nurse’s office, but worries that the nurse might call her dad.

Liz invited her and Amy over for a slumber party, but she decides to take a nap first. Annie calls, shouts at her for being a baby and warns her again not to tell anyone she left. Sarah goes upstairs, hears a noise and freaks out. She starts down the stairs, trips and tumbles to the bottom. She starts crying because she is in so much pain.

Amy, Liz and her dad stop by Sarah’s house and knock on the door. Amy sees a light on upstairs and when Liz peeks through the door, she sees Sarah at the bottom of the stairs. Ned breaks a window, Liz climbs inside and they call an ambulance. Ned calls her dad’s office and tells them what happened.

Later that night Mr. Thomas shows up and rushes into her room. She won’t say anything at first, but eventually confesses that Annie took off. He calls her sister and learns that everything she told him was a lie. She said she grew up taking care of all her little brothers and sisters, but she was the baby in the family and hasn’t seen her family in weeks. Annie rushes through the door with the same sad story and he shoots her down. She pitches a hissy fit and he walks away, letting her leave.

Elizabeth drops by later in the week and learns that Sarah’s aunt wants custody of her. She convinces her friend to tell her aunt how she feels and of course everyone agrees that she should stay with her dad.

Jessica has a B-plot that involves Janet Howell suddenly spending a lot of free time with her. Janet is always inviting herself over, but never wants Jess to come to her house. She also asks about Steven all the time, but Jess doesn’t get why. She literally doesn’t get it after she invites her to go roller skating with her family and Janet gets pissed off when Steven doesn’t go.

Janet suggests they have their next party at the Wakefield house. She asks Steven to the party and he shoots her down before running away. Janet makes rude comments and Jess calls her out. They fight and she threatens to resign from the Unicorns. Lila isn’t speaking to her either because she took Janet skating instead of her, so she thinks her life is over.

Of course she makes up with Lila and Janet tells everyone that she had a great idea for a luau party. Everyone loves the idea and they love her again, but Janet still makes it clear that Steven should come to the party. Oh and they decide to make the party in honor of Sarah, since she sprained her ankle and had a concussion and all.

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