Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sweet Valley Twins #31: Jessica’s Bad Idea

Jessica doesn’t like Sandra Ferris, but then again no one really seems to like her. She’s tall, gawky and a big klutz. Liz invites her over to the house one day and she asks Jessica a question. She sees her working on some sketches and fawns all over her designs. When she mopes about her own looks, Jessica offers to give her a makeover. The twins do her hair and makeup and take her shopping at the mall.

The next day at school, everyone fawns all over her. Girls suddenly want to be her best friend, guys are noticing her and even the Unicorns offer to let her sit with them. Jessica tries telling people that she did the makeover, but Sandra acts like it just suddenly came to her one day and doesn’t tell anyone the truth.

The middle school is hosting two different competitions. One is for a student to introduce the mayor at the next school assembly and the other is for Citizen of the Year. Jessica wants to win both, especially Citizen of the Year because then she gets to ride in the parade for Sweet Valley Heritage Days. She asks Liz to nominate her and she agrees.

Then Sandra goes to Liz and asks for a nomination. She tells her that she’s worried people won’t like her if she didn’t have cool hair and cool clothes. Liz agrees and tells Jess, who flips out. Liz explains that it means a lot for Sandra to introduce the mayor. Sandra wins and feels great about herself.

Jessica decides to focus on the COTY contest and tells her mom all about it. She asks her mom to help her make a dress for the parade and they put in long hours on the dress. She starts looking for ways to show the other students that she’s a good citizen, but Sandra keeps showing her up. If she donates $1 for the library, Sandra donates $2.

She hears that the bookmobile needs a huge donation for repairs. The school keeps trying to raise money, but they keep running out of options. She talks to Steven and he tells her that the high school makes commemorative booklets and sells advertising space in the back. They use the money to hold the prom every year. She decides to do the same thing with the Heritage Days festival. Liz thinks it’s a great idea, but Steven just wants Sandra to come back because he thinks she’s cute.

The next day they start talking about the idea and Sandra overhears part of it. She decides that a commemorative booklet is a great idea and runs to their teacher with it. By the time Jessica goes to pitch the idea, it’s already been credited to Sandra. Jessica is furious, but Sandra can’t figure out why she’s so upset. She announces the idea before introducing the mayor. Everyone loves her idea and vote her COTY for the sixth grade. She’ll be sharing the float in the parade with two Unicorn members.

Jessica finishes her dress, but feels crappy about herself. Sandra finally asks Liz what happened and when Liz explains, she swears she didn’t steal the idea. She stops by the house and Steven tells her Jessica came up with the idea the night before she did and she ends up feeling bad. She decides to give up her spot in the parade and let Jess have it.

She explains everything, including the fact that she did hear part of their conversation. She gives Jess her spot and Jess gives her credit for coming up with the idea. Jessica gets to wear her dress and ride on the float. She does decide that putting together clothing is hard and that she couldn’t handle being a real dress designer.

*Sandra kind of pisses me off in this book. She hears Jess talking about selling advertising space and “suddenly” remembers her sister working on the high school book. Then she tries saying that she didn’t steal her idea.

* I actually kind of feel bad for Jessica in this book. She does do some hard work and campaigning, but no one really cares. She also wants to get some recognition for helping Sandra out, but no one gives a crap and Sandra even plays down her help.

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