Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sweet Valley Twins #4: Choosing Sides

The Unicorn Club is starting a cheerleading squad for the middle school, known as the Boosters. The girls are absolutely disgusted by some of the people signing up and want only the best looking girls. Liz is extremely worried about Amy because she’s a great baton twirler, but she isn’t cute enough to make the squad.

Liz is doing a story on the cheerleader tryouts and basketball tryouts, which are happening at the same time. Amy pretends that she’s a bad twirler and Liz thinks it’s so she can drop out easily, but it’s just because she doesn’t want them to know how good she is. She also sees Ken getting picked on for being short and being a sucky basketball player. She invites him over to the house to get some tips from Steven. Steven pretty much gives up on him, but she gives him some advice on practicing with a tennis ball because it’s smaller.

Lila calls and mistakes Liz for Jessica. She tells her about trying to figure out ways to get the bad girls to drop out. Everyone in school sees Liz with Ken and teases them about dating. Apparently no one in the sixth grade dates, so it’s a big deal. I love how in the later books, everyone in sixth grade has a boyfriend. Jessica is disgusted by her sister dating such a crappy guy. God I’m thinking of SVH now!

Jessica decides to write a letter to Ken from Amy, saying that she loves him. Then she writes one to Amy from Ken. In both letters, she mentions Liz in the hopes of getting them to ditch her sister as a friend. Amy gets the letter and realizes it was the work of the Unicorns. Ken gets his letter, thinks it’s real and starts avoiding them both. Amy also gets a call from Lila, telling her that she should drop out.

Liz goes to Ken and tells him the truth. The Unicorns line everyone up for the tryouts and their top pick screws up and drops the baton. They make Amy do a cheer for Ken, while he’s trying out a few feet away. How big is this gym anyway? Ken does great, even stealing the ball from Bruce. The girls hope to humiliate her, but she does the cheer again and does an amazing baton routine. The book ends with the Unicorns inviting her to join the Boosters and her accepting.

*Liz is worried that Amy will turn into a Unicorn and she’ll lose her to them just like she lost Jessica. It’s kind of cute, except that Amy really does turn into one of them later.

*Liz also gets really defensive of Jess and claims she is nothing at all like the other girls. Yet Jess is constantly screwing her over. Even when she recognizes her sister’s handwriting on the notes, she thinks she must have a reason for it.

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