Friday, August 31, 2012

Goosebumps #42: Egg Monsters from Mars

Dana has the brattiest little sister in the world. Seriously, Brandy reminds me of what Jessica Wakefield must have been like as a kid. No matter what she wants, her parents give it to her. When she decides to throw an egg hunt birthday party, they are all over that shit.

Unfortunately, mom runs out of time and decides to hide normal eggs. Once the kids find out, it turns into a massive egg fight. Dana finds an unusual egg, and thinking that it’s a turtle egg, he brings it home. After looking at it closer, he finds out that it actually has veins and seems to throb.

The next day, the egg starts hatching and Dana freaks out. To avoid touching it, he scoops it up with a trowel and baseball mitt, tossing it in a shoebox. He carries it to his friend Anne’s house, hoping that she’ll have some idea what it is. Anne’s mom made eggs, which grosses him out and when her mom sees the creature, she flips out and tosses it in the sink.

Dana manages to save the little yellow creature and takes it to a science lab in town. The scientist, Dr. Gravy, tells him that there was a storm on Mars and dozens of eggs landed all across town. He found most of them but somehow missed that one. After giving him a tour of the lab, he locks Dana inside one of the rooms. According to Gravy, no one can know about the egg monsters from Mars (get it? Ha!), so he has to keep Dana locked there forever, or until he dies I guess.

The room he’s in is full of hundreds of these creatures. They bond together, forming a big circle around him and start getting closer. Dana’s creature makes some weird noises like it’s talking and the others back off. Dana’s dad shows up at the lab because Anne told him Dana was going there. He starts making a bunch of noise and screaming, but his dad doesn’t hear him because the room is soundproofed.

The only way to control the eggs is to lower the temperature of the room, and Dana starts freezing. The creatures form a massive wall and cover him, making a blanket that keeps him alive. Dr. Gravy comes back and flips out because Dana touched his precious monsters. The creatures form another wall, cover his body, and apparently kill him.

Dana rushes home, screaming about egg monsters from Mars and his parents think he’s lost his mind. He takes them back to the lab, but the doctor and the creatures are completely gone. After feeling sick for a few days, Anne calls him and he heads over to her house. When he gets to her house, he feels a little odd, drops to his knees, and lays a giant egg on her lawn.

*Yeah, so this one isn’t too bad. I actually never read Goosebumps books until I started this blog, but this seems like one of the better ones I’ve come across.

*Anne and her mom see the creature and think it’s a rotten egg. I’m pretty sure that thing on the cover looks nothing like a rotten egg.

*Why do these books always have parents that heap affection on one child? Me thinks Stine had an issue with his own parents…


  1. "Why do these books always have parents that heap affection on one child?" <-- You're right, there are a lot of them. And lots of parents who are scientists or are away, visiting relatives.

  2. I never noticed until I hit this one, and then I realized that a lot of his Goosebumps books do that. His "older" books usually have parents leaving, but the books for younger readers always seem to have one or more kids who the parents really, really love and one they don't really care about!

  3. When I was a kid, I thought this book was non-fiction.

  4. Ok, you have to explain that one to me LOL.