Friday, October 25, 2013

Fear Street Super Chiller: Bad Moonlight (R.L. Stine)


Danielle is out shopping with her brother Cliff and her aunt Margaret who took them in after their parents died. She just got back from a two-week tour with her new band, even though they don't even have a freaking name, and she just wants to rest a little before the head out again, still without a name.

Cliff wants candy, and Margaret needs to find the right ingredients for some random oriental chicken dish with pineapple, so they both leave her alone. Danielle wanders off, thinks she sees someone she knows, and gets distracted. She suddenly hears her brother yelling her name in disgust and looks down to see that she was eating a package of raw beef.

Part One: Songs

Danielle is now driving to a show with the no-named band. She thinks about how Dee hates her because apparently the band let Danielle audition and gave her a spot as lead singer even though Dee was already their lead singer. On the way to the show, Joey (another member and driver) veers off the road and crashes through the guardrail. Danielle starts screaming before her friend Caroline calms her down.

It turns out that ever since her parents died in a car wreck, she has vivid fantasies that she thinks are real. She even sees a doctor about it. When they arrive at their hotel, Kit, the roadie and hottest guy around, asks her to take a walk with him. Joey and Billy give them both dirty looks because they both want to get with Danielle, and Dee tells her that she doesn't belong with them. It doesn't help that Dee tots wants to get with Kit.

After a short walk, they start talking and then making out. Danielle feels the urge to bite him, and she actually draws blood. Kit plays it off like it was no big deal and even lies about what happened, but it helps Danielle write an awesome song called Bad Moonlight. They play it and it becomes a big hit.

Danielle makes time to go home and see Dr. Moore because of her vision. She explains what happened with Kit, but the doctor thinks it was just her overreacting hormones. He hypnotizes her and she wakes up feeling slightly better, though she freaks out when she realizes that she clawed his chair into ribbons.

They go back on the road, and when they leave the show, Joey grabs her and kisses her. She pushes him away, but Dee saw it and gets pissed off. Instead of hanging out at the coffee shop, Danielle decides to take a walk on her own. Joey rushes out of the shadows and kisses her, but she runs away. She vaguely hears animal noises outside before passing out.

The next morning, no one can find Joey anywhere. They ask Danielle because he left just after she did, but she claims that she hasn't seen him since the coffee shop. Dee keeps giving her weird looks, and they decide to hop in the van and take off. Someone says they might pass Joey on the road, Caroline says they know that won't happen, and someone else tells her to shut up.

When they get ready to leave, Mary Beth decides to check out the policy cars heading down the street to the park. The others get ready to leave and hear her screaming. They run to the park and see her crying and screaming some more. The cops mention finding a body, and they realize it was Joey.

Part Two: Cries

Danielle thinks they should take a break after Joey's death, but everyone else wants to keep playing. Dee still acts really bitchy, and she even attacks her at rehearsal until the others pull them apart. She later sees Dee attacking Kit, but Caroline points out that it's just another fantasy. They name their band Bad Moonlight and people keep raving about that one song.

After another show, Dee sneaks into her room and tries to attack her, but Kit shows up unexpectedly. Kit starts to kiss her after Dee leaves, but she flashes back to what happened before. After hearing strange noises, she runs off to take a walk. She finds Billy dead on the ground, but he's actually just passed out drunk so she helps him up.

Danielle finally gets to go home again, and she sees Dr. Moore. He never says anything about what happened to his chair, but she does notice that he got a new one. She tells her aunt what's been happening and thinks her aunt is on her side, but then she hears her aunt having a whispered conversation with the doctor. That causes Danielle to snoop through her room. She finds an article about her parents deaths, which the coroner ruled as an unknown cause of death. She flips out because her aunt always told her it was a car accident.

Part Three: Howls

The doctor admits that he knows her aunt, but they only talk because they both worry about her. He hypnotizes her again, and this time, she sees herself in a fight to the death with Dee. When she leaves the office, she realizes that Caroline, who she had plans with, left her alone.

Dee pops up and warns her again to leave the band. Danielle basically tells her that she's sick of her whining, and Dee launches herself at her. The two girls have a brutal fight, and Danielle goes for her throat before Caroline pops up. She makes Dee leave before saying she's probably just jealous.

Danielle goes home and plays with her brother for awhile. He built a big ass fort that he keeps running around in, and when they play hide and seek, he disappears inside it. Cliff shouts that he needs a time out because he hurt himself. When he comes out bleeding, Danielle leans over and licks up the blood.

The same night, or maybe a few nights later, this book isn't really clear with its timeline, she hears something outside her window. It's only Billy, but he comes in and acts really strange before she practically shoves him out of her house. He shows up the next day to tell her that Dee quit the band by writing a letter and leaving it for him. Danielle thinks she quit because of her, but he calms her down. Everyone else thinks it was a little strange that Dee wouldn't at least tell them in person.

Kit has a friend who agrees to join the plan and take over for Dee. Everyone notices that Billy seems pretty crazy. He keeps bossing them around and seems really distracted. Danielle laughs about her original lyrics for Bad Moonlight, which talked about clawing people, and they all decide they like that version better. After playing at Red Heat, she wanders off.

Danielle finds a bunch of old trunks, and she discovers Dee's body inside one. Billy shows up, he tries to grab her arm, says that he can't let her leave, and they fight. She manages to get away from him, and runs off into the woods. Just when she thinks she can't run any further, she hears Caroline. Caroline agrees to help her, but then her eyes change and she starts sprouting gray fur.

Danielle tries to run away from Caroline and sees Mary Beth and Billy. They both turn into werewolves, and Kit shows up in the van. He tries to help her, they attack, and he yells at her to run away so she hops in the van and takes off. She manages to get home, only to learn that aunt Margaret isn't really her aunt. She's part of a werewolf pack that killed her parents and real aunt because they wanted her as a bride for their leader.

Despite another fight and more werewolves appearing, she escapes and makes it to Dr. Moore. He offers her orange juice because she needs sugar, and he starts acting strange. Kit shows up, and it turns out that he's the doctor's son. He saw Danielle three years ago and fell in love, so he set things up for her to become his bride. Though she puts up a fight, they take her and lead her into the woods.

Kit makes her sing Bad Moonlight while they wait for the right moment to get married. She begs everyone for help, but no one does anything except Billy. He tells her to give into the moonlight and she'll learn what to do. When the clouds part, she looks up at the moon and feels herself changing.

Danielle sneaks up behind Kit, bites down on his neck, and basically kills him. As soon as he dies, everyone starts changing back into humans because they were under his mind control or something. Dr. Moore's body literally falls apart and breaks into pieces, but everyone else is fine. Danielle makes a joke about wanting to see the daylight and everyone laughs like they haven't been werewolves for years or lost several of their friends. Ah, but we do learn that Billy really did have feelings for her, though we don't know why Kit decided to kill Joey.

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