Thursday, March 6, 2014

Point Horror Making a Comeback?

Did anyone know that they brought back the Point Horror series? I was checking out the Wikipedia page tonight to see what books I was missing, and noticed that there were four new books added to the list.


  • Defriended (Ruth Baron)
  • Identity Theft (Anna Davies)


  • Wickedpedia (Chris Van Etten) - July 1st
  • Followers (Anna Davies) - July 1st

The two books that come out this year I've never heard of (obviously), but I totally didn't know there were two released under that name last year! Has anyone picked them up or read them? I'm wondering if they were just as good as the originals. I also discovered that there are a number of R.L. Stine ebooks now available, including some of the original Fear Street books.

I'm not really interested in spending $5-6 on a small Fear Street book when I just finished the Divergent series and paid less than that for each of those books. I did notice a couple of newer titles that I haven't read before, so I might pick those up at some point. If anyone knows of a good place to download ebooks, let me know! I'm still missing a handful of Fear Street and Point Horror books.

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